Pioneer, Genius & Leader Extraordinaire: Luthais McCash

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The immense potential of mathematics, science, and unwavering data analysis influences our world every day and Luthais is leveraging the value of Mathematicians, physicists, and engineers as a valuable asset in helping companies truly flourish. As Luthais puts it, “Statistical analysis allows us to understand and forecast business trends and expansion; decision-making strategy quantification ensures we understand risks; mathematical modeling and computational simulation help us to develop bespoke solutions – all of these processes are reasons why Sigma Solutions (Sigma) is the consulting firm for better business.”

The Power of Mathematics: Changing the World One Problem at a Time

At the age of 16, the talented and young Luthais McCash gave a breakout conference speech on mathematical biology. The young math genius rose to fame due to the early work that he did, which thrust him into the public eye. He began his career in mathematical biology and completed an internship with Prof. Timothy Newman at the University of Dundee before writing his first academic work in which he built models for the study of cancer. The talented student was dubbed “Young Einstein” for his lifetime of problem-solving and solution-pioneering. Professor Newman stated that, “Luthais is a very extraordinary young man and very unusual in the amount of ambition he has. He has a very broad perspective of science for one so young – he gets it.”

During the Beast from the East episode in 2018, and to a lesser extent in 2019, he was successful in launching and building mathematical models inside the UK utility sector to ensure that there was enough electricity available at the lowest feasible price. His discoveries earned him a fellowship, and he created exclusive intellectual property (IP) for these mathematical models contributing to his commercial and technical savviness and growing empire.

Luthais McCash was initially recognized as an RSS fellow in May 2020 for his creative work on advanced modeling and optimization in the energy industry, with a focus on oil & gas. He developed, put into use, and implemented technology that revolutionized the trading and efficient distribution of LNG by cutting costs by a factor of ten. He has been re-elected as a Fellow of the RSS in June 2021 and he has also been an Honorary Fellow at the University of Leicester from 2019-2021.

"I believe that every student should have the opportunity to demonstrate their genuine abilities and potential in the ideal setting."

Science & Business: A Winning Combination

On complicated scientific challenges like price prediction and trading, fluid flow optimization, scientific and technology strategy, and infrastructure development, Luthais has led teams and given management and board-level guidance to businesses. He has also contributed to the creation of mathematical models and technologies that incorporate intellectual property, both of which have increased firm valuations. Luthais has held positions such as Lead Scientist, Lead Data Scientist, and Chief Research Officer for a range of companies while serving on the board or as a member of the senior management team.

Most recently, this year, Luthais finished his work with Director at Adstrum Consulting Arounen Arnasalon who had nothing but praises for him. Arounen states, “I can say that he is very knowledgeable, thorough, and rigorous in his approach after a year of collaboration. With such a broad range of expertise and dedication, Mr. McCash ensures only the best for any business he works with while constructing blueprints. He has no trouble bringing business and science together and making it work.” He enthusiastically praises Luthais’s method, calling it “a separate talent of its own, in my opinion.”

In another recent collaboration Professor Jeremy Levesley, Emeritus Professor at the University of Leicester had similar things to say about Luthais, “I have worked with Luthais at the University of Leicester. Luthais is helping us shape our view on enterprise education for our students, helping them to be confident problem solvers, using mathematical and computational tools flexibly.”

Sigma was built entirely from scratch by Luthais, who is still maintaining it. He has a solid academic and professional background and that is more than an assurance for the clients that there are better days ahead. His election and appointment as the Group Chair of Mathematical & Theoretical Physics of the Institute of Physics, a renowned honor, is a recognition of his noteworthy accomplishments. The team at Sigma is capable of assisting with any issue, from resource dynamics to modeling and prediction, complex system analysis to research acceleration, and much more. According to him, many companies use preexisting models and alter a few parameters to attempt and address the problems. The issue with this is that companies are looking for solutions that invariably fall short. As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) at Sigma Solutions he shares his vision, “Rather than trying to make something fit, Sigma takes all of the information and invents a new system to deal with the problem. All of this is done with intricate advanced mathematical modeling that is rapidly changing businesses’ capacity for development and problem-solving. This tailor-made system is designed to greatly improve businesses and their industries, and Sigma has truly excelled in this area.”

Pioneer, Genius & Leader Extraordinaire: Luthais McCash
Luthais McCash

Sigma: A force to Recon With

Sigma is a business consulting firm that offers distinct ideas and state-of-the-art data analysis to a variety of businesses across multiple industries. In addition to oil and gas, life sciences, healthcare, green technology, agriculture, food, transportation, and infrastructure, Sigma has experience working with a wide range of industries. Sigma is conscious of the importance of mathematics in a variety of businesses, industries, and, most importantly, in people’s lives. Sigma is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its staff of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, data analysts, and data scientists. Along with attempting to boost accuracy and productivity, it guarantees more traffic and revenue. As Luthais shares, “Sigma believes that optimization is one of the keys to the success of a business – the entire team understands the pain points of their clients and they can solve any problem with a swift and intelligent combination of analysis methods and forward-thinking. With a plan to continue aiding businesses in their endeavors, Sigma is determined to keep its skills streamlined and focused on problem-solving.”

Sigma supports creative approaches to solving complicated issues, approaches that account for the dynamic and multifaceted elements that determine success or failure. They create business solutions that offer perception and analysis for the real world because of this. Sigma has the personnel and the understanding to provide advanced knowledge, aptitude, and experience across both technology and science, covering a wide range of sectors. In addition, they offer a distinctive client experience where they collaborate with customers to find solutions, involving them at every stage and creating tools that they can use right away in their business. Sigma has a thorough understanding of sophisticated data analysis and data science, and their staff is effective and practical when offering comprehensive, but best-fit solutions to the issues they encounter. Luthais feels that effective risk quantification is essential to corporate success but is frequently a very difficult task. Taking a scientific approach to strategic decision-making reduces corporate risk and offers solid, unbiased reasoning that promotes optimal decision-making that results in the most effective and efficient solution. Scientific research that is ready for production and system development are both beneficial. Sigma’s lead consultants are pioneers in both technical consulting and mathematical and physical modeling, which is unique to them. Their consultants have experience working on a variety of industry projects, including those involving nanotechnology, fluid mechanics, climate research, and sustainability. Furthermore, Sigma believes that statistical calculations can effectively quantify and qualify high-value ideas. If the insights or projections cannot be quantified in terms of error margin, they are meaningless. They use statistical methods to ensure the accuracy of the algorithms and models they create, giving clients confidence in the outcomes.

Beyond Academia & Business: The Art of Giving Back

Being philanthropic at heart he has invested £7.5 million, pioneering solutions in active cooling, wearable technology, energy production, and astrobiology, he has made several charity contributions in 2021. He has made a bid to buy a space travel company with a UK base in 2022 as part of his efforts to diversify his commercial interests. Luthais has a reputation for directing students and aspiring leaders toward better opportunities. In addition, he has made it a point to absolve any student who has worked hard and displayed distinction while pursuing their studies under his supervision. “I believe that every student should have the opportunity to demonstrate their genuine abilities and potential in the ideal setting. Something that their academic record may not itself suggest.”

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