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Particle provides everything you need to power your IoT product, from device to cloud. Their state-of-the-art IoT platform provides a more secure, more reliable, more performant, scalable infrastructure for IoT products, as well as, easy-to-use tools for managing IoT device fleets The unique capabilities that make Particle stand out can be described as:

• Full-stack IoT: Particle provides everything you need — the hardware, software, and connectivity — to get your IoT solution up and running.

• IoT Domain Expertise: Particle provides professional engineering services (Particle Studios) to help companies build their IoT products.

• Data Autonomy: Complete ownership of your own data with easy pre-built integrations and REST API to manage the data where you want it.

• Scalable Infrastructure: Sensor hardware and cloud platform that works the same from user’s first prototype to their millionth unit.

• Secure by default: End-to-end encryption, limited attack vectors, a firewall-protected cloud, and leading industry-standards for protecting your IoT solutions.

• Open source: Built on and invested in leading open source technologies, driving new standards in the IoT industry.

“Particle is an IoT platform, but a better way to describe what we do, in plain English: we help companies bring physical products online to solve problems before they happen. From adding connectivity to security and device management, our goal is to help them overcome the hurdles and technical challenges associated with IoT so they can bring successful IoT solutions to market”, says Zach

All of your IoT needs

Founded in 2012, Particle is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in Minneapolis along with its product innovation and R&D in China. By providing the hardware, software, and connectivity for any business to build an IoT solution, Particle’s platform powers many industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, home automation, government, energy, and transportation industries. Particle was listed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2015; named as a “Major player in IoT” by IDC Marketscape’s 2018 Vendor Assessment (March 2018); 2018 Mobile Breakthrough Award -- Overall IoT Solution of the Year (October 2018). Particle is also the most widely used Internet of Things platform - with over 8,500 companies innovating with them and a community of more than 160,000 developers deploying products in over 170 countries.

Zach Supalla, Founder & CEO, Particle

Captains of the Industry

Zach Supalla: Zach is the Founder and CEO of Particle. Zach has spoken as an authority on the Internet of Things at prominent events such as OSCON, Solid, Web Summit, GMIC, and Launch. Zach earned an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a MEM (Masters in Engineering Management) from the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern. Before Particle, Zach worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Zachary Crockett: Zachary is the Founder and CTO of Particle where he is responsible for the core technology, architecture, and infrastructure. He provides strategic direction for developing a scalable, reliable, secure and easy-to-use platform. Prior to founding Particle, he was CTO of a residential energy compliance company and developed web applications for start-ups, nonprofits, and universities. He holds a Ph.D. in Music Composition and Computer Science from the University of Minnesota as well as qualifications from John Hopkins and Vanderbilt.

A Full Stack Platform

Particle provides development tools for every layer of the IoT stack — device, web, and mobile. They are:

• IoT hardware and connectivity: From rapid prototyping to enterprise-grade, Particle’s family of hardware provides reliable and scalable connectivity with Wi-Fi, cellular, and mesh networking capabilities out of the box.

• Particle’s Device Cloud and Console: Cloud infrastructure included with all hardware that provides a powerful, yet intuitive interface to manage your fleet of devices with remote diagnostics, over-the-air firmware updates, and event logs.

• Particle IoT Rules Engine: A drag-and-drop IoT application builder designed to accelerate your time to market. The Rules Engine provides a visual interface to create and wire together if-this-then-that style logic — enabling customers to create business rules in the cloud that react to events in the physical world.

• Desktop and Web Developer Tools: Software development tools for every layer of your IoT stack – device, web, and mobile

Particle’s Security Infrastructure

Particle enhances security to address some of these potentially critical situations and specifically provide a number of safeguards including:

• Secure by default: Every message sent through Particle is encrypted and secure. No plaintext is allowed.

• Continuous Monitoring: The company monitors their servers and the security landscape to ensure their customer's devices remain locked down.

• Hardware Keys: Each device is given its own private key, so unauthorized hardware can't sneak into user’s fleet.

• Access Controls: You control who can manage and read data from your IoT devices.

• Minimal open ports: Systems built on SOCs leave more potential points of attack than those built on MCUs. Particle’s hardware is built with minimal open ports to reduce attack surface areas.

Empowering product creators to succeed

Particle aims to empower their customers to build real IoT products by creating a platform that solves the tough challenges of security, connectivity, and device management. This will allow product builders to focus on the core applications of their IoT solutions. By enabling product creators and businesses to solve real problems with IoT, and investing in creating industry standards through open source and full-stack platforms, Particle’s ultimate goal is to become the “OS of IoT” where bringing the physical world online will be powered by Particle and as accessible as personal computing.

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