Paracosma: Recreating the Real World




Like many good ideas, San Francisco-based Paracosma traces back its origins to when it’s Founder and CEO Ken Ehrhart set out to tap the potential of a futuristic technology. “It is one of the most interdisciplinary, interesting and fastest evolving fields. It also has the most far-reaching potential to radically alter all aspects of human society and industry. Everything from real estate to travel, to interpersonal relationships will be altered by these technologies”, recounts Ehrhart. “Asking what the Killer App is for VR is like asking what the killer app for life is. Anything you can dream to experience in the real world will be possible in VR. Yet again, all the things impossible in the real world will also be possible in VR. Therefore it has a greater range of potential than real life”.

Curiosity bred invention. Ken has been in technology research for 23 years, a partner in Venture Capital for 19 years and worked on international market expansion for over 9 years. He brings a wealth of experience in growing early stage companies in a global world. Paracosma has been built from the start as an international company. It serves the two largest enterprise markets in the world, the US and Japan. With a strong belief in the inevitable ubiquity of AR and VR accessible largely through smartphones Ken’s goal has been to build a company that combines strategic thinking with broad and deep technical capability, so that it would be well positioned as the markets mature. The biggest challenge? “The goal for us is not to simplify VR to match today’s technology but to stretch the boundaries in advance of tomorrow’s technology. This allows us to focus on the ultimate potential of the technology”, says Ehrhart with enthusiasm.

Making Augmented and Virtual Reality as good as Reality is not enough! Paracosma’s focus was on disruption from the beginning in 2016.Thereby, instead of just making ‘Augmented and Virtual Realities better than Reality’ it envisions the grander ambition of making ‘Reality better through Augmented and Virtual Reality’. “Almost all projects we do require some level of innovation and creativity. In the case of a global durable goods manufacturer, we created AR models that required the modeling of realistic glass and flowing water, both challenges in AR. We are currently developing a surgery simulation that requires soft-tissue modeling and physics simulation that has not been achieved effectively in VR. A manufacturing client requires machine vision capability that is pushing the limits of current technology. We are developing an alternative to integrating 3D CAD models for industrial AR applications. We have ongoing R&D to produce AR and VR holographic renderings of the live broadcast and recorded video of people”, says Ehrhart. The ability to push its own boundaries of success has made Paracosma a leading innovator in the reality space.

The goal for us is not to simplify VR to match today’s technology but to stretch the boundaries in advance of tomorrow’s technology

Amplifying Experiences

Paracosma is an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) design, consulting and systems integration company that provides outsourced solutions and skills to both small and large customers along with their own in-house products. Paracosma services include content creation, application development, and project implementation across a broad range of AR & VR platforms. Additionally, the company creates its own content in the gaming, entertainment, tourism, enterprise, and education/training spaces. It also has a proprietary technology for producing, viewing, managing and distributing 360-degree photo and video content. Central to the company’s functioning has been providing affordable services all through its development team based out of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Paracosma clients consist of enterprise customers using AR and VR for training and operations. Their enterprise solutions include - industrial AR for machine maintenance; training; assembly and test applications; AR and VR training solutions and simulations; advertising, marketing, and branding experiences; as well as custom content creation and application development.

Good to Great

Paracosma has a wealth of experience in developing any scenario in VR. Their VR consumer game, Unnamed VR, is an open-ended sandbox game that allows users to explore and experience VR in the most accessible way possible. The setting is a large house with about 22 rooms. Everything is based on real-world interactions. It allows its users to pick up a book, open a drawer or cabinet, throw a vase and break it. There are no menus. No rules! Just explore and play. One can glide through several rooms that are in fact effectively mini-games. An adventure room with trampolines, zip lines, and climbing walls. A graffiti room. A music room. A shooting gallery. An Old West stockade that is an archery range. A maze that reconfigures every time one enters. The only goal is to have fun in VR. “In our testing at VRLA and E3, young people returned, again and again, to play for long periods. Seeing the immediate enthusiasm of our end users for the value of AR and VR within their areas of focus provides ongoing motivation”, cheers Ehrhart. In addition, all interactions in Unnamed, are the basis for any type of enterprise training application.

Ken Ehrhart, Founder & CEO, Paracosma

Roll up your sleeves

Paracosma has been in the news for recently acquiring To the Moon 3D Technologies, an AR/VR Agency that has long been their marketing and sales partner.

Paracosma’s current goal is to become one of the world’s largest stand-alone, pure-play AR/VR Companies through continued focus on the potential of the technology. The purpose of the company will be to continue to broaden and deepen its capabilities across all areas of AR and VR. The plan is to increase the value of their services as the market size increases. As AR and VR are reaching broad adoption, Paracosma will continue to be positioned as a leading provider of content, development and services in the space.

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