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ALS and KNAPP secure high-tech project in Saudi Arabian Healthcare Business

Drugstore chain Al-Dawaa implements KNAPP’s automation solution including a Track & Trace system KNAPP AG, headquartered in Hart bei Graz in Austria, and its Regional...

How Health and Education Journalists Can Turn Privacy Laws to Their Advantage

For decades, the Judge Rotenberg Center, a school for children with developmental and behavior disorders in Canton, Mass., employed brutal methods to discipline students,...

The security issue in internet-of-things

As Americans increasingly buy and install smart devices in their homes, all those cheap interconnected devices create new security problems for individuals and society as a...

Five ways to ensure man-machine collaboration

For most people today, robots and smart systems are servants that work in the background, vacuuming carpets or turning lights on and off. Or they’re...

Social enterprises are changing business in interesting ways.

Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen have underscored the need to develop alternative approaches and indicators regarding macro-level growth.

Eduardo Salazar: An Agent of Change

I value what my team has to say and together we try to determine the best course of action. Most of the times, when decisions need to be taken I just challenge them with the right questions and they come up with the solution. I value proactivity, sense of urgency and creativity. My team is empowered to run their operation and when requested I am happy to provide support. I truly believe and embrace servant leadership as it is my expectation that it permeates in all of our organization.

Branding guidance for startups

Small and medium enterprises tend to underestimate the power of branding. This must rank as one of the deadliest mistakes in the world of...

Initiative Q: Is it the Next Big Digital Currency?

Could free units of a new digital currency end up being worth thousands of dollars? Initiative Q, which is aggressively marketing itself on social media,...

Cleverbooks: Innovating Teaching and Changing Paradigms

We need to develop 21st-century skills, as well as digital literacy, re-skilling and up-skilling programs and using big data to provide accurate information on educational skills. We need to get ready for these jobs and only access to technology will allow that.

Bike-share companies are transforming US cities – and they’re just getting started

Residents of major U.S. cities are becoming used to seeing docks for bike sharing programs nestled into parking spaces or next to subway station...

How voice search assistants are transforming the food industry

Your own voice will likely become the most significant focus for food retailers and restaurants over the next little while. Voice searches are increasingly...

Why open borders? $100 trillion, that’s why.

Opening the world’s borders could increase global GDP by US$100 trillion.​


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