Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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De-carbonisation today can reap dividends tomorrow

In 2016, more renewable energy was added to the global grid than ever before, and at a lower cost. A global energy revolution is...

ILLUSIO: Enabling Visual Conversations

Any verbal discussion between two or more parties can most likely be improved with the addition of visual aids and demonstrations seen in real time, and overlaid on the real world. It changes a conversation into an experience​

Must see crowdfunding strategies

Crowdfunding, as a way of raising money for a new venture, has become big business. From a small start in 1997 it was estimated...

Why banning ‘tiny vehicles’ is a bad idea

E-scooter mania is sweeping cities around the world. Fun, accessible and cheap to rent, shared electric scooters are one of the biggest technology stories...

Magic mushrooms and their magical properties!

The world is growing more and more health conscious as time goes on. This is evident in the growing number of health and wellness...

Businesses, find out how you are affected by GDPR

Even though the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not come into force until May 25, businesses and consumers have been wearily feeling its...

April Critchfield: Spearheading Marketing Opportunities

“Go for what you want!” To keep working on something one is proud of and to grab every opportunity before it passes by.

How China aims to manage its debt

The Chinese government has appointed a new head of its central bank. Yi Gang, currently the deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China,...

An AI assistant for Astronauts.

A new crew member joined the International Space Station, and it is not human. Sounds like science fiction. At Aspioneer we can assure you such is...

Food wastage: who’s to blame? Not just supermarkets

“Ugly” or “wonky” veg were blamed for up to 40% of wasted fruit and vegetables in 2013, as produce was discarded for failing to meet...

China’s first blockchain based social media network: ‘ONO’

With increasing users adopting decentralised social media networks. Can ONO like blockchain- based social media be the next thing?

How to drive corporate innovation in 2019

In the era of disruption, it’s never been more important for organizations to imagine and take bold new paths. The public and private sectors,...


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