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KitKat’s trademark crisis

Picture your favourite chocolate treat. The brand, the packaging – and sometimes the shape of it – will no doubt come to mind. This...

Stephen Hawking’s essay says race of ‘superhumans’ will rise

The new species will be result of gene-editing and would end human civilization. Days after the publication of his last paper Stephen Hawking is back...

10 rules of email to beat stress

Email and smart phones can be stressful. Academics are calling this constant work connection “technostress”. Consequently, many European countries are now offering employees the “right to...

Here’s how to fix the wage gap

The introduction of gender pay gap reporting has highlighted the continued gap in pay between men and women. While it is by no means a perfect...

How Banks Can Use Fintech to Beat Fintechs

To keep their position of financial caretaker in a multi-pronged ecosystem, banks are increasingly focusing on digitizing core business processes and reviewing organizational structures and culture.

Fortnite’s successful World Cup shows esports is here to stay

Kyle Giersdorf, or Bugha to give him his game name, is US$3m better off after winning the 2019 Fortnite world cup. The American teenager took...

What does Narendra Modi’s historic election win mean for India?

The previous Modi government has shown it was possible to take a pragmatic approach to social and economic policies. ​

The four significant business benefits of AIOps

With the aggressive onset of digital transformation, global organizations are finding themselves with an increasingly complex set of data to manage and process. This...

Biophilic design for our cities

Biophilic design is beginning to boom. Witness its recent incorporation into the Melbourne Metro project and Sydney’s award-winning One Central Park, Chippendale. Given the...

Why open borders? $100 trillion, that’s why.

Opening the world’s borders could increase global GDP by US$100 trillion.​

Louise Ferslev: Creating Good Financial Habits

I don’t do what I do to be ''successful". I do it to be as happy as possible in my everyday life. If I am just happy 80% of the time, I believe I am doing it right with my life​.

The World Bank needs reforms now!

Given the substantial changes in the profiles of major economic actors, there is a need to rethink the purpose and focus of the World Bank and other multilateral institutions.


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