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Is stem cell therapy humanity’s salvation

Stem cell therapy has gained lots of popularity in recent times. It involves use of stem cells (mostly from bone marrow and umbilical cord)...

LiveLike: Bringing the Big Game home

VR and AR aren’t fads, they are some of the cutting-edge reflection of how our interaction with the machine will fundamentally evolve over time​.

VR Vision: Bringing the Power of Immersive Technology to Businesses

Our mission is not to simply make world-class experiential solutions easy and accessible but to prepare organizations for the future. The path to digital innovation is ever evolving. This is why we place a focus on the journey before the destination.

While FCC rolls back India gives strong ‘net neutrality’ laws

The Department of telecommunication (DoT) has finally agreed to the new open and fair net neutrality rules for India. The move forbids Internet Service...

Sigfox CONNECT: An event which leaves an impression

This year, join us in Berlin to be part of the Sigfox Connect experience. Discover a fantastic line-up of speakers across the two days, workshops and...

What we learned from Amazon’s sexist hiring algorithm about human behavior

Amazon decided to shut down its experimental artificial intelligence (AI) recruiting tool after discovering it discriminated against women. The company created the tool to trawl the...

Consumers don’t realize how their personal data is misused

Sixty-seven percent of smartphone users rely on Google Maps to help them get to where they are going quickly and efficiently. A major of feature of...

Can robots gain consciousness? Scientists are making progress

Having a sense of self lies at the heart of what it means to be human. Without it, we couldn’t navigate, interact, empathise or...

How will California’s tough new Data Privacy Law impact your business?

Working under a very tight schedule, California State Legislature is up for its toughest digital privacy law (Bill AB375) in merely three months. With most...

Why open borders? $100 trillion, that’s why.

Opening the world’s borders could increase global GDP by US$100 trillion.​

An AI has spontaneously developed a human-like number sense

Numbers figure pretty high up on the list of what a computer can do well. While humans often struggle to split a restaurant bill,...

The AI revolution has begun!

The application of the computational analysis and learning techniques described in previous research, manifest themselves in the form of artificial intelligence (AI). AI represents...


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