Neil Mistry: Reinventing businesses through IT Modernization



Described as a key factor in digital business transformation, IT modernization has become increasingly popular every day. It provides a solid structure that enables companies to streamline IT and their business goals to achieve their desired business outcomes with certainty and precision. Bearing a result-oriented structure, IT modernization not only empowers companies to compete in today’s digital economy but also helps them stay ahead in the race and maintain their lead for a longer-term. Incorporated by CEO Neil Mistry in 2017, Toronto ON based Managing Information System 3 (MIS3) is a brand that offers Business Value Technology services through IT Modernization. Within just four years of its launch, MIS3 has cemented its position as a secure digital transformation leader, especially in Canada. Known for building both, strategic business & technology partnerships with its clients, MIS3 is a partner in success in its truest sense. 

 Transforming businesses

Being the perfect one-stop solution for all the business needs, along with technology, MIS3 provides technical thought leadership, offers professional services, and helps businesses build an effective Secure Digital Transformation Strategy through its IT Modernization Framework. “We believe our clients are looking for an organization who can provide an opinion and technical thought leadership in helping them understand and adopt the new IT service delivery model,” says Neil. “Our technology specialization is centered in providing innovative disruptive new and emerging next-generation technologies that have business relevance for every organization.” MIS3 provides value-based services such as architecture design, implementation, and ease of IT operations. It mainly focuses on data centre infrastructure (Private Cloud) with public cloud integration (Hybrid Cloud), thereby providing enhanced visibility and increased governance into all technicalities. “We provide the balance in IT when it comes to co-existing while developing a digital transformation framework and adopting an IT modernization strategy to drive towards business outcomes,” adds Neil.

 With their services divided into Tactical IT, Operational IT, and Transformation IT, every service is designed to provide their clients the added advantage which will establish them as a trustworthy brand with enhanced clarity on their future business goals. MIS3, by providing technology architectural thought leadership, empowers its clients to get the most out of their applications and infrastructure investments. MIS3 helps organizations run their existing applications with their existing technology and offers life cycle management while focusing on hardware & software, professional services, and the associated support.

BizBoard CEO
Neil Mistry, Founder & CEO at MIS3

“IT modernization is our passion and we feel we do it better than anyone else,” says Neil Mistry Founder and CEO of MIS3

A visionary leader

When Neil started his journey, challenges welcomed him at every turn. As the concept was completely new, people were not able to relate to it and failed to understand his vision. However, none of the skepticism was able to stop Neil from trying, and having taken every challenge as a stepping stone towards success, today Neil is the epitome of leadership and extraordinary success. “The process of being an entrepreneur will do everything it can to break you. It will try and break you physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, and psychologically. To keep going you will need to find inspiration in “WHY” you started this journey in the first place. What was the “PURPOSE” of putting myself through this,” states Neil. 

Apart from being a super successful CEO & entrepreneur, Neil is a business leader, motivator, and consultant with an upper hand in technology and business consulting. His knowledge and experience in the domain are exceptional. Working with a helping attitude, Neil is a friend, philosopher, and guide for many and continues to inspire people with his expertise and grounded attitude. A master in executing end-to-end Secure Digital Transformation framework his focus is primarily on business outcomes and IT Modernization. He helps clients utilize existing technology investments and leveraging transformational platforms such as cloud while providing thought leadership around governance and security. Besides he helps clients to reduce the technology footprint and educating clients on “how to best utilize technology” to drive their business objectives and KPI’s without burdening IT operations. Under his leadership, MIS3 is growing in leaps and bounds and outshines others with its impact on the business world with its never imagined concept and services

As he owns two other companies, Neil has a timetable that is always 30 days ahead. His daily goal is to make that day most productive for himself and his customers. Neil remains busy throughout the day as he is flooded with business reports, their analysis, and planning the business strategies. When Neil is not busy, which is a rare scenario, he likes spending time playing golf and basketball. As an avid reader, he prefers reading self-help and motivational book like Rich Dad Poor Dad and Art of War being his favorite ones. 

 But nothing excites Neil more than adding immense value to his client’s business which has ultimately led him to change the Canadian IT landscape forever. “My legacy is in the name “MIS3”, “Mistry” and what we as a team have created no one can take away,” says Neil. “MIS3 Inc. is a disrupter-a company for the people who care about North American businesses and government at all levels truly adopt technology to reimagine their business.”

 Going ahead the company is excited about its recent expansion to the US as MIS3 US Inc. in California and NY states. “We are bringing our message south of the border and being received with open arms from clients and our technology partners,” shares Neil.