Monia Dobrescu and Muşat & Asociaţii are Redefining Excellence in Commercial Law.

Flying High


A universally accepted fact is that one of the most paramount pillars for the ‘normal’ functioning of society is the observance of the law, and the bedrock of that pillar, are lawyers. While the first signs of formal law date back a few centuries, modern law has become a key parameter to drive countries, organizations, and individuals to economic stability, resulting in unprecedented disruptions in the business-law world. 

With such rapid evolution and advancement, it has become a prerequisite for every business owner or entity to keep up and be involved in various regulatory situations to ensure smooth operation. But, to keep abreast with the endless and ever-developing global commercial compliances, having a strong set of laws and regulations protecting your businesses while providing resolutions when things don’t go as planned is the smartest contingency an organization can have today. 

Over the past few decades, one commercial law firm has gained monumental admiration owing to its priceless heritage and steadfast client commitment. A pioneer in the business law industry and the first established law firm in Romania, Muşat & Asociaţii is a leading, full-service law firm responsible for advising important National and International companies, Government Agencies, and Financial Institutions in every single facet of commercial law. 

Partner at Muşat & Asociaţii for a decade, Monia Dobrescu tells us that she and her team of lawyers are committed to bringing strategic solutions to the ever-increasing complexity of their clients’ business objectives. Driven by the traditional codes of integrity and collectiveness, for Monia and her colleagues at Muşat & Asociaţii, it is all about developing tailor-made legal services for the ever-evolving needs of their clients.

Monia Dobrescu

“I am in permanent connection with my team, and believe that one cannot build an organizational culture without people.”

A legacy in Commercial Law 

The story of Muşat & Asociaţii is one of heritage, legacy, and evolution. Established in 1990, Muşat & Asociaţii have not just witnessed the change in global compliance trends over the years, but have been at the forefront, spearheading this development for their clients. Driven by a team of more than 100 lawyers and other fee earners, Muşat & Asociaţii provides legal advisory services in all areas of business law and is an acknowledged market leader in Corporate & Commercial, Real Estate & Construction, Banking & Finance, Labour & Employees Benefits, Litigation & Arbitration, Criminal Law, Competition, Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, Public Procurement, and Taxation. 

For more than 30 years, Muşat & Asociaţii has provided legal advice to the most dynamic national and multinational private companies across various industries, as well as for state-owned companies and the Romanian authorities. The company takes pride in its impressive portfolio of mandates, always setting legal precedents and breaking new ground. 

Their diverse practice and comprehensive solution providing ability allow Muşat & Asociaţii to work with major US and EU corporations, not to mention Fortune 500 companies, investing and doing business in Romania. Furthermore, the firm’s dedicated, professional and committed team of partners have repeatedly been involved in some of the largest transactions to have happened on the Romanian market, gaining them the reputation of some of the best commercial lawyers in the country.

The Partner in Evolution

Muşat & Asociaţii is the home to some of the most dynamic and comprehensive business lawyers in Romania. Amongst this team of legal maestros, one member has gained exceptional recognition due to her expertise in every single aspect of General Finance and Banking Law and Real Estate.

An all-important member of Muşat & Asociaţii for 18 years and counting, Monia Dobrescu is an esteemed personality in commercial law. Professionally, she specializes in the areas of Financial Transactions, Contractual Relationships, Syndicated Loans and Compliance, as well as Mobile Banking, Fintech, and Cryptocurrency related aspects. Monia also possesses significant expertise and experience in Real Estate and Construction law, representing and advising both lenders and borrowers on corporate lending and restructuring projects

Starting as an associate, Monia quickly rose through the ranks, and now holds the prestigious position of ‘Partner’, where she is constantly recognized for her involvement in all of Muşat & Asociaţii’s biggest projects. Her professionalism led to Monia being featured among the 50 Most Influential People on Romania’s Real Estate Market in July 2021. 

Despite 18 years on the job, Monia’s pace and motivation to create ease for her clients has not slowed down, it has multiplied. To add further to her list of accolades, Monia has also been named as one of 2021’s IFLR1000 Women Leaders, IFLR1000’s yearly guide to the leading women lawyers in the world. Additionally, this year, she was awarded during the Top Lawyers 2021 Gala for her ground-breaking contributions in banking & finance. 

Breaking Barriers, Generating Change 

For years now, Monia has been instrumental in assisting a myriad of organizations and leading financial groups. Her skill and expertise in the field have not just led to her being recognized as an extraordinary compliance lawyer, but also one who has been responsible for breaking down barriers in the present-day workplace.

A successful woman of the twenty-first century, Monia believes that the gender or identity of a person does not matter to become a good leader. “Irrespective if there is a woman or man in charge, it takes a sum of factors for someone to be considered a good leader.”

“It is however true that female leaders bring a unique perspective to the workplace. Compared to male leaders, females in charge are more inclined to a collaborative leadership style. Their predilection for active listening and being understanding makes them less autocratic leaders. They easily build trust and empathy for others and are naturally inclined to be more flexible. Also, women are hardworking and rather quick to bounce back, sometimes showing more resilience and determination than men. If you look at how many women are mastering the art of balancing between family and their job, one can say that having a female leader may be the key to a successful business.” 

In her entire career, Monia has stayed a cut above the rest by steering clear of prejudices and letting her work talk for itself. Behind all her success, there has been the constant driver of ambition, perseverance, self-confidence, and humility, which have propelled Monia to where she is today. Monia feels that a major part of being a good leader is often putting yourself out of your comfort zone and successfully navigating your way through it. “With the proper determination and the right mixture of favorable circumstances, one can do whatever they want in life.” 

For Monia, creative thinking is the cradle to all the great ideas in history. To nurture this, the leaders at Muşat & Asociaţii believe in giving due credit and recognition to their lawyers. Another remarkable aspect of Monia’s own team management approach is the exclusive connection that she maintains with her team. “I am in permanent connection with my team, and believe that one cannot build an organizational culture without people.” 

Once Upon a Time

The first of her family to pursue Law, Monia’s decision to go to law school was taken during her last years of high school. “My father was a doctor, my mother, a pharmacist, my grandparent’s generation – all working in education, so the family had no representative in the legal field. And I decided to be the pioneer for this practice.” 

During her second year of law school, Monia was already breaking ground, which presented her with the opportunity to meet the Mușat team. She was so impressed by their conduct – their professionalism and working environment, that she immediately joined them, and nearly 20 years down the line today, she remains an indispensable part of Mușat & Asociaţii. 

I have been through all stages of a business lawyer’s career, from a junior lawyer to finally becoming a partner to the business. I learned to work in a team, to organize myself and my work, to meet deadlines, to deal with sensitive cases, and eventually to lead other lawyers and be an example for them.” 

Looking back, Monia has deep admiration and gratitude for her parents for being her biggest and most fervent supporters in life. “I was lucky enough to have a supportive family and the opportunity to work in a big reputable law firm. But a lot of determination, hard work, and resilience were a good addition to my luck.” A successful working mom, for Monia, her son is her world. “We have a close relationship and try to always stay positive, even when the world is showing its teeth at us. My son is the leading supporter of what I do,” smiles Monia.

During her downtime from work, Monia can be found spending time understanding and uplifting the multi-cultural environment around her. She also likes to read and explore the countryside, spending as much time as possible outdoors in the natural wilderness, trekking, and going for alluring nature walks.

On the Table

In the end, for Monia and her firm, the client always comes first. Over its many innovative years in business, Muşat & Asociaţii has become one of the most respected law firms in Romania, positioning itself as a genuine market leader of business and commercial law. The firm continues to stand at the forefront of the country’s legal and business development, providing ground-breaking work and launching new areas of practice in the most diverse markets. 

The firm remains focused on further developing value-added, tailor-made legal services, aimed at enabling its clients’ business progress in a legally sound environment. With the aim to maintain a solid and professional team, diversify their legal services, identify new opportunities and nurture new capabilities and skills, even after 30 years, for this team of lawyers, the best is surely yet to come.