Modern Acupuncture: Take control of your health with a proactive, pill-free, affordable approach to optimize your body and mind.



Modern Acupuncture is a treatment that was born as a result of the marriage of traditional acupuncture and modern science. Based on the knowledge of traditional concepts, it is used as an alternative drug-free therapy for the treatment of various ailments. It involves inserting very fine needles (as thin as a human hair) through a person’s skin at specific points on the body to help restore equilibrium, reduce pain, decrease stress, and promote relaxation while improving overall well-being. Though the exact working mechanism of acupuncture remains scientifically unclear, ultimately the treatment increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the body.

With the opioid epidemic and rise in prescription medications, as well as easily available OTC (over the counter) pain killers, there are a myriad of ways people try to relieve their pain. However, these drugs which promise to heal the human body, come with insidious and detrimental side effects. On one end where allopathic medicines may potentially damage our bodies; acupuncture is an all-natural, comprehensive treatment that is free from any side effects and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain, relieve stress, and treat over 30 diseases and conditions. So when a trusted therapy like acupuncture can treat the pain, help fix the root cause of the issue, and improve your health, why choose a quick, unsustainable fix over that?

"Our Mission is to Make Your Life Better," says CEO and co-founder Matt Hale of Modern Acupuncture

In the era of pharmaceuticals, where western medicine continues to dominate the medical industry, the traditional science of acupuncture was losing its ground. It needed someone to explore it, study it, and resurrect it so the modality could meet the therapeutic needs of today’s modern world. People were hesitant about acupuncture as they had a very blurred impression of how it works. At times they also misunderstood acupuncture and this kept them from experiencing the jaw-dropping results it can generate.

Matt Hale, CEO, and Co-founder of Modern Acupuncture®, therefore, made it his mission to educate people and help them make lives better through Modern Acupuncture. Founded in 2016 and based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Modern Acupuncture is revitalizing the ancient practice of acupuncture by offering natural health benefits in Zen-inspired clinics across the country.

Rebalancing the body through acupuncture

Being the first national acupuncture franchise that currently has more than 50 clinics across the U.S, Modern Acupuncture was also the first concept to make the natural health and beauty benefits of acupuncture available to the masses in an accessible, affordable manner. By offering a membership-based enhanced acupuncture experience at affordable rates, Modern Acupuncture encourages patients to make acupuncture treatments a part of their regular health, beauty and wellness routines. Modern Acupuncture also offers consistent treatment protocols in order to ensure the patient experience and outcomes are similar at any of their locations across the country. “Modern Acupuncture is the industry leader as the largest provider of acupuncture in the U.S.,” says Hale. “We don’t take that responsibility lightly and we have partnered with the top experts in Western and Eastern medicine and The World Health Organization to always be at the forefront of delivering evidence-based, results-driven patient care.” Most importantly, Modern Acupuncture has taken an old medicine that is over 2500 years old and has modernized it to suit current lifestyle requirements. Their spa-like clinics are in high-traffic shopping centers with evening and weekend hours, appealing to any schedule. Unlike many traditional acupuncture treatments, those offered by Modern Acupuncture do not require the removal of any clothing to access full-body health. The therapy is designed not just to prove as an effective treatment for pain, stress, relaxation and beauty, but also as a preventive measure by maintaining overall health. “We offer the consumer an unmatched acupuncture experience and value proposition that is superior to the competition,” highlights Hale. “We have taken the oldest medicine in the world and “Modernized” the delivery, convenience, accessibility, and affordability in an upscale relaxing environment.” To extend the health benefits of modern acupuncture to the corporate world, Modern Acupuncture offers corporate wellness programs and special incentives to local heroes like first responders, teachers, and medical workers. “The 2019 Modern Acupuncture Patient Survey of nearly 1,000 patients outlines our success: 66% of our patients saw a significant improvement of their condition; 40% of our patients on medication saw a change in dosage after incorporating acupuncture.; and 13% noted they were cured 100% of their ailment due to acupuncture,” shares Hale.

With the current pandemic leaving many families financially and emotionally stressed, people need as much support as possible. Modern Acupuncture is offering incentives and gifting acupuncture treatments to essential healthcare workers and heroes across the U.S. Modern Acupuncture is also working with the VA to become a network provider utilizing member services for Veterans. As the brand continues to grow nationally, the goal is to eventually serve hundreds of markets and as many Veterans as possible in the U.S.

To ensure that people are able to avail their services, Modern Acupuncture is diligently working to secure third-party payor partnerships to ensure a future where acupuncture is covered by all insurance providers, following the lead of companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. Currently, the cost of treatment is often less than a co-pay.

They also streamlined the launch of a pharmaceutical-grade supplement line, sourcing the highest quality herbs, vitamins and extracts based on the latest research. The proprietary formulas, made exclusively for Modern Acupuncture, address sleep and fatigue, pain and inflammation, and sleep and wellness.

“With the pandemic being an eye-opener for everyone, it has certainly made us realize how crucial physical and emotional health is to overall well-being,” shares Matt.

Making a difference

Being the first one to market the concept of acupuncture to franchising, the road was not at all easy for Modern Acupuncture. It had to overcome many barriers to establish itself as a market leader. With honest intent and ethical business practices, Modern Acupuncture was able to establish a vast network of nearly 500 regional developer licenses in the first 18 months of operations. Having experienced stupendous success, CEO, Matt Hale was featured on the cover of Franchise Times in 2018 and Modern Acupuncture was named #143 fastest growing franchises in 2019 by Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. With a team-oriented culture, Modern Acupuncture is focused on the success of its franchisees. Everything they do is planned and executed keeping in mind the needs’ of the customers and their franchise partners. “As the CEO, every decision I make encompasses our mission to make lives better,” affirms Hale. The business plan is designed to keep the customers coming back because of a superb experience and results from treatment, thereby generating recurring revenue for franchisees. The criteria are deliberately kept simple and the process is transparent.

“We are all in business to put food on the table and send our kids to college, but when you can do that and impact the quality of life for hundreds of people in your community; nothing compares,” says Chad Everts, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer. “We combine passion and purpose with the mission to make lives better. Our goal is simple: deliver affordable and convenient acupuncture so everyone has the opportunity to experience the pill-free health benefits.”

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