Meet Dr. Vinyl & Associates – An Innovative Leader in Automotive and Commercial Reconditioning that ‘Saves Time and Money.’

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Establishing a business is as difficult as maintaining a secure market position. Every individual who wants to start a business faces a slew of challenges that must be overcome decisively without jeopardizing the business’s core values. Dr. Vinyl & Associates has been able to provide individuals with an opportunity to associate with a well-established business, creating a successful reputation for themselves. The franchise is well-known for offering convenient and high-quality repairs at an affordable price and seeks individuals who can passionately grow with the company by becoming a part of the franchise. Richard Reinders, the Chief Executive Officer, has remarkably taken the vinyl repair business to a successful stature by expanding it to 380 franchised territories in 32 states of the US and Canada. He firmly believes that with a collective effort a franchise can grow efficiently by maintaining business-oriented processes simultaneously. 

Richard was always passionate about entrepreneurship and realized that arranging funds to establish a start-up becomes difficult for every young entrepreneur. He, too, faced financial difficulties early in his career and received a loan from his family to start his own business. As he puts it, ‘With more luck than wisdom,’ Richard was able to diversify in several other businesses over the years, some of which he bought and some of which he founded. He says, “During the following decades I made good money, but, because of my own struggles getting started, I always had a vision of finding a way to give other people, without much capital, the opportunity to start their own business, work hard, and fulfill their dreams.” Hence, he associated himself with Dr. Vinyl & Associates and started to expand its franchise robustly.      

Dr. Vinyl & Associates provides a commitment of excellence to solidify its franchise partners as strong local businesses to achieve financial freedom. Being a multi-surface mobile repair company, it provides a kaleidoscope of services for millions of customers all over the world. It repairs as well as restores damaged and worn textiles to a like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement. “With over 49 years of experience, our corporate staff members take pride in providing our franchise owners and associates the latest repair techniques and the highest quality repair products that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly,” asserts Richard. It trains all members of Dr. Vinyl & Associates to be professional, knowledgeable, and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. This enables them to provide jobs and increase the strength of their local economy in service to the automotive and commercial reconditioning industry.

The franchise offers a full line of interior and exterior reconditioning services for the automotive industry, servicing both the residential and commercial markets. It specializes in leather, vinyl, fabric & plastic restoration, as well as stain & odor removal, windshield repair, and headlight restoration. Under The Doctors Touch brand name, its franchise owners specialize in bumper blends, spot repairs, paint chip repairs, scratch removal, panel restoration, cracked bumper repair, paint-less dent removal, and alloy wheel refinishing. The competition is growing substantially, yet Dr. Vinyl & Associates has outperformed these competitors in offering quality repairs and exceeding customer expectations. “Our services are also mobile, meaning ‘We Come to You,’” mentions Richard. Personally, Richard values the reliability and loyalty of all the people connected with the firm. He is proud of Dr. Vinyl & Associates for being a very family-oriented company that prioritizes people’s well-being.

Richard Reinders

“All potential candidates must be able to pass a color blindness test, as color matching is a major part of our business”

Laying the Foundation for the Franchise 

The year was noted as 1972 when a young entrepreneur David Isley saw an opportunity to implement an innovative idea for vinyl repairs whilst starting the business. From the beginning, the company operated as a mobile business, mainly servicing restaurants, offices, and schools. While gradually beginning to branch out into the automotive industry, he witnessed, the array of services available to the customers in the early days were limited. “Vinyl repair itself was a questionable and unknown commodity at the time and thus had to be virtually given away ($3.00 – $4.00 per repair) to generate business,” says Richard. However, it soon received the attention that it deserved, and the potential of the business began to materialize. He continues, “And in 1979, due to the development of many high-quality procedures and products in the Kansas City area, the company decided to enter the franchising business.”  

Richard first learned about the company in 1998 while attending the International Franchise Expo in Washington, D.C. He decided to purchase the company and became CEO as well as Director of Dr. Vinyl & Associates in the year 2001. He recognized the franchise with great value, that could provide an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to make an excellent living for themselves, with only a small investment, hard work, and dedication. Thus, he looks for individuals who depict similar passion and values on which Dr. Vinyl & Associates is built. A prospective franchisee should have a passion for working with their hands and enjoy working in a mobile environment. They should have the financial means and business acumen to support starting up a small business. They must also possess excellent customer service skills and should be able to maintain the company standards for high-quality repairs. “All potential candidates must be able to pass a color blindness test, as color matching is a major part of our business,” he adds. One such vehement individual is Chris Hawkins from The Cumberland TN territory. He feels proud to be a part of the franchise stating, “Dr. Vinyl has been a great franchise to work with from the beginning.” Impressed with the company’s support and assistance, he asserts, “They have allowed me the freedom to grow at my own pace and have always been available when I have needed them. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Dr. Vinyl.”  

Dr. Vinyl & Associates is recognized for supporting franchisees from beginning to end. Post initial two-week training at headquarters training, Richard and his team provide a week of field training, where trainers are on-site with each new franchisee, securing new accounts and walking them through the process of business every step of the way. “We understand that there will be butterflies, nerves, challenges, etc. at first that could be very overwhelming for a new entrepreneur,” he states. They provide full support to these franchisees and assist them in eliminating any major complications, allowing them to build more confidence. Moreover, it supplies marketing flyers to its franchisees at no cost to them, which are catered to their business and territory. The franchise also launches an email campaign targeting the territories of their potential customers from time to time. “Websites are created and maintained by corporate for all our franchise owners,” mentions Richard. In addition, the corporate headquarters hosts an Annual Convention in Kansas City, MO, where all franchisees and their associates can visit and share business ideas. This is a huge training seminar with products on display from vendors and live repair demonstrations conducted by corporate trainers and other franchise partners. “Dr. Vinyl also has some smaller regional conventions in various locations throughout the year; bringing associates together to share information and learn from each other is the most powerful tool a franchise system can have,” he asserts. Being a renowned company in the franchise sector, Dr. Vinyl & Associates has to constantly strive to maintain its stature by providing the foremost services. It allows its franchisees to benefit from innovative products, proven business plans, and an unlimited customer base. Dr. Vinyl & Associates provides franchisees protected territories, which allow them to access a defined area with an exclusive customer base. It helps its franchisees in obtaining low overheads and presents them with the constant development of new products/services to extend the reach of their business. It also provides these business owners with monthly advertising assistance along with the benefits obtained from the National Accounts program. 

The company encourages the idea of ‘an independent spirit.’ As it is often said, owning a business is the best way to achieve financial independence. Dr. Vinyl & Associates guarantees this independence to aspiring business leaders. It provides many different options for franchise owners who want to expand and grow their franchises creating a lot of opportunities for upward mobility. “You can really be as successful as you want to be in this business,” he ensures. Richard states that there are technologies exclusive to Dr. Vinyl & Associates such as vinyl siding, vinyl window, and vinyl flooring repair procedures. “Also, the use of our water-based dyes is a milestone in our business,” Richard continues. “Our state-of-the-art technology in micro repair allows us to make those tears and holes disappear, bumps, scuffs, and scratches vanish and if you like we can even recolor your auto interior as well as the chairs, sofas, and ottomans in your home or office. No other company can achieve stunning results as fast or economically as Dr. Vinyl.”  Those who own a successful Dr. Vinyl & Associates franchise are able to achieve a higher income, enhanced time managing ability, and growth in personal development. These businesses are independently owned and operated and they can escalate the equity in their own business.

. “Dr. Vinyl also has some smaller regional conventions in various locations throughout the year; bringing associates together to share information and learn from each other is the most powerful tool a franchise system can have”

Being Persistent 

Dr. Vinyl & Associates has adapted to the evolution and has changed its model from vinyl repairing in cars to being the multi-surface repair specialist. In addition to upholstery, wheel refinishing, and auto paint repair, it has expanded the customer base to include various sectors as well. “We do all kinds of vinyl repairs and restoration in houses, boats, and RVs. We also service many commercial customers in medical facilities, hotels, gyms, restaurants, clubs, etc,” he adds. Similarly, in its franchise journey, Dr. Vinyl & Associates has faced many challenges and has been overcoming them with remarkable results. Even though 2009 was a difficult year for globally established franchises, Dr. Vinyl & Associates USA prevailed and has continued to grow since then. Even amidst the pandemic, though many small businesses were struck stridently, the company was able to overcome the crisis. Currently, it is planning for its annual convention, which will be happening in March 2022. “Next year marks the 50th year we have been in business, so we are excited to celebrate this special milestone with all our owners, associates, and their families who attend,” says Richard. His ambition for the future is to make Dr. Vinyl & Associates an omnipresent business in the United States and to grow responsibly while focusing on prosperity and happiness. He is confident over the success of the franchise, and envision getting as many young people to be in businesses for themselves.

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