Managing Information Systems 3: Leader in Secure Digital Transformation.



Neil Mistry has always been a tech-savvy and proficient business leader. His keen comprehension of business and love for technology has encouraged him to establish a business consulting and technology partner, Managing Information Systems 3 Inc. (MIS3). His passion has aided in the development of the company by overcoming the setbacks and obstacles in the ever-evolving information technology industry. MIS3 Inc. is a business value technology partner specializing in business transformation through utilizing an application-centric philosophy to provide an IT Modernization framework. This out-of-box approach allows businesses to realign their technology strategy to its digital transformation approach. It believes the legacy technology manufacturers cannot provide the necessary innovation businesses require to achieve secure digital transformation today. It leads clients to reimagine their business including all levels of Government, with its transformational IT approach. MIS3 has earned many achievements and has been recognized by CRN as one of the Fastest 150 IT company in the last 3 years across North America ranked 6th, and 1st in Canada. The company guides its clients in comprehending the business value technology by provides through a 360-degree view of IT. 

We strive to work with our clients to understand their business, processes, people, customers, systems, applications, workflows, and business risks, by gathering data from multiple online systems, analyzing the information, and report data to aid in management decision-making,” says Neil. 

Being the Founder and CEO, Neil admires the certain traits that every individual must possess to advance the company. At MIS3, employees firmly believe in the company’s core values:

  • be phenomenal

  • to inspire

  • integrity

  • trust

  • teamwork

The company believes that clients in North America are looking for an organization that provides thought leadership and awareness around aligning business outcomes with simplistic secure technologies and strategies. Hence, with MIS3 one can achieve the desired goals. It understands that achieving business transformation through IT modernization is hard, and barely plausible without partnering with new and emerging next-generation technologies within infrastructure, cyber security, and IT operations. This new and emerging next-generation technology platform enables organizations to deliver and access their applications alongside their data securely across the globe. The company takes advantage of such advancements by leveraging a proven modernized IT strategy to gain insight into applications, data and improve workflows with technical simplicity, greater visibility with governance in mind.  

We achieve business outcomes powered by new and emerging next-generation technologies and mitigate business risk with our next-generation cyber risk practice and advanced security technologies for full Visibility, Control, and Automation,” says Neil.

Moreover, the company aims to lead clients towards a digital transformation project for one of their most critical external-facing applications that generated over 60% of their total revenue. Neil and his team help businesses to build the IT framework, strategy, execution, PMO, and security roadmap from end to end. Since 2017, it has been offering services to businesses of every size and government at all levels in Canada and most recently the US. Currently, the largest clients to whom MIS3 is providing services include Government and Insurance with tier 2 financials and capital markets steadily climbing.

BizBoard CEO
Neil Mistry

“Businesses and government at all levels will continue to leverage SaaS, IaaS / PaaS, and on-premise to deliver applications and data back to their employees and customers/citizens”

Prevailing in Cyber Threat Landscape

Neil states that every organization needs to develop a security program focusing on the 12 key domains. MIS3 Next Gen Cyber Practice combines Risk Advisory and technical controls allowing all organizations the visibility, control, and automation they require to secure applications and data living in SaaS, workloads in IaaS or PaaS, and on-premise. The most commonly faced risks and threats by digital-adapted companies are through ransomware and untrusted acess. It is a massive risk, as an organization’s critical data is witnessed to be encrypted and only be accessible if the ransom proposed by the attacker is met. MIS3 offers a reliable ransomware recovery solution to the victim organizations that lost their important data. Other mostly used attacks are caused due to email phishing, making email security and malware a major concern for various companies. The featured organization provides security awareness training and email security solution to its customers. Moreover, the zero-trust and micro-segmentation solutions in the public cloud is an area MIS3 focuses on and offers a holistic solution.

As ‘data’ is one of the biggest assets in the world, its security is the priority for any organization. The cyber security landscape is evolving so is the malware-based artificial intelligence stretching the spectrum of attacks wider. To avoid being trapped in such circumstances, one must follow a certain strategy to overcome any attack. To initiate, an organization should adopt a zero-trust framework leveraging focused on identity. The key is access, from applications, to users, devices, and data. Organizations will also need micro-segmentation to sabotage any risks that disturb the company’s systems across their network. Moreover, the Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) and Xtended Detection and Response (XDR) are also preferably the most leveraged strategies used by various organizations. 

Pioneering in Next-Generation Solutions

Businesses and government at all levels will continue to leverage SaaS, IaaS / PaaS, and on-premise to deliver applications and data back to their employees and customers/citizens,” asserts Neil. Therefore, MIS3 strategy is to continue to focus on business objectives and initiatives for its clients. It aims to leverage technology to enable outcomes with an application-centric philosophy, not an infrastructure one. We simply help clients in all verticals leverage SaaS, PaaS / IaaS and On Premise Data centres to deliver applications, data and services back to their employees and consumers / constituents.

Amidst COVID-19 many businesses were struggling to sustain but it benefitted MIS3. Its strategically reliable business model allows every organization needed to reimagine their business with an IT Modernization approach and secure digital transformation strategy. In addition, as an IT corporate, it aspires to grow its year-over-year by a substantial percentage of 50 in the period of 1 to 3 years. The company ensures its upstream growth and ultimately aims to be a top-notch IT solutions provider in Canada focusing on Next Generation Infrastructure, Next Generation Cyber Security, Next Generation IT Operations, Next Generation Professional Services, Next Generation Managed Services and Next Generation Blockchain for Business.