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Louis Roy

Corporate scandals such as counterfeiting, contamination, and cheap-labor exploitation threaten public safety, affecting consumer perceptions, demands, and behaviors across the globe. At the heart of the problem are supply chains. Undeniably, today’s supply chains are ineffective due to a lack of visibility and transparency. Traceability can solve these issues, and since supply chains are an integral part of every business, this ability can produce numerous efficiency gains and reduce waste at every step, so the potential for significant, positive change is enormous.

OPTEL is different in one major way, with its corporate slogan, ‘Traceability technologies for a better world’, it is committed to creating solutions that benefit businesses, people and the planet, to ensure the well-being of future generations.

‘OPTEL comes from an environment where raw materials are transformed into consumer products’

Today, OPTEL has approximately 850 employees and five locations across four continents—Canada, United States, Ireland, India and Brazil. OPTEL’s expertise allows diverse industries to measure, inspect, control and track a variety of elements to improve quality and make better use of resources. OPTEL’s customized solutions are developed in collaboration with customers, respecting business requirements, its employees, as well as the environment. By helping customers comply with international regulations, OPTEL helps stop counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, thus ensuring patient safety.

‘OPTEL comes from an environment where raw materials are transformed into consumer products’

Louis Roy, CEO, OPTEL

A Responsible Entrepreneur

Louis Roy, Founder, and President of OPTEL is an engineer, citizen of the world and a great supporter of cross-functionality. Louis is an ambassador for social responsibility in business and an inspiring role model for other entrepreneurs.

In 1989, after graduating from the electrical engineering and physics programs at Université Laval in Québec City, Canada, Louis Roy founded OPTEL Vision. This company, now known as OPTEL, has become the global leader in inspection and traceability systems. As a Certified B Corporation, OPTEL supports actions and activities that have a positive impact so that our children benefit from a more sustainable world. In addition, OPTEL works with local non-profit organizations, particularly in the communities where it operates. Thereby, OPTEL has been attributed “Silver” status by business sustainability experts, EcoVadis, further reinforcing OPTEL’s position as a supplier of choice, who is mindful of its social and environmental impact.

OPTEL is also the initiator of the AI-Powered Supply Chain Supercluster (aka Scale AI), which is part of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative. Louis co-chairs this industry-led consortium bringing together approximately 120 industrial partners, organizations and world-class research institutions – all working together to create a new end-to-end supply chain platform.

For these accomplishments and for his extraordinary leadership, Louis Roy was named Canada’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2017 National award winner.

Louis Roy was named Canada’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2017 National award winner.

Track and Trace

OPTEL is the only multinational company with the capacity to provide truly end-to-end traceability solutions, providing complete visibility across the entire supply chain, from the extraction of raw materials to the consumer (referred to as L1 to L5 connectivity). OPTEL’s powerful Intelligent Supply Chain™ platform acts as a control tower, using its serialization and traceability software to collect granular data along the supply chain and overseeing the operations related to the product flow, from its extraction to its consumption and disposal. Beyond complying with legal requirements, the ability to identify and trace products can offer organizations a significant competitive advantage thanks to the actionable data it generates.

Leveraging technologies such as Cloud Computing, AI, Blockchain, Business intelligence, and IoT, OPTEL enables an intelligent supply chain to bring about unprecedented opportunities to create change. In fact, artificial intelligence and data, in particular, are at the heart of traceability. Without data acquisition and analysis, all this valuable information would be lost. So the more data is acquired and analyzed, the better the results. OPTEL’s data-centric systems enable organizations to lead this artificial intelligence wave and benefit from cutting-edge solutions built for efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

Today, OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain solutions track more than 6 billion products (tracked) each year, connecting 3,00,000 producers and 15,000,000 consumers. It is the combination of such cutting-edge technologies, OPTEL’s industry-leading technical expertise and key partnerships that is allowing the company to create something new and immensely valuable.

Detail-Oriented and Multifaceted Solutions

Currently, OPTEL offers its solutions to industries such as Pharmaceuticals (custom traceability and serialization compliance solutions); Medical Devices (customized vision inspection and traceability solutions); Healthcare (turnkey verification and decommissioning solutions); Food and Beverage (end-to-end traceability solutions); and Natural Resources (geotraceability solutions).

Moreover, OPTEL’s open scripting feature enables organizations to react and adapt quickly to any future changes in a country’s regulations. Additional functions, service features or a new type of equipment can be therefore integrated quickly and easily. This technical flexibility also makes OPTEL’s solutions vendor-agnostic, mitigating the inherent risks of proprietary systems and minimizing supplier dependency. New vendors and modules can be integrated without the need to rebuild or reconfigure entire systems. OPTEL’s solutions are totally independent, secure and completely configurable to operate stand-alone or integrate into an organization's current ERP landscape.

OPTEL: Constructive Ideas for Humanity

OPTEL’s solutions also address several of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through their ability to:

Ensure food safety (improves health and combats hunger by reducing food waste).
Prevent drug counterfeiting and product diversion (improves health and safety).
Engage smallholders and artisanal production (helps improve safety, reduce poverty as well as child labor).
Support industry’s transition to the 4th industrial revolution leading to a circular economy (contributes to innovative infrastructure and ensures responsible production and consumption).
Help reduce waste overall (helps protect the environment).
Create transparency on the social and environmental impact of goods.

“[Our] business initiative is perfectly aligned with our social mission, as it combines both profitability and sustainability. OPTEL firmly believes that these two concepts are not mutually exclusive and that companies can be profitable while having a positive impact on the planet,” - Louis Roy.

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