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Timoshenko Andrey is not keen on doing anything ordinary. Indeed, his journey speaks out for himself. Starting at 22 he has successfully pivoted as many as thirteen diverse businesses from car rentals to development to manufacturing of marketing equipment under him. Now 50 and running his fourteenth, also the most beloved one, he is doing it again. "Augmented reality is terra incognita, there are no predetermined ways in it, it is only for pioneers and innovators,'' declares Timoshenko Andrey, Co-Founder, and CEO of Live Animations.

Founded in 2014, Live animation has offices in the USA, Germany, and Ukraine. The idea is to 'Create magic' by facilitating innovative development of manufacturers offering useful products in the world. The company specializes in developing effective innovative marketing solutions with the technology of augmented reality for children, family brands and businesses. The offerings are a set of effective marketing solutions- from the concept to the finished AR-product and its following support. The company's patent for a useful model called 'Interactive notebook' and trademarks like a live notebook, live animation, open magic, chocolate cartoon, cartoon surprise, ice cream cartoon, flakes cartoons speaks volumes about its world-class technological and intellectual groundwork. Looking at the numbers-- 4.5 average rating of applications, 25 projects, 12 million downloads, 137 million interactions with the audience, marketing solutions used in 54 countries and monthly expanding list -- shows how the company is leading the way in AR innovations and market penetration.

"Augmented reality is terra incognita, there are no predetermined ways in it, it is only for pioneers and innovators''

Reality, only Better

Live Animations facilitates parents who are always looking for new and creative ways to support the development of their kids. AR can perform an educational function by presenting a child new facts and information in a fascinating way. Combining it with their skill of creating exquisite characters, locations, and scenes in AR; Live animation has the vision of how to arrange and combine many elements of digital content with real objects, so that children could perceive the end result as a whole piece, harmonical, and always charged with aesthetics and magic. Their advanced AR apps and platforms architecture development technology power their apps, as a result, they have great stability and high user ratings. One of the products of their geniuses are the books that were created for Little Hippo Publishing which were awarded 2018 Parents Choice Award, and successfully found their way to Walmart’s shelves. On average, each app was downloaded 500 000 times.

At the same time, Live animation is devoted to developing effective AR-powered marketing solutions that emphasize brands’ uniqueness, informs clients about brand’s values in an accessible way, make them stand out among competitors, add extra value to their products, fill them with life, increase their value for consumers, facilitate the emotional connection between brands and consumers, and, ultimately, make consumers fall in love with products.

Spicing it Up!

"From the cycles of maturity perspective, today AR has successfully climbed over the peak illusions and huge expectations went through the stage of certain market disappointments and has begun its way on the “Enlightenment hill” - the period when some ideas are reviewed and corrections are made. I think that in 3-4 years AR will achieve the “Plateau of performance,” when the advantages of AR become obvious for everyone", explains Andrey. So he points out, "future developments in marketing will be largely related to this technology, as this is an innovative tool, but not everyone knows how and where to use yet." That's precisely how Live animation is special the exceptional quality of the products, verified by their unrivaled user ratings, the company has opened many new opportunities giving this market a fresh look. Of course, this is not a coincidence, but a result of great responsibility and organization. The company has a system that includes a clearly defined organizational structure, meticulous job descriptions, awareness of each employee about his or her functions, clear definition and systematization of all working processes, and a high level of discipline in the entire team. Further, a specifically developed approach to hiring, training plans for each employee, an active mentoring system, and regularly held seminars enable the team to do everything possible and impossible to capture these elusive effects of magic. "This is crucial, especially for children, because they believe in Santa Claus and good wizards; they need magic and not a soulless, mechanical product. We make the world a better place by adding magic to it! We do this every day, adding magic to ordinary things. People see it and feel it; that is why we receive thousands of reviews and letters with words of gratitude and support", cheers Andrey.

Once a large global producer of confectionery had an extremely puzzling task for the team. They were tasked with creating an idea of a large-scale marketing campaign but the challenge was involved more than 40 unrelated items on their product list in the campaign. In addition, time was extremely limited. So what happened? The team ended up creating something no one ever thought! The developed idea placed an additional value for a child into every product’s packaging - a charming educational cartoon with the brand’s mascot, educational mini-games, and bonuses. By scanning special codes on packaging, a consumer could open a new episode of a cartoon in augmented reality, as well as mini-games with the mascot. There were 20 cartoon episodes created in total, each around 3 minutes long. In this way, a full-scale AR cartoon series was created. Within less than six months, impressive results were achieved: Live animation app was downloaded more than 545 000 times, more than 18.3 million product interactions were recorded, and users spent 12.1 minutes in the app per one session on average. Later, Adobe Illustrator featured the case in the recommended category on Behance. "I just love what I do. You know, these are the most incredible emotions of happiness, when after many challenges and barriers we manage to reach another goal, produce another stunning product, which ends up in the hands of millions. It is pleasing to feel the pride of employees and to see joyous smiles on their faces because they created something really unique and unparalleled in the world", says Andrey still feeling the rush.

Every day..... Magical!

Live Animation has come a long way creating such elements of success for years and now plans to use their resources working with FMCG, retail, publishers, creating exciting solutions, achieving best results from the first try, avoiding mistakes or financial losses, and bringing to life their mission of development of effective AR solutions for businesses and creating magic for their consumers. "My dream is to create the new magical, friendly, and safe world, where all things come to life, make people happy, provide needed information, teach something useful, help people to develop their abilities. The world, where there is no mind-destructive content, but only good sense and aesthetics", says Andrey with affirmation.. ...sometimes it is all about 'goodwill'...

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