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Our lives today are filled with possibilities and ideas. The whole world and its virtues are within our reach. At least in Finland, we live in peace and we have teachers there for us to teach. We have quality food to eat and pure water to bathe on. Warm houses and pure nature to live in. So much good has become an essential part of our everyday lives, but still, there is so much to do.

We can do better. Both as individuals and as an active part of society; locally and globally. One way to “be the change, we wish to see in this world” is to act on the ideas and possibilities we think can enable a good effect on evolution. One idea of utilizing technology for children’s growth and research was the spark strong enough to start pursuing something new for the evolution of education through Vilike startup. All we had, in the beginning, was a very powerful hunch that new technology can help us to improve playful physical activity and sport scientific research of children.

That road of following that idea can be the journey of a lifetime. Following that intuition can make you start a company alone without knowing that shares can be sold. Making you jump from the field of Arts and Sports to Technology to develop a prototype of software. Just to witness the rise of educational technology in a bitter burnout from the financial valley of death after the sweet flush of small success of traction. Through all this, that hunch of idea teaches the most important lesson: true validation of your idea and the business possibility arises from its capability to live through the hardships and create an essential impact around it. True meaning as an entrepreneur arises from the impact you and your idea have on people. We must learn to define ourselves not by the numbers on the balance sheet or amount of investors in the capital, but by the evolution we can pass forward with our actions.

All we had, in the beginning, was a very powerful hunch that new technology can help us to improve playful physical activity and sport scientific research of children.

Numbers can be crucial to business; but even way more important is that you, as a person, learn to get go of your idea. Especially when you have no more energy to tell about the vision with the same enthusiasm it requires to grow. This means it’s time to let the idea be. Let the time and universe take its steps, so life and society around you can lift you and the idea up when they’re ready. Taking time out from the hunch thriving your entrepreneurship gives you a chance to just work and learn. For that Moiko.fi has given me an amazing possibility. With Moiko we have been doing something totally different from Vilike. Designing and producing ethically manufactured accessories with reflectors has been a healing step out of the vision of Vilike and the world of tech startups.

Past years in entrepreneurship have shown that if your idea is carried through a deep chasm like Moria, where Gandalf fought Balrog, it will arise to happen when the time is right. Like now, the idea of Vilike is finally turned from grey to white meaning it has survived the hardships. The hunch of making an impact on early childhood education with playful technology is being shared with open hearts and bright minds. We are now developing the fourth version with cutting edge computer vision technology and elements of gamification. This time we will launch a software for parents and educators of young children to support them in motor skills growth activation, assessment and analysis.

With a heart full of love and light, Vilike is now successfully collaborating with Rehaboo, a gaming studio building an active game for more fun physical activity in offices, hospitals and elderly care. We are also part of an impact entrepreneurship community called Oxygen2050, organizing Helsinki Impact Week 2.-6.3 and starting a human-centered accelerator focusing on the individual growth of impact. The road ahead might be unknown, filled with surprises, ups and downs but the guiding star of Vilike is brighter than ever. We are ready for a co-creational, user-centered development pilot project with 10 early childhood schools. We are open to discussion with smart investors sharing the same hunch for building holacratic company for positive impact. Thank you all in the startup world and our beloved teams for being there. Together we can do better. I love You. 

I am Kirsi, a mother of a brave 11 years young girl. Founder of Vilike. Exciter in Rehaboo. Doer in Moiko.fi. Co-founder of Trafficaye.fi; startup developing software for emission control of Smart Cities. Co-founder of StuDisco; game studio building a game for substance education. Co-founder of Atlantisat; developing folding satellite technology to save space in launching satellite constellations.

So instead of starting with ‘why’ I would like to end on that note. Why, can become the hunch taking you to the journey of a lifetime. We are free to choose our actions. We can be strong enough to make every moment count. We can be the change we wish to see in this world. We can make an impact not only business.

 Kirsi Ekberg

Kirsi Ekberg

Founder & Entrepreneur, Vilike.

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