Lauren Maxwell

When it comes to making people homeowners, no one does it better than Lauren Maxwell, Executive Vice President of CrossCountry Mortgage and team leader of the Maxwell Mortgage Team. Lauren has 34 years of experience in the mortgage industry servicing her clients’ needs. The word ‘no’ does not exist in her vocabulary and she is known to go more than the extra mile for her clients. She has been commended in the industry for her drive, her passion, and her unparalleled dedication. She considers no obstacle too big; no hurdle too high when she is pre-approving a client.

The one-stop mortgage solution
As part of CrossCountry Mortgage, the Maxwell Team has access to a wide range of programs and terms. Clients are assisted in selecting the most suitable mortgage for their individual needs. Lauren Maxwell leads a team that is comprised of 70 individuals in six office locations. They work tirelessly to help families realize the American Dream of homeownership. These individuals are so deeply involved with their clients that they will work longer hours than others, work on weekends and be available 24/7 on phone and email to serve their community. Such is the motivation and passion that Lauren has instilled in the Maxwell Team.

“In the end, it is all about the relationships that you build. My name is my brand, so people know that Lauren Maxwell is their Forever Lender!”

The road to the top
Lauren’s career in the mortgage industry began soon after she graduated from college in 1987. She had no plans of getting into this line of work but when offered an opportunity at a mortgage company by a family friend, she accepted the offer. Ever since, there has been no looking back for her. Instead, the focus was set on the future and a long passionate road was chosen by an ardent Lauren dealing with obstacles that she overcame with her sheer passion and resilience towards her job and the strong need to satisfy her customers.

With the catchphrase, Financing the world one loan at a time, for Lauren her customer is her utmost priority. Even after decades in this field, she maintains close contacts with them and is personally invested throughout the process, securing the best mortgage for their circumstance. She even takes it a notch higher by returning every phone call, replying to every email, and sending a representative to attend loan closings whenever possible. Lauren ensures that a member of her team is present, to deal with customer questions and keeping a close eye on the closing. She has earned the respect of the banks and realtors. She shares a close professional relationship with them and is sought after because of her ability to structure deals and close mortgages for her clients, when others cannot.

“When a Realtor® or other partner refers a client to me, they know the transaction will be completed efficiently and on time. Simply said, I get families into homes.”

I like to be the boss!
Due to her customer-first approach, not only has Lauren received tremendous praise from her colleagues, clients, competitors, and affiliates for always being there and standing tall for whomever she works with, but has also been recognized by the Scotsman Guide year after year. Having closed over 950 loans in 2020 for more than $256M in production she has been accredited for #1 Women Originator in Florida for 2020.

With her results-driven approach and dedicated professionalism, Lauren has closed deals that were near impossible. Using her charismatic approach and creativity at problem-solving, she is not afraid of stepping into and wading through murky waters for her customers. As long as she has a satisfied client in the end, she is ready to do what it takes to get the deal done.

In the expansive mortgage world where one is dealing with all sorts, customers, agents, and banks alike, Lauren has felt her fair share of hiccups. In one particular instance, she made a move and was promised the world by her new employer. After she realized that her customers were suffering due to delayed deadlines from the bank, despite having spent so much time and energy on this project, she walked away 6 weeks after making the change. She joined CrossCountry mortgage in July of 2018 and vowed to never let another client suffer due to the shortfalls of other parties involved.

“These are not just transactions. These are real people with real dreams.”

A hard-working self-made boss-lady, Lauren has nurtured a strong work ethic within her and has emulated the same to everyone around her, be it employees or family. Over time she has often noticed that male bosses and female bosses are treated rather differently by their immediate colleagues and juniors. That has never let Lauren steer even the slightest bit astray from her path to success and her commitment to her job. She says, “a male-dominated society expects women to be submissive, patient and all-forgiving”, but those are all qualities of a person that Lauren is not.

A mentor to all her support staff, Lauren expects nothing but a hundred percent effort from her team. She runs her Team like a well-oiled machine without anyone bringing any personal drama to the office. In her years of experience, she has often guided new and shy employees turning them into confident and accountable professionals, which brings her great joy and satisfaction. She encourages female employees to come forward and prove their mettle and does everything in her power to assist them in receiving their due. The leader of Team Maxwell has remained unscathed from any gender bias in the industry and encourages every female to carry a similar attitude.

“Accountability and consistency are keys to success. Put in the time, hone your craft, do not be a jack of all trades.”

Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes
As a woman business leader, Lauren brings to the table a proven track record that speaks for itself. She has always commanded the respect of her peers and has never given them the need to think twice about it. She has women at all levels of her organization and has guided many of them into bright and successful futures. Working and teaching simultaneously, Lauren invites her junior colleagues to shadow her closely and learn from her. Lauren often gives employees the chance to sit on a seat behind desk, right next to her. They will watch and learn her process of analysing the application to qualify the client.

Lauren has always been deeply involved in her community, giving back to it as much and as many times as possible. The self-proclaimed workaholic is a volunteer and frequent contributor for various social and civil causes. She has been raising money for the Fallen Officers Fund, the Wounded Veteran’s Relief Fund, PACE Center for Girls, Make a Wish, Special Olympics, and more. In addition, she also gifts $1,000 each month to a local family in need. She likes to spend whatever time she can with her husband Dan, their 6 children, and 4 dogs. An outdoors person she enjoys bike riding, playing tennis, working out, or lounging around the pool reading a book.

To her industry and her clients, her pledge is “I take pride in being a trusted, reliable mortgage professional. My goal is to become your forever lender.”

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