L7 Defense: Complete API security.



As citizens of the modern world, our lives are, in many ways, driven by technology, with unprecedented amounts of digital data and information being uploaded and exchanged on virtual platforms. Today’s normal emerges that APIs are the ground breaker in digital communication and data exchange. APIs allows for content to be created once and published on different channels widening the reach and efficiency of digital interaction more than ever before.

However, as Tech companies gear up with newer, faster technologies to exchange and safeguard data, hackers on the other hand create regular disruptions of their own. Data has emerged as a powerful new currency, with breaches costing companies around 4 million dollars per incident, as per a report published by IBM. While APIs are being increasingly used by businesses to integrate their services, broken or exposed APIs are the reason behind major breaches and organizational hacks. Although there are scores of companies in the market that promise total API security, there is one company that has definitively stayed a cut above the rest. Owing to its distinctive and innovative artificial intelligence solution that detects and fights API targeted hacks in real time, L7 Defense is pioneering change, helping organizations to protect their infrastructure, applications, customers, employees, and partners against the growing risk of API-borne attacks.  

Total API immunity

With cyber-attacks on a steady rise, company APIs need the latest and innovative security protocols to be able to defend against threats. These protocols must not only protect an organization from a scope of cyber-attacks but also be free from regular writing, maintenance of policies, and downtime. 

Driven by this evident gap in data security technology, L7 Defense started its operations in 2015 with the establishment of its first office in Israel. Since then, the company has spread its reach to countries in Europe and North America, assisting large establishments to protect their APIs and ward off all cyberattacks. 

L7 Defense is powered by Ammune™, the company’s proprietary cyber-defense platform that protects data, right from the first request onwards. Ammune™ is designed in a manner that automatically adapts to every single API and builds a protection layer around them. It is deployed via a convenient plug & play solution which means that Ammune™ enables all systems to adapt to its changes with minimal intervention by the user. Once this is done, the software auto-detects and identifies all the APIs on the system, and within seconds starts to protect them. 

“Ammune™ is made of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology that presents an exceptional level of accuracy for detecting cyber threats targeting APIs, without interfering with the request that is sent by legitimate users.” (Forst & Sullivan)

“L7 Defense has made its mark in the cyber-security world thanks to Ammune™’s revolutionary approach of segregating and analysing digital traffic and closing any security gaps. The plug and play feature make Ammune™ easy to deploy with no tuning or updating to be done for prolonged periods of time. This also results in a low total cost of ownership (TCO) with little to no maintenance having to be done on the system once it is up and running. The highly adaptable Ammune™ is also supported on every on-premise environment and its elastic scalable deployment is supported at all major public clouds, making Ammune™ truly unique and in the area of API Security.”

Due to its ground-breaking AI, Ammune™ was awarded the prestigious Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Product Leadership Award for its fully autonomous AI-based machine learning API security solution. Ammune™ is composed in a way that it detects all and eliminates a wide range of advanced threats on enterprise-level API-based systems with extremely high accuracy, without rejecting any of the normal traffic by mistake. 

The all-round data protector

Right from financial institutions to telecommunication companies and from industrial organizations to API companies, L7’s defense system Ammune™ caters to the data security of a myriad of organizations. Rapid digitalization in the financial sector has triggered a large number of growing cybersecurity risks due to the exposure of APIs to customers and third parties. Likewise, API or internet companies that want to keep their competitive advantage need to continuously adapt, improve and protect their APIs from the new generation of cyber threats. Furthermore, as APIs and Apps are moving into public clouds like Google, Azure, and AWS, the data of telecommunication companies have become more exposed than ever before.

While we have had cyber security measures in place for a few decades now, traditionally, application defense tools have demanded constant manual policy adjusting and upkeep. This leads to exposed APIs which directly contribute to the businesses slowing down and losing revenue. Even today, many enterprises still rely upon outdated perimeter firewall-backed WAF technologies for cyber security. Recent studies have shown that these traditional technologies are not effective enough when it comes to protecting large enterprise databases.

To this effect, Ammune™ has been designed to be extremely accurate and precise, no matter what the size of the organization is.

Ammune™ builds a combined API-centric policy that is made of automatically generated positive and negative profiles. This policy process is applied for all APIs, and used to hunt down even the smallest of emerging threats coming through communication, which can sometimes go unnoticed. With its one-of-a-kind unsupervised biological ‘innate immune’ learning model, Ammune™ is the go-to cyber-security solution for many industries.

“Ammune™ is made of an advanced unsupervised learning model that monitors and analyzes data in real-time, identifying and stopping even subtle, stealthy attacks and effectively mitigating these without prior knowledge of the attack pattern parameters.” (Frost & Sullivan)

More recently, in the wake of Covid-19, almost all industries like retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and so on, have shifted the way they do business, quickly looking for and adopting digitalization in their daily processes making API security and data protection the need of the hour for all big organizations. With the customer, employee, and partner-facing operations, rapidly moving to digital mediums, Ammune™ has emerged as the data protection hero due to its ability to analyze and protect every single API. Ammune™ offer active protection in real-time without compromising the user experience on every single request.

L7 continues to pave the path, revolutionizing the cyber-security industry with its deep and detailed data protection capabilities. Due to its one-of-a-kind approach to analysing traffic and eliminating threats Looking ahead, the specialists at L7 continue to design breakthrough cyber-security initiatives, further extending their technological leadership as one of the most comprehensive digital security providers in the world.