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In the ever-evolving healthcare sector, the world has witnessed many breakthroughs and remarkable life-saving innovations that have changed the course of patient care. While standard therapies and drugs are reliable, they have the disadvantage of being nonspecific, which frequently results in unwanted side effects. Joseph Farfara Chief Executive Officer along with Roy Farfara MD the Co-founder of TrioxNano saw the need for a solution. They recognized that, other from programmable medicine, there is no other logical way to administer chemo/immunotherapy and other types of medication directly to the target cells. Thus, they founded Israel-based TrioxNano envisioning it to go above and beyond the limits of existing medicinal processes by incorporating programming. In the year 2015, they pioneered point of care programmable medicine to develop a modular programmed drug delivery platform.

A Disruptive Approach

The precise way to describe TrioxNano is as an innovative biotechnology company developing programmable biologic nanocarriers that offer accurate delivery of payloads to their target. This novel drug delivery platform entitled S.M.A.R.T “Stimuli Multi Adjusted Responsive Technology” is based on the unique combination of mesoporous nanoparticles (MSNP) and DNA molecular machines (DNA MM). This technology includes the DNA molecular machines placed on top of each of the pores of the mesoporous particle and acts as ‘intelligent gate keepers’ for the loaded API inside the pores. Meanwhile, the gating system's intelligence is attributed to the specific characteristic of the DNA molecular machine gating the pores. The advanced technology creates the basis for programmable nanomachinery which is able to carry different payloads to specific tissue targets. The breakthrough innovative platform stretches its spectrum allowing many opportunities for possible innovations to occur. This advancement will open the window of intelligent nanoscale computerized machines that are capable to sense a combination of multiple variables in their environment and exert action of unloading active payloads based on pre-programmed mechanisms.

TrioxNano has patented (granted in the USA, EU, China and other countries) a series of exciting technologies (MSNP+DNA MM) to monitor the release of APIs from the pores. The company possesses the rights by patent to all nucleotide-oriented based gating mechanisms on porous carriers. A DNAzyme consists of 50-200 nucleotides, and this patent will allow technology to be protected even if one nucleotide is utilized. Various animal studies prove that S.M.A.R.T DDP is able to increase chemotherapies concentration at the target cancer tissue by 10-50 times compared to free/liposomes. “TrioxNano's business strategy is to license its technology to big pharma / self-developing its TNBC triad treatments,” says Joseph.

This technology is flexible, reliable, and easy to use. It is valuable for most pathologic indications as the loaded APIs can vary and the capping mechanism (DNA MM and other smart caps) can be programmed to react to the different variables that discriminate the target tissue from the rest of the body. That allows utilizing very smaller doses to reduces the side effects, with a much higher concentration of the active chemical in the target tissue. “We developed nanoparticles that are programmed to react to combinatorical levels of Metabolites (ATP, Lactic Acid), Metal ions (Mg, Zn), Enzymes (PP), and more. The active payload can include examples such as chemotherapies, immune-modulating drugs, SiRNA, Isotopes, etc.,” asserts Roy.

Joseph Farfara Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Farfara, Chief Executive Officer

“TrioxNano's business strategy is to license its technology to big pharma / self-developing its TNBC triad treatments”

Bestowing Revolutionary Concept

Under the supervision of Joseph, the company intends to launch two innovative technologies in the upcoming years:

The first will be to improve the therapeutic window by revolutionizing the ability to program real-time medicine that is being tested in the company’s lab on human cancer cells. The company utilizes the literature knowledge in order to create a programming code that is uploaded onto its modular particle for the patient to receive the required program. But the availability of such human literature knowledge is limited hence, the company is directed towards approaching second technology which complements and further enhances the potential of PCPM programmed medicine. It is known as “tissue-derived programming”—a data revolution that allows the company to surpass the present knowledge by bridging the gap and later comprehensively differentiating healthy tissues from diseased. This technology can only initiate its work once the ability to program medicine is attained. Then, the tissue-derived programming will allow it to upload programs that can segregate unhealthy traits without getting expressed on the healthy tissue surrounding it. Meanwhile, TrioxNano is an inch behind in completely describing exposure of all the proteins on a specific tissue such as a tumor, due to the restriction in the human literature knowledge. In the case of cancer, variant metastasis consists of different traits and the cancer cells have the ability to evolve and get immune based on the treatments offered to the patients from time to time.

“This revolution means the dependency on the current human knowledge (literature) can be bypassed, and cancers such as TNBC that are known to date to present 2-3 proteins can be targeted by the many yet undiscovered proteins today!” says Joseph.

Setting goals

Joseph believes that every up-and-coming entrepreneur must surround themselves with the right team to achieve goals. He believes people-oriented individuals are business leaders with more vital values. Qualities like persistence and perseverance allow to embrace failures as it sets the groundwork for success. Furthermore, he recommends these aspiring business leaders to stay head-strong on their ideas and beliefs irrespective of the circumstances and time it takes to reach them especially in the case of developing disruptive technologies.

In the current difficult times, the company has been able to develop a treatment for Covid-19—including the delta variant. Described as a medical device that inhibits the virus’s ability to infect the cells and can therefore be used as a prophylaxis and treatment of mild to severe cases. As TrioxNano’s technology is based on DNA machinery, the pandemic has proven the advantage of RNA vaccines compared to older technologies of attenuated viruses. TrioxNano goal is to push forward the evolution of DNA nanotechnology to revolutionize the way patients are treated. Ultimately, TrioxNano aims to become a combination of the next Microsoft and IBM, on one hand creating ‘the operating system for computerized drug delivery’ and on the other developing the hardware required to run the operating system and the code.


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