Isaac Andy: Scripting Success Stories



"It has always been my passion to help businesses increase efficiency by automating redundant tasks. By streamlining business processes, an organization is able to improve productivity thus able to strategically align themselves to become more competitive", says Isaac Andy, Founder, and CEO of iZND Services that offers a complete spectrum of infrastructure outsourcing services.

Indeed, his trajectory confirms that. Starting out as an Analyst Programmer in Parkson Corporation, a retail company where he was developing modules of their POS systems, Isaac soon found himself running ahead of the schedule but felt squandered. This made him join Getronics as an Onsite & Deployment Lead for a new Outsourcing Project with Dell. Adding another feather to his cap, he successfully deployed the project throughout Malaysia and was soon promoted as Technical Manager to oversee global deployment. Over next months, under Issac's responsibility, the project was completed with an SLA of 95% resolved and Dell won the contract for MAS’s technical Call Centre & On-site support service. It's was not just Dell, Isaac has built and set many processes while he was working for other companies which have been adopted as standards. "One of the Desktop Management process which I wrote back in 1999 during my Outsourcing projects (at that time, it was one of the largest project evaluating at RM1Billion) is now applied by most of the On-Site Support Services provided by IT Organizations and also IT Departments", says Issac. Explaining his drive he added, "Most of my success was due to determination and persistence, which have helped me achieve by resolving every one of those critical issues the customers face; which no one else could rectify". He then accepted an offer in IBM where he accomplished several feats, was soon promoted to be Head, Desktop Management for Malaysia Airlines System and later Technical Leader, CTS Asia Pacific. In his role, Isaac was assigned a six months project to work with their vendor SITA (due to the deadline imposed by IATA for all airlines to be e-Ticketing compliant) on the solution. Along with the technical team he worked relentlessly designing and producing the SITA's Implementation guide. It was used for E-Ticketing implementation of the MAS PSS Desktop system across 190 sites all within the deadline given by IATA. "I am a result oriented person, and I believe in empowering the team in ensuring they have the necessary resources and what is required in order to achieve success", carries on Issac. Today, SITA is recognized as the leading company in IT & Telecommunication services of the air transport industry and manages 90% of the world's airline business.

However, he soon understood that he had no control over the decisions like 'how his solutions were used' and 'how the clients were charged' which piqued his interest. This was Issac's turning point.

"It has always been my passion to help businesses increase efficiency by automating redundant tasks. By streamlining business processes, an organization is able to improve productivity thus able to strategically align themselves to become more competitive"

iZND Services: A New Paradigm

Founded in 2012, iZND Services has offices in Thailand, Australia, Singapore, and India. The company along with its group of companies aligns business metrics through its Partner Expert Leveraging Programme which works hand in hand to deliver superior quality to its clientele. Through its all-inclusive solution, the company helps enhance business performance; improve margins; align technology with business priorities; reduce costs; improve service speed and flexibility; and achieve long-term success.

The vast range of offerings at iZND's IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Management Services include:- IT Service Desk, Cloud Hosting for Enterprise Solution, Data Center Management Services, End-User Computing Services, Application Management Services, Converged Network Services, Managed Security Services, Enterprise System Management, IT Service Management, Transformation Solutions, High-Performance Computing Solution and Services. The complete spectrum of infrastructure outsourcing services helps businesses build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure that is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of businesses in a multi-sourcing scenario.

At iZND Services we are flexible. Your business gains by reducing costs and complexities, and increasing operational efficiency. We provide our customers with a repeatable, proven process that delivers consistent end-results regardless of project scope or client.

One Stop Solutions

iZND Services provides a managed services program featuring a dedicated team of hardware and software professionals specializing in developing services and products to meet all the needs of their customers. Again, the company has a broad experience providing IT Services and has invested considerable resources to develop a mature Managed IT Services Program; Cloud Computing Solutions; and Professional IT Project Delivery. Being a One-Stop solution iZND provides all necessary hardware or software according to specifications identified. Moreover, the 24x7x365 Automated Helpdesk system monitors the entire IT Infrastructure to ensure it runs optimally. iZND’s Services focuses on providing a One-Stop solution approach because the company understands that by eliminating confusion when it comes to supporting tools is important to the success by reducing any downtime encountered by an organization.

Issac Andy, Founder & CEO

Looking Ahead

As technology providers that work together with their partners in building platforms to cater for the future, the company is excited to look towards the next five years, where it has already strategically aligned itself to be competitive. "Ultimately, I want iZND Group’s products and services will be used on every device, as we have contributed to many scripts and tools that are widely used", concludes Isaac.

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