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Today, the pace of business requires organizations to plan and adapt quickly to remain competitive. Consequently, many organizations are embarking on a digital transformation journey to create capabilities leveraging new technologies to drive their businesses faster and enable them to keep up with the pace of change all while delivering new innovative services to their customer base. RPA is one of the key technologies that can drive process digitalization. Not only can it help organizations achieve higher levels of efficiencies and scale but organizations have the chance to make fundamental changes to how they design workflows instead of doing things the same old way. With the belief that is very important to help as many organizations as possible to take full advantage of RPA technology. 

Since 2008, Integritas is dedicated and has spent over a decade focused on providing solutions and services that are designed to remove barriers that hinder organizations from delivering more modern applications faster. They have made it their duty to make available ‘RPAAS, Increasing Automation with No Capital Investment’. “One size RPA solution does not fit all?  We need to fill the gap that exists within the industry to help organizations increase their automation without significant investment,” proclaims Denise Oliver, CEO of Integritas.  

Additionally, their robotic process automation (RPA) services help organizations accelerate achieving greater scale, process efficiency and accuracy across business operations. Integritas agility is, in fact, the direct result of their culture which is rooted in being strong problem solvers that facilitate the development of innovative ways to solve their client’s most difficult automation challenges. Ultimately delivering technology solutions to organizations that will advance their digital transformation strategy and improve business processes. They are headquartered in Grayson Ga.

“We believe the future focus for many organizations will be to determine how to increase automation and capitalize on those opportunities that dramatically improve process outcomes, quality, costs, and cycle times beyond initial bot deployments.”

Integritas: Different from the Rest

Integritas is a systems integrator that specializes in providing a suite of RPA services. They provide organizations a quick and fast way to reinvent the execution of scalable business processes using an enterprise Java-Based RPA Platform, Cloud services for hosting and the resource expertise required to discover, implement and support intelligent automation. Furthermore, their RPA as a service platform powered by Jidoka provides REST web services that allow them to integrate with intelligent automation solutions like Artificial Intelligence and to interconnect enterprise systems in complex environments. The unique factors that set Integritas apart from others are: 

Their platform is powered by Jidoka which is built in Java; a powerful, open, universal programming language and best suitable to automate complex processes.

Subscription based model licensing with no vendor lock-in.

Flexible Architecture – orchestration console is hosted in either their Azure Cloud or their users – their bots run inside the user’s data center so the data never leaves their clients facility.

Easily integrate with major leading AI platforms.

Instant access to process and technical expertise required to plan, implement and support their user’s intelligent automation.

Business-friendly dashboards, IT Security & compliance, results proven.

The success of Integritas and advanced capabilities of its platform shows in projects like the one they did for the City of Chicago. The project was significantly behind schedule because of legacy environmental challenges. So Integritas’s team developed some in-house scripts to validate millions of ediscovery items and helped the project accomplish its objective.

Denise Oliver, CEO, Integritas

“I love technology and I love using it to enabling business growth,” says Oliver with excitement. And the technology that they have identified as the key to facilitating it and survive in the age of digital transformation: RPA. “We see RPA being used a lot to improve quality and speed for customer service operations.  We also continue to see a significant amount of automation being done in the middle and back offices across Technology shared services teams, HR, Finance, Marketing, Operations, and procurement,” Oliver carries on elaborating where RPA is heading, “We believe the future focus for many organizations will be to determine how to increase automation and capitalize on those opportunities that dramatically improve process outcomes, quality, costs, and cycle times beyond initial bot deployments.” And what about the concerns those are raised since the advent of automation technologies, robots replacing human workers? “Well, we believe that human hours can be reduced where RPA is implemented.  It is also our belief that it will be important to leverage the extra capacity these resources have available because of RPA to focus on more higher level activities.” However, she points out, “The shortage of skilled resources could impede the growth of RPA.” 

At the end of the day, Denise winds down over a nice glass of wine and by immersing herself in music generally (listening to) Jazz. 

Future Endeavour

As growth has always been the focus of the company. Integritas plans to continue to expand its RPA as a service offering and provide managed services to companies who have already invested in a major RPA platform to help them achieve scale. Finally, Integritas intends to grow into one of the leading RPA as Service Providers in North America. 

With products such as these, they might just achieve it…

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