How to Choose a Good CPR Certification?

It’s not uncommon for healthcare professionals to use CPR during the course of their job. Sure, not everyone finds the need to use CPR to carry out their duties. But those that do use it know how useful it can be in the medical profession.

There are also people that have heard of CPR recertification but don’t know how to get it. These professionals know that they need to keep track of certifications to stay on top of their jobs. Remember, emergencies can crop up anytime and you would need to know good CPR techniques for the same.

You can use online CPR renewal using AHA-compliant curriculum to make sure you learn it right. All 50 states across the US need you to renew your CPR certification every two years. So, it makes sense for you to stay on top of these requirements with the right kind of training.

But, it’s not easy to choose the right CPR certification if you haven’t done it before. There are many premium options in the healthcare industry to choose from. Let’s take you through some tips on how you can choose the right CPR certification for you and your practice.

Look for CPR Acceptance across States

Remember that different states have different healthcare certification requirements. You would need to keep a track of these requirements when you want to renew your CPR card online. CPR recertification should be accepted in the state in which you’re practicing medicine.

If not, you’ll be in violation of state rules and may have to face penalisation. The best certification providers have cards that are accepted in all 50 states. These providers should ideally follow AHA guidelines while preparing their CPR cards.

Guidelines prescribed by the American Heart Association (AHA) include the latest medical developments. Following these guidelines allows CPR certification providers to give you the right training.

High-quality providers will also prepare CPR cards that are accepted around the world. This is possible only if these providers follow ILCOR’s ( International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) international guidelines. If you plan on practicing CPR abroad as well, look for providers that can give you this certification.

The provider you choose should have good relationships with national licensing boards. This would allow them to stay on top of the latest CPR developments in the healthcare industry.

Look for CPR Certification with Employer Approval

Another factor to look out for is if your CPR certification is approved by your employer. The best online CPR providers have good relationships with large healthcare companies. These healthcare companies are ideally spread across the country.

CPR renewal online classes should be approved by reputed employers in your state. These providers should be aware of common employer requirements while designing your course. Independent CPR course providers work closely with employers.

These providers ask healthcare employers for their inputs on various course areas. For instance, they ask employers to review their CPR recertification courses. Employers are encouraged to share their feedback on the courses after a review.

Employers could also be asked to check the specifics of the online CPR course. This would allow them to shape the certification to match industry standards. It would ensure the employer is happy with what healthcare professionals are learning.

After all, learning CPR techniques is on the top of the list for healthcare professionals. A good employer would recognize that training should include knowledge of AHA-approved CPR.

A good CPR certification provider listens to inputs from more than one employer. Such providers consult healthcare employers from different states as well. This allows them to gain diverse insights into their CPR services and courses. So, it’s easy to see why these providers offer you better CPR recertification than others.

Employer Acceptance

There’s a difference between employer approval and acceptance in CPR certification. Employer approved certification is obtained by consulting employers for their approval. Employer acceptance is about having CPR certification accepted by employers across the country.

Many online CPR course providers give you CPR cards that are accepted by most employers. So, you won’t have to worry about taking extra CPR training when you move to another state. It’s important this acceptance applies to every section of the healthcare industry.

Look for Good CPR Course Instructors

How to Choose a Good CPR Certification?

The importance of having a good CPR course instructor cannot be overstated. CPR is a key skill that is trusted to be a life-saver for most medics which is why it’s important to get it right. You can receive good training for CPR recertification by learning from good instructors.

So, it’s important that you look for course providers that have the best instructors. These instructors should have both knowledge and experience in the medical field. Often, course providers hire licensed doctors and nurses as instructors.

These healthcare professionals are sure to have enough knowledge on modern CPR methods. The best providers work with instructors from the AHA. It’s easy to see why this is the case considering the instructors would know about AHA requirements.

CPR training providers also work with instructors to develop their courses. These instructors share valuable inputs on the best CPR methods. Often, these also help develop the curricula used in these courses. So, they make sure you receive effective instruction to help you perform CPR.

Look for instructors that have a good amount of clinical experience. Experienced instructors often know how to approach CPR in different situations. This allows them to impart more useful knowledge than other instructors.

You can read about instructors on the websites of online CPR course providers. The details provided on these sites should include their credentials and experience. Reading these details should allow you to determine which course is worth your time.


Choosing the best CPR recertification program is challenging at the best of times. But, if you bear these tips in mind, it’s sure to get a lot easier. It’s important to choose a quality course provider if you want to receive the right CPR training. Also, you should remember to receive a CPR card that’s valid across states.

If not, you might find yourself needing extra training to practice CPR in some states. This can prove to be a time-consuming and costly affair. Instead, it would be better if you receive CPR certification from the best providers.

These providers should be reputed and have the best instructors working with them. This would allow you to receive the quality instruction that would help you save lives.


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