Rebecca Lago & Miriam Tischler

Co-founded by Rebecca Lago & Miriam Tischler, Ginger & Juice Bar has been in business for a year and a half and currently has one location in South Miami. They serve up craft juices, smoothie bowls, coffee, and healthy eats. Their juices are inspired by popular cocktails and are 0% ABV & 100% healthy. They create and garnish their colorful menu with wholesome, nutritious ingredients. With the mission to offer a healthy alternative to traditional fast food, they use creativity to inspire their community to add a healthy twist to their lives by infusing fresh fruits and veggies into their diets. They also strive to preserve the earth by utilizing and encouraging the use of eco-friendly products.

In conversation with Aspioneer Rebecca Lago & Miriam Tischler talked about their innovative business, the state of women's leadership, and their advice for female leaders.

Aspioneer (A): What inspired you to start this venture?
Rebecca Lago (R): “One of the most important attributes I possess is happiness. I am happiest when I feel fulfilled and when I feel challenged. When my corporate career shifted directions a few years ago, I knew I needed to decide whether to run the course or pack up and move on. It wasn’t an easy decision because I am married with young children and I knew there were people affected by any decision that I made. What I also knew, was that if I was unhappy, their lives would suffer as well. I once heard a quote about “taking the risk or losing the chance” and that’s what I decided to do when I left a fourteen-year career in corporate America to open up a juice bar with my sister.

Miriam Tischler (M): Our journey began in 2008 on South Beach when we were looking for a healthy, fast lunch but couldn’t find a good option. Since then, we have always wanted to pursue opening a healthy joint together, but for so long it was only a dream. In 2016, we were brainstorming ideas for our healthy joint and Becca asked me, “What’s your favorite ingredient to put in a juice?” I said, “Ginger” and asked Becca, “What’s yours?” With excitement, she responded with ginger as well. From this, Ginger & Juice Bar came to life.”

(A): What makes Ginger & Juice Bar unique and special?
(R&M): “We are a craft juice and smoothie bar. We offer a healthy alternative to fast food and have something for the whole family, pups included. Our business is unique in many ways as we are not your typical juice bar. Have you been to a juice bar where you get the bar experience, but it is “0% ABV & 100% Healthy”? Our juices are served shaken and straight up or on the rocks and we also have a full mocktail menu. We can’t forget about the (wellness) shots on the menu; you can get a single shot or a shot flight with one of each. Come sip on Gin(ger) & Juice with us and try to guess which song each menu item was named after.”

(A): What makes Ginger & Juice Bar eco-friendly. How is your brand helping the environment?
(R&M): “To lessen our carbon footprint and ensure we are socially responsible, we use local ingredients and support local non-profit organizations, such as Reclaimed Earth and Debris Free Oceans. We also offer reusable tumblers and straws and incentivize patrons to use those by offering a refill discount – “Drink Up, Go Green”.”

(A): Let’s move on to another significant topic. Why the world needs more female leaders?
(R&M): “Being female business owners, equality is a huge priority of ours, both within our organization and our community. Women bring a sense of compassion and sensitivity which is so important, especially now with so much hate in the world.”

(A): But what do you think is really holding women back in the workplace?
(M): “From what I have seen and experienced in various industries, the biggest challenge for women in leadership roles comes from not being treated equally. I have personally had first-hand experiences where my male counterparts were treated differently than I was. With that said, another challenge I see is women not speaking up when that happens and not advocating for themselves. If we want to see a change, we need to be the change. A very helpful and insightful book I read is called, “How Women Rise” which helped me to recognize my own behaviors and how I could address those to become a better leader.”

(A): What do you think can be done to promote women within their organizations?
(R&M): “Mentorship programs, scholarships, and educating our youth are some strategies that can be implemented to help women reach their highest potential within their organizations. It is also important for women to be direct and ask for what they want and/or deserve.”

(A): What would you like other ambitious women to know about how best to move their careers forward?
(R&M): “In the words of the Notorious RBG, “If you want to be a true professional, do something outside yourself.” Step outside of your comfort zone and take the next step in your career.”