Holo-Light: Rewriting the Mixed Reality Universe




After a few years into his corporate job, he had a revelation. Born with a passion for computers and growing up writing software programs (in nearly every kind of computer language), he plainly understood there was no more room for him to grow. "Working among hundreds of others I realized that you can drown very easily and be nothing more than just a number if you let it happen", says Florian. He decided to reject the offer of a safe and permanent position--- took a leap to follow his passion --- and it’s imperative to say it boomed.

"Having had a strong belief in technological innovation and its benefits ever since, just like Susanne Haspinger, Alexander Werlberger, and Luis Bollinger (my Co-Founders), I saw so many opportunities lying ahead for emerging technologies and the new industrial revolution", reckons Haspinger. His mission? "Our goal is to simplify/support processes at work and maybe even in everyday life. For us, the question is not what we do to create a consumer product, but what product is useful and supportive to the consumer", says Florian Haspinger, Founder and CEO of Holo-Light.

The best business idea is worth nothing if you do not have a team that is fully behind it and can commit to this with passion

Beyond Novelty

The headquarters for one of the fastest growing AR technology company on the planet is being built in Innsbruck, Austria and Munich, Germany. Founded in 2015, Holo-Light develops intelligent AR solutions for enterprises in order to optimize and simplify their processes and generate competitive advantages in the age of digital transformation. By providing a more precise, cross-platform and intuitive interaction with digital content; Holo-Light's platform empowers several industries including automotive, automation and chemicals industries. Holo-Light's solutions can be integrated along the entire value chain in areas such as manufacturing, engineering, or training as well as design, services and utilities. The organizations can either complete projects based on above-mentioned application scenarios or use their finished product solutions, such as CAD Viewer Holo-View, or XR input device Holo-Stylus.

The company is always engaged in research and is dedicated to eliminate the current hurdles of the technology (for example, through their AI-based tracking technology installed in the stylus, or their remote rendering technology.) These technological achievements can be incorporated into existing or planned AR solutions, regardless of whether they use applications developed by Holo-Light or not. "Holo-Light is a big family driven by a passion that creates the foundation to nourish a groundbreaking technology and push it forward", highlights Haspinger. "Our remote rendering technology which we combine with AR makes it possible to visualize data files that are more than 50 times larger than the computing power of current data glasses allow at the moment".

With clients including BMW, BASF, TÜV, Festo and Magna as well as a partner network which includes Deutsche Telekom, PTC and Microsoft; Holo-Light has positioned itself as a leading player for industrial Augmented Reality solutions. In addition to more than 40 implemented Industry 4.0 projects, the company has received numerous awards both in Europe and in Silicon Valley for its success in optimizing AR & MR with other cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Edge Computing.

People. Quality. Technology

Companies can lead in many ways. In his role, Florian’s focus has always been on the team. He does this by offering a creative, modern and healthy working environment. This involves setting high standards for work in order to deliver high quality services and products to their clientele. "The best business idea is worth nothing if you do not have a team that is fully behind it and can commit to this with passion", asserts Haspinger.

It is not uncommon to see Florian playing video games with his colleagues in front of the TV. "Our team is our family and that not only gives us the strength and motivation to keep going, it also gives me a lot of joy when getting to work every day", smiles Haspinger. Moreover, it isn’t just Florian; anyone on the team will do whatever is necessary to achieve success. "To us founders and to the rest of Holo-Light, AR is an adventure and we are right at the forefront experiencing and providing it", says Haspinger enthusiastically.

The AR/VR/MR market is fast maturing. It is expected that it will soon transform into a global high-volume market. Florian, however, clarifies that he is tackling a market that, while he calls 'niche' but is not ignorant in understanding the stumbling blocks to technology acceptance as well. "I think it is essential to show people that technology doesn’t always have to be something to replace human beings at work - but it can empower them and add more enjoyment, support and learning opportunities to their daily work routine. The digital transformation in industry 4.0 only shows what is possible when letting technologies like AR and VR support you", says Haspinger. Busting myths, he communicated "regarding someone’s vision when using AR more often, there should not be harmful consequences. AR as such could be considered a 'light version' of digital visualization when comparing it to current visualization methods. At the same time, bringing digital content into the real world means improving one’s posture, since bending down to a 2D screen becomes obsolete".

Alexander, Florian, Luis and Susanne, Founders, Holo-Light

Thinking Forward

Holo-Light future lies in the fusion of the real and the digital, and is dependent on user preference. They are striving to become one of the global leading providers of AR/MR solutions for industrial users of standalone smartglasses (or HMDs). The world is ready for it. What about you?

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