HealthSource: Developing High-quality Chiropractic Care, Rehab, and Wellness Services

The effects of chiropractic care are endless. These include – pain relief, improved flexibility, fewer headaches, better concentration, a boost in the immune system, and many others. When these are combined, it makes for a much healthier body and a centered mind, enabling us to be true versions of ourselves. In today’s fast-paced living environment where the opportunities are endless and daily hurdles are substantial, looking after our bodies often takes a back seat.

Today, Americans spend over $50B a year just on back pain. Factor in everything else the typical chiropractor sees and the opportunity is truly huge. It’s such a large opportunity, that there is no need to chase magic bullets that make chiropractic clinics expensive to operate and difficult to run.

Franchising since 2006, HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® was founded by Dr. Chris Tomshack with the aim to deliver the highest-quality chiropractic care, rehab, and wellness services. On the mission to help patients quickly become pain-free and healthy, HeathSource exists to eliminate unwanted pain and improve patients’ overall health–so patients can focus on doing and achieving what they love.

A Lifetime in Pain-relief

Founder and CEO of the HealthSource franchise, Dr. Tomshack is defined by his relentless desire to discover better ways to help patients achieve phenomenal health while assisting HealthSource franchisees achieve their dreams by creating their ultimate practice or even multiple practices. The systems he has designed have helped many entrepreneurs achieve a great deal in business and more free time in life, allowing for a much better work-life balance. 

Before launching the HealthSource franchise, Dr. Tomshack already owned four extremely successful clinics, all of which were the largest in their respective cities. The impressive growth of these practices was the result of creating highly efficient, productive, and growth-oriented systems for everything possible in a chiropractic clinic, allowing him to leverage his time while scaling the clinics.

Dr. Tomshack realized that these new systems were both replicable and scalable to the chiropractic industry as well. They also made for the perfect foundation on which to build a chiropractic & wellness franchise company that could raise the bar for chiropractic services and deliver best-in-class outcomes to the patients they served. HealthSource teaches franchise owners proven systems that help them create dream practices that give them more free time to enjoy more of what they love.

Dr. Tomshack has degrees in chiropractic and business and has studied business at the graduate level, making him a unicorn among chiropractors. His passion is helping his franchisees create their dream lifestyle.

Franchise Development

HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® is the only franchise brand that operates in seven multi-billion-dollar industries, offering patients a range of health services under one roof. 

HealthSource does more than provide chiropractic services. “We help improve the quality of life of our patients and enhance the lives of our franchise owners. As our chiropractic franchise continues to expand, we are looking for entrepreneurs who share our passion for helping others while growing successful practices into new communities,” shares Dr. Tomshack.

When you join the HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® family, you’ll be backed by an A-list team that has every aspect of the franchise process covered. Dr. Tomshack explains, “The success of our company is dependent on the success of our individual franchisees. We believe that a strong partnership is the best recipe for a successful future, so we’ve refined the franchise process to make sure you are fully prepared to confidently run your practice(s) on day one.” 

Today, HealthSource clinics are in 38 states with its franchise footprint continuing to grow, delivering premium, chiropractic, and rehab-based experiences to millions of patients these clinics serve. Recognized as the largest chiropractic and rehab-based franchise in the world, HealthSource is driven by some of the best doctors and a first-class corporate team that has made this growth possible. Additionally, franchisees have access to their field expert & coach. They also have access to any corporate team member at any time.

HealthSource: Developing High-quality Chiropractic Care, Rehab, and Wellness Services
Dr. Chris Tomshack

"You’ll learn and train with the best, in person, for the ultimate in accelerated learning. Once you are part of the HealthSource Family, you’ll never be practicing alone again,"

Training and Support

HealthSource does more than provide chiropractic services. The organization helps improve the quality of life of patients and enhance the lives of our franchise owners. As the chiropractic franchise continues to expand, HealthSource is continuously looking for doctors who share the same passion for helping others while growing successful practices into new communities.

One of the most important keys to finally building a dream practice is mentorship, feels Dr. Tomshack. “We believe mentorship shaves decades off of the learning curve,” he says. As a new member of the HealthSource family, every owner is automatically enrolled in a deeply immersive learning process with a group of other new HealthSource doctors. Every new group is a peer-mentored and professionally monitored group. “You’ll learn and train with the best, in person, for the ultimate in accelerated learning. Once you are part of the HealthSource Family, you’ll never be practicing alone again,” states Dr. Tomshack.

HealthSource franchise owners are entrepreneurs who establish HealthSource clinics in their communities to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions including but not limited to back & neck problems, and they also promote wellness care. Franchise owners receive unrivaled support, ongoing training, advanced marketing, and systems to succeed.  “We offer comprehensive training and support to help our new owners succeed. Our online learning experience has over 900 video-based classes, with modules for every position you’ll ever need in your practice,” shares Dr. Tomshack.

Delivering Exceptional Services

Chiropractic care is the foundation and just one of seven services the organization provides. As a HealthSource, America’s Chiropractor® franchise owner, you’ll offer a wide range of services that relieve pain, restore lost function, and improve patients’ overall quality of life. Other services include Active, Corrective, and Functional Rehab, Spinal Decompression, Laser Therapy, Branded Nutrition, Sleep Excellence as well as the Wellness Club which is a subscription-based program that generates automatic monthly revenue by regularly prescheduled wellness visits.

HealthSource clinics also prescribe and sell a range of patented wellness products to patients who can benefit from them. This provides clinic owners with yet another revenue stream. From lumbar support cushions, back supports, neck orthotics, feet orthotics, pillows, CBDs, and nutritional supplements, quality products are part of a prescription for healing and wellness for patients.

By creating personalized programs for all its clients, HealthSource can negotiate favorable pricing with its buying clout. “Only the highest quality products make it into our clinics and the supplements we offer are custom formulated based on standards set by our doctors”, shares Dr. Tomshack. Moreover, Healthsource has spent millions of dollars on applicable research and technology affecting chiropractic care. “We provide state-of-the-art treatments for our patients which allows us to enjoy a 99% patient satisfaction rating nationwide,” states Dr Tomshack.

If you are ready for a future where you are your own boss, make your own schedule, and enjoy more time for yourself and your family, HealthSource offers the opportunity to embrace it all. Explore their website to learn more about the exciting opportunities, and then take the first step toward becoming a HealthSource franchise owner today.

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