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Digitalization itself is the fourth industrial revolution and the biggest one. Implementing advancements over customary techniques of business has only assured growth in the business and shows the promise of upcoming innovations. As quoted by one of the pioneers in the digital revolution, Bill Gates, “Internet is the new BIG thing,” many well-established as well as developing businesses comprehend its worth and have started implicating their resources in going digital. But it also makes businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks. And here’s where IT Authorities come in.  

Being an award-winning Managed IT Service Provider & Managed Security Service Provider, IT Authorities understands the need of many organizations and feels the pride to drive their digital aspirations. Currently, it is blooming with clienteles across all North America serving industries ranging from companies with 10 employees up to clients with 29,000 employees.   

And this accomplishment did not happen overnight. With a strong zealous team and under the guidance of Jason Caras—Chief Executive Officer, the company was able to reach such stature. The company has a different approach to the traditional structure of IT services and support. It is focused on being aligned with the business to create value.

Our services are built on the backbone of accountability, transparency, clarity, and above all else, business innovation. But what good is innovation or new things if you don’t use them to their capacity or capabilities?” asks Jason.


“In order to provide digital transformation and innovation, we need the right talent. Culture is driven by all members of our team, encouraging transparency and integrity at all levels of the organization.”

Laying down the bricks

The year was 2006 Tampa, Florida was flourishing with many business ventures ready to thrive, and one of such was IT Authorities, on its way to claim over the new emerging market. Though the market is filled with many service providers yet IT Authorities have exceptionally proved themselves to stand tall to its current accomplishments. With its deep knowledge of enterprise-scale technology and solutions, it has made a mark of its own. Moreover, it possesses an amazing customer and employee experience which helped it to achieve many awards including Best Places to Work and Best Companies to Work for Awards for 15 years. The company is a seven times INC 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America recipient and has been listed among the Top 500 Managed Services Provider in the World by Channel Futures. 

We know that we are nothing without our people and so our goal is to attract and retain the engineers that will understand your business and make things happen,” asserts Jason. Being a leader, he feels that culture is the core of IT Authorities and fully reflects in the way his team interacts internally and with its partners. Its culture is based on some simple ingredients which include maintaining a healthy working environment and treating clients with the utmost respect. Jason says, “In order to provide digital transformation and innovation, we need the right talent. Culture is driven by all members of our team, encouraging transparency and integrity at all levels of the organization.” The employees of the company are united in the desire to create a workplace focused on life-work balance.

We hire people who share in our core values of doing the right thing, care deeply for the customer and our work, have extreme ownership on everything we touch, and have an inner burning desire to grow and learn,” proclaims Jason.

From the beginning, the company is heavily influenced by the book ‘Good to Great’ which guided it to set out to be the best in one thing rather than “trying” to be various things. “We were determined not to let shiny objects distract us from being the best in the world,” exclaims Jason. It witnessed the need for comprehensive managed services and consulting that could be delivered for far less than the Accenture’s of the world.

IT is the future and we aim to play a major role in how businesses leverage it and get the most from their investments and efforts,” states Jason.

IT Authorities help to ensure that their clients opt for what they need and fully utilize the products and services they avail themselves of. “First, we help determine what you actually need, then focus on how to get the absolute most out of it,” says Jason. “We help you achieve more than just the move to Azure, setting up Intune, Sentinel, Advanced Threat Protection, or other types of services.” The company provides managed services on the technology that businesses plan to implement, whether in the cloud or down to the individual end-user and their devices. Its support services cover the most important aspects such as cloud cost analysis and recommendations, resource optimization, reserved instance tuning, budget, and utilization alerting, and security governance to name a few. “This of course extends to on-premise equipment and down to end-user support for their devices and applications,” says Jason. Moreover, IT Authorities services keep its client’s technology in the most reliable and secure state while supporting its end users and providing expert guidance and direction to navigate through the IT universe of products, services, cloud, security, etc. The company’s main growth driver is its clients; clients that seek to reap advantages of cloud technology and to let managed services providers blend with their existing IT teams for the greater good.

What the future holds for IT Authorities 

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected the business world leaving many to strive for sustaining in the markets, thus work from home became more of a necessity than a want. IT Authorities too went to a maximum work from home for the whole year of 2020 efficiently or as Jason puts it, “without a hitch.” He continues, “We didn’t skip a beat while we helped our clients prepare and execute on this new normal of a majority of employees working from home.” The company’s entire environment of monitoring and management tools is cloud-oriented thus making it a cloud-based hub.

Jason and the team are planning to invest more in expanding the security services as they are aware that the future lies in security, cloud, and standardization. “It is no longer “if” you get attacked by a cyber-criminal, it’s when,” says Jason which emphasizes that the cyber-attacks are expected to be an imminent dilemma thus, being prepared is always advisable. And IT Authorities does it all remarkably well!

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