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It is said that joy is the best measure of success. Out of all the joyful activities, boating is one activity that continues to fascinate everyone. An activity that brings people together, boating adds an element of joy to our lives and it is very obvious that we would want to own one. However, it is not considered a financially wise decision. Financial experts have always advised potential boaters to join a boat club rather than buying one as it involves some serious money and can leave a big hole in your pocket.

Established in 1989, Freedom Boat Club is a members-only boat club known for its hassle-free recreational boating experience. Founded in Sarasota, Florida, for over three decades, it has been offering passionate boaters an opportunity to experience the joy and pleasure of being on a boat without owning one. It is simplifying the boating lifestyle by eliminating the inconveniences of boating and leaving only the fun of the open waters for its members. “At Freedom Boat Club, our motto is “Boating Made Simple,” says John Giglio, President of Freedom Boat Club. With its passion for boating and unique business model, Freedom Boat Club has grown to 235 locations across 31 states in the USA, Canada, and France and is still counting.

While most boat clubs are either regionally based or are in smaller locations, Freedom Boat Club has its presence across several exotic locations with more than 3,000+ late model boats to choose from.

Cost-effective model

Freedom Boat Club is based on the concept of a shared asset model. By offering access to a vast variety of boats, such as bowriders, cruisers, deck boats, and fishing boats not only they enable members to enjoy an elevated experience every time, but also keep their members coming back for different on the water experiences. Due to their resilient business model, to attract more potential home buyers, realtors throughout Florida have collaborated with Freedom Boat Club and are offering their clients an FBC membership package. “In the age of growing popularity of shared economy, we’re positioned well,” says John.

Their operating system allows their members to enjoy the pleasure of boating while they take care of the practical aspects like maintenance, insurance, and others. Once someone becomes a member, they get to enjoy reciprocal access and can boat anywhere where Freedom Boat Club is located. This is one of the most valued and distinguishing features of membership in the Freedom Boat Club which separates them from their competitors. While most boat clubs are either regionally based or are in smaller locations, Freedom Boat Club has its presence across several exotic locations with more than 3000+ late model boats to choose from. Freedom Boat Club not only allows its members to create a lifetime of memories with friends and family but also helps the industry grow by getting more people engaged in water recreation activities.

John Giglio, President, Freedom Boat Club
John Giglio, President, Freedom Boat Club

Superior service

At Freedom Boat Club joy is a very serious matter and every effort is taken to make members experience a memorable one. They understand that the business they are in, directly deals with human emotions and keeping things new and fresh is very crucial. Hence, by offering access to the largest fleet of boats, they ensure that the member experience does not get monotonous and emerges to be different and better than the previous one. “We are positioned to attract long-time boaters who wish to simplify their boating experiences as well as first-time boaters,” emphasizes John.

At Freedom Boat Club, they also understand the importance of staying up to date technologically. They keep reviewing, evaluating, and upgrading technological capabilities that will ensure a better member experience every time. With the latest technology deployed, the club members can reserve a boat via their custom-built reservation system which is the main hub for member interaction. Depending on the type of membership plan they have opted for, members get to select the day, time, and type of boat they prefer. Based on availability, as soon as the desired boat is assigned, members receive an automated confirmation with all the booking details. Considering that members of different age groups will be using their booking system; the system is deliberately kept simple yet effective and user friendly. At Freedom Boat Club, they understand that the member experience starts the moment they use the reservation system to reserve a boat for themselves. If the app or the website interface is not user friendly, the member experience can go for a toss. These minute things are taken seriously as member experience is a collective process starting from reserving a boat to the actual boating experience. Freedom Boat Club’s dedication towards member satisfaction is what makes them truly the largest boat club in the country.

Boating is just so relaxing.

Working together for success

With 235 locations and growing, Freedom Boat Club stands as the oldest and largest boat club in the world. With its impressive history and a robust business model that provides an avalanche of sales, it is an ideal opportunity for those who want to make some serious money while doing what they love. Even experts advise getting into a franchise business as the system is tried and tested with a higher probability of success. With its recurring business model which is consistent across all the locations, Freedom Boat Club offers a steady business opportunity to budding entrepreneurs. With its national training program, it ensures that its franchisees receive all the tools and resources needed for their success. With an outstanding network of successful entrepreneurs ready to share their success secrets, Freedom Boat Club is a one of its kind club willing to walk another mile for its franchise success. At Freedom Boat Club they value that success is all about helping others realize their dreams and the success of their franchisees is their success too.

Freedom Boat Club is looking for ambitious and dynamic leaders who have a real passion for boating and share the same level of commitment towards delivering exceptional member service. Having been named to the Entrepreneur Magazine “Top 500” Franchise List and the Inc. Magazine “Top 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies,” Freedom Boat Club is just getting started.

Adventure on a sailboat

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