Franchising Illumination: How JellyFish Lighting is using Technology to change the industry.

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Festivals are a time of togetherness and spreading joy. For hundreds of years, humans have used lamps, candles, and torches to beautify our homes and cities. Access to better fuel types, wider distribution networks, and low-cost lighting equipment have expanded their reach. The outdoor LED lighting market is projected to reach $21.95 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 13.7% from 2017 onwards. We are traditionally inclined to decorate our homes during festivities, and then remove them, and do this exercise over and over again throughout the year. This is not only time-consuming, physically draining, and in vain but also prone to malfunction. JellyFish Lighting is poised to be a game-changer in home outdoor lighting solutions with their innovative approach to how we see and use technology when choosing the best outdoor lighting company or service provider.

Conceptualization: A simple idea with widespread application

The idea emerged in 2011 from a simple thought that it’d be great to create a permanent solution for Christmas lighting, but still be able to use the product year after year. It was after calling over 60 different manufacturers, in 2012 that finally the company found a color-changing light, that was capable and sturdy enough. As the company began to grow, the product advanced into what it is today, “The All-In-One Outdoor Lighting Solution.” JellyFish Lighting is named after the comb jelly, a beautiful invertebrate with eight rows of tiny combs that diffract light to produce a shimmering rainbow effect as it swims through the ocean. 

In 2016 when they partnered with a home automation company and continued to grow the company under the JellyFish Lighting name. Max Deabler, Director of Marketing and Strategy, shares the company’s journey, “The motivation for starting the business was to create a permanent solution for Christmas lighting, but still have the ability to use the product for the rest of the year. After three years of perfecting the process at our first location, we began expanding with a mix of franchises (authorized dealers) and corporate locations. We used what we have learned from opening new corporate locations to help build a better process for our authorized dealers. We now have a great program for them to learn everything from marketing to sales to installation to service. Since we started expanding three years ago, we have opened three new locations and over twenty authorized dealers.” The company has corporate locations in Salt Lake City Utah (801-613-7421), Denver Colorado (720-583-0821), Dallas Fort-Worth Texas (214-501-0329), and Houston Texas (281-698-5930), and over 20+ Authorized Dealers (Franchises) across the country they are expanding its footprint all across the continental USA. What makes JellyFish Lighting truly unique is that it is a permanent color-changing lighting system for the exterior of homes controlled with an app on your phone. Max says, “It is capable of everything from nightly accent lighting that mimics recessed can lighting to any color and pattern for your holidays and parties. Easily decorate for all occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, birthday parties, and more! The JellyFish Lighting system is discreet from the street and dazzling in the dark. The lights sit flush inside an aluminum track that matches the trim color of your home. When the lights are off, the track blends in. Our lights are rated for years and years of use.” JellyFish Lighting gives the user ability to control each light individually and to choose from over 16 million different colors to create custom patterns with over 20 different movements and effects, and choose from 102 pre-set patterns developed on customer recommendations. It also gives zoning capabilities, ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of the home at the same time (front versus back). It comes with multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions saving lots of time and last-minute rush. JellyFish Lighting owns and manufactures their lighting system (Patent # 9506099) and mobile app to ensure the highest quality and availability, all the while being bright and energy-efficient as Bright 3 diode lights use less than one watt per light at the brightest white and are dim-able.

“Being customer support focused. I like how when a customer has a question or problem, we try to fix it as soon as possible.”

Growth & Expectations: Targeting the right people

JellyFish Lighting has been able to grow at a breakneck pace thanks to a high-quality product, an easy installation process, and a commitment to customer service. This, combined with their willingness to provide a permanent solution for holiday lighting that keeps people safe by keeping them off the roof while still allowing them to be used for daily accent lighting and other occasions throughout the year. Max tells us, “Our target market is mid to high-income earning homeowners. We appeal to them by providing the convenience of never hanging Christmas lights again, and longevity by producing a long-lasting product that can withstand being in the elements.”  

JellyFish Lighting has limited competition. They are unique in that they own and manufacture their lights and controller which allows them to release complex software updates, like zoning, individually addressable lights, and more. JellyFish Lighting has a team of engineers that have designed all aspects of the hardware and software. As Max shares, “Our strategy has been to create hardware that is more advanced than the software and then we continue to develop new software that we release to customers that provides enhanced functionality.” 

Since their initial foray into franchising JellyFish Lighting has been looking to expand its coverage. They are looking to work with franchisors who want to make this their full-time occupation and also current businesses that can add JellyFish Lighting to their product line. As it requires a minimum volume to be sold depending on the geographic area that they are in, the company expects all of their authorized dealers to follow the same protocol for quality and service that they have practiced and perfected at their corporate locations. In addition to this, they have full-time dealer relation specialists that can answer questions about any aspect of the business whether it is how to do a special installation or effective ways to sell.

Horizons: Prospects & Potential

Customer satisfaction is the gold standard for measuring success, and JellyFish Lighting’s work culture is modeled around it. Max shares, “Being customer support focused. I like how when a customer has a question or problem, we try to fix it as soon as possible.” 

Operating in the home services industry, the company’s growth over the last fifty years has been incredible, but the last year and a half have propelled it to the top of one of the fastest-growing industries. From the economic data from recent years, the belief is not cyclical and the industry will continue to grow. Since JellyFish Lighting provides a unique product and business model that many homeowners in the country have not seen before. There is massive potential for most markets and low costs to get started. Its evident future is cloud-based computing and they are working on cloud control so that the customer could be anywhere in the world and control the lights. They plan to continue to innovate the product and expand to new markets. With increasing media coverage and incredible customer review, JellyFish Lighting’s franchising opportunities promise a bright, colorful, and illuminated future. Mike Skaggs, a delighted customer says it all, “Absolutely worth every penny. People don’t realize you can use these EVERY DAY for accent lighting. And, EVERY HOLIDAY can be special. You never have to get on a ladder to hang or take down Christmas lights again. One deductible from a fall off a ladder will more than pay for Jellyfish Lighting. You will be the envy of the neighborhood. The customer service is excellent, the app is excellent and you will be looking at Google for the next holiday to celebrate that you never celebrated before.”

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