Exiger: Supply Chain Risk Management Redefined.



Supply chains determine the efficient distribution of goods and services across national and international networks to minimize waste, maximize profits, and provide consumers with the highest quality products and solutions. Today’s supply chains have evolved into complex interconnected links spanning the globe, from the smallest material suppliers to the largest manufacturers. It is so vast that identifying and comprehending the scope of a supply chain to eliminate unforeseen risks has become a mammoth task for both private entities and governments.

Supply Chain Risk Management in itself has emerged to be a multi-faceted and dynamic landscape of risk vectors and opportunities that must consistently be assessed and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing geopolitical landscape. Any mismanaged entity in a supply chain can lead to wasted labor, service redundancy, and missed deadlines that result in significant costs for the manufacturers. 

While supply chain management has long been a disruptive industry with scores of companies across the world creating solutions to identify and eliminate threats, one company has emerged as a leader in this area. Founded in 2013, Exiger and its President Brandon Daniels are arming companies and governments with the next generation of artificial intelligence-driven, flexible digital supply chain solutions. This path-breaking innovation is designed specifically to empower organizations to take ownership of their entire supplier exposure story in order to have the visibility they need to make informed decisions, all based on comprehensive real-time data. 

Illuminating the Supply Chain

The twenty-first century saw an unprecedented jump in economic and global expansion efforts with countries around the world adopting policies and innovations that would fast-track their growth. The recent pandemic slowed this trajectory temporarily but economies now are rapidly regrouping and picking up where they left off. 

These socio-economic changes, coupled with the digitalization of the smallest of operational processes, have revolutionized global supply chains, turning them into multi-layered and often impenetrable, opaque entities. What’s worse is that the current due diligence processes that companies follow to vet their suppliers are not just time-consuming and inefficient but also outdated by at least a decade. Additionally, the ever-evolving regulatory demands of different countries continue to induce newer and costlier challenges.   

Exiger believes that it is the right and the necessity of every organization to have a transparent overview of the entirety of their supply chains down to the nth tier. To that effect, Exiger is breaking barriers, bolstering companies with its breakthrough technology designed to first identify, then assess and help eliminate all the risky and harmful factors in an organization’s supply chain. Exiger’s proprietary platform DDIQ, an award-winning risk-based cognitive computing platform that combines automation with the skills of a human researcher, zooms in on the supply chain risks that matter most and then takes consistent and defensible actions against them. Let’s find out how.

Supply Chain Risk Management in itself has emerged to be a multi-faceted and dynamic landscape of risk vectors and opportunities that must consistently be assessed and constantly updated to reflect the ever-changing geopolitical landscape

Brandon Daniels

Due Diligence Reconceived 

The Exiger team works on one simple principle – To make the world a safer place to do business. Their advanced AI-powered platform DDIQ is the world’s first purpose-built technology solution designed to manage today’s biggest risk & compliance challenges. DDIQ is programmed to short-circuit the path to organized fact-finding so establishments can make critical operational decisions with confidence and speed. It can also be customized to fit the needs of every individual client. 

This advanced solution is programmed to read, understand and analyze endless data using the same cognitive reasoning as a human –– just a whole lot faster. The DDIQ software is created to not only remove false positives but also to keep up with the latest national and international regulatory demands.  

It is safe to say that DDIQ is the most advanced solution to supply chain risk management in history. It operates on a 2 step modular program which it uses to map a transparent supply chain overview for organizations. First, innumerable online sources are accessed to gather all the known information about a supplier. This data is then collated, monitored, and kept updated to provide real-time risk assessment opportunities. 

DDIQ’s data sources contain an integrated combination of all the commerce-related information about a supplier and their supply, like shipping details and country of origin; the open-source data available online like product manuals, software installation and replacement guides; and data from government procurement contracts, where it is a prerequisite for a supplier to expose their supply chain.     

Once all the data is gathered, DDIQ augments the information in line with any visibility that the client’s organization has, and creates an overarching view of the entire supply chain, down to the source of the raw materials. Once that is done, and the supply chain stands ‘discovered’, DDIQ performs real-time due diligence on those companies. This due diligence falls under broad categories focused on operational resilience, financial health, reputation, criminal or regulatory risks, and FOCI (Foreign Ownership Control and Influence).  

At the end of this augmented process organizations are left with a clear and detailed blueprint of their entire supply chain basis which they can plan their next moves. Exiger also helps its partner organizations identify areas where they can strengthen their ties and reinforce their supply chain structures to provide excellent services to their customers.

At the Helm

Helmed by Brandon and propelled by a team of some of the best industry experts and technologists in the world, Exiger has become the global authority on financial crime and fraud. The Exiger team has single-handedly revolutionized the way corporations, banks, and governments manage risk through its combination of practical expertise, award-winning technology, and process excellence. 

From the overhaul of the financial services market in the mid-2000s to leading a major segment of supply chain risk management in the Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) Covid-19 response effort, Brandon has been trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world to resolve their most complex challenges. 

A regulatory expert with a reputation for technological innovation, Brandon has driven the adoption of cutting-edge technology and managed some of the largest crises, compliance, and risk management matters in the private and public sectors. His expertise is often sought by top-tier outlets such as Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, Financial Times, The Atlantic, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and more.

Today, Brandon and his company are owners of the largest data footprint in the world, which they use to assess supply chain risks and threats. With over 16,000 structured sources and 30 million unstructured sources of data, Brandon remains committed to his purpose of assisting Exiger’s clients to perform the fragile and risk-laden task of supply chain checks, identifying and vetting every supplier at an individual level.

Flanking the Frontline

In recent times, when the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world disrupting governments, economies, organizations, and individuals, Exiger’s supply chain risk management solutions proved to be game-changing. Working with the US federal government and the Joint Acquisition Task Force, Exiger created a Nationwide supply chain network to conduct targeted buying and manufacturing of medical material in order to support the national Covid -19 response effort. 

To get safe and reliable pharmaceuticals devices and protective gear out to the healthcare frontlines, at the earliest possible, the Exiger platform and technologists performed due diligence on over 11 thousand companies within a span of 30 days. The company assisted the US government in identifying the supply chain risks in over 30 essential service markets that were supporting the various products required to begin the American fight against Covid-19. 

Backed by Exiger’s groundbreaking technology the US government was able to conduct business worth billions of dollars with vetted and approved suppliers, and successfully launch their assault against the pandemic.

Driving Empowerment and Saving the Environment

Exiger operates across 11 global offices with over 700 diverse professionals worldwide. They are revered throughout the industry for their unparalleled contribution in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and gender empowerment. Their dedicated employee resource group arm Exiger Women’s Initiative Networks (WINS), has been created to hire, retain and accelerate the promotion of premier and diverse female leadership at Exiger, while raising awareness and encouraging open discussions about the specific challenges women face in the workplace. 

Exiger’s philanthropic arm, Exiger Cares is focused on knocking down obstacles to gain access to basic human rights as well as open doors for all to education and opportunity. Not to mention, Exiger is a proud partner of Transparency International, a drive aimed at exposing supply chains to end corruption. 

In the current business scenario, the scrutiny on good environmental, social, and governance practices has expanded to third parties. With new ESG rules rapidly taking effect around the world, there is a new wave of regulation to contend with for third-party and supply chain populations. With DDIQ, Exiger enables organizations to illuminate their supply chains and identify any ESG risks like environmental controversies, diversity and inclusion issues, sound governance practices, and other vulnerabilities within their supply chains. 

Making the World a Safer Place

For the people at Exiger, their ideal state exists when they are contributing to making the global supply chain inherently more resilient, more effective, and more profitable through automation and tooling that is transparent to the everyday commercial manager. They remain focused on creating the most top-notch products to help their clients meet their ever-evolving supply chain demands. Here, the best minds in the world continue to innovate tirelessly to automate every inch of the supply chain risk management process, empowering clients to identify and resolve all hidden threats within seconds. Their purpose-built sustainable solution remains unchallenged in managing the unabating demands of today’s regulatory and highly disruptive financial environment.

Driven to create the most resilient supply chains, Exiger remains poised to be the risk management partner to some of the largest and most complex, and critical markets in the world. Having partnered with the likes of Pernod Ricard, Braskem, HSBC, and many others, Exiger and DDIQ continue to prove their mettle, helping the largest organizations across the world to manage every single threat vector that could compromise the growth of the American economy and its democratic partners.