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Electric Imp

Commercial and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming mission critical for the digital transformation of enterprises. Smart, connected products offer expanding opportunities for new functionality, greater reliability, and much higher product monetization. The ability to collect and analyze data from connected devices is enabling enterprises to generate real-time business insights to optimize efficiencies, perform predictive maintenance, reduce support costs, and improve customers experiences. With these new capabilities, enterprises can go beyond traditional product boundaries to derive new revenue streams.

'To transform the world through the power of connectivity', is Electric Imp's mission. Founded in 2011, they are based in Los Altos, California and Cambridge, England. Electric Imp offers the following connectivity and managed services to the following industries:

• Industrial and Commercial Equipment: Lighting, HVAC (boilers, chillers), space management/utilization, access control, cellular retrofits, heavy machinery, overlay applications.
• Smart Buildings & Building Management: Refrigerators/freezers, commercial applications (coffee makers), office equipment, device retrofits (diagnostic ports).
• Power & Energy: Energy distribution (sub metering, power management, demand response).
• Consumer Appliances: Appliances (smart refrigerators, washers/dryers, water heaters, pumps, HVAC).

'To transform the world through the power of connectivity', is Electric Imp's mission

Electric Imp has over 100 customers globally, Eaton, Pitney Bowes, GE to name a few along with full integrations with AWS, Google IoT Core, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, IBM Watson, Sales Force IoT, Losant, Wipro, to name a few. Subsequently, they offer a robust IoT partner ecosystem to provide end-to-end solutions that enable their customers to deliver market-ready products built on Electric Imp’s IoT platform.

Hugo Fiennes, Co-founder and CEO, Electric Imp

Progression Leadership

Hugo Fiennes, Co-founder and CEO: A maker at heart, Hugo has always loved building things and making them work. Prior to co-founding Electric Imp, Hugo designed and architected the Nest Thermostat, led the hardware team through the first four generations of the Apple iPhone, and founded Empeg, the first in-car MP3 digital audio player which was later bought by Rio.When Hugo is not working on solving big and small problems for the IoT, he can be found teaching Body Pump at the local YMCA.

Peter Hartley, Co-founder and Software Architect: Peter believes that engineering is the art of the repeatable. He demonstrates that philosophy in a Lego clock he built with working escapement and still admires well-engineered low-tech solutions. As a co-founder at Electric Imp, Peter’s engineering expertise is in software architecture, networking, embedded multimedia and animation systems. He has held leadership positions at Display Link and Sigmatel.

Creating Real Value

From prototype to end-of-life, the commercial-grade ElectricImp Connectivity Platform securely connects new and existing products to the cloud. It provides out-of-the-box edge intelligence to build, deploy, and continuously manage data from millions of diverse IoT products. In so doing, their platform simplifies connecting and managing devices in order to:-

• Reduce time-to-market and total-cost-of-ownership: Speeds up proof-of-concept to market-ready products along with the flexibility and reliability across a wide range of IoT solutions.
• Support large-scale IoT implementation: Provides scalability for developing, manufacturing, deploying, and managing large-scale IoT implementations.
• Ensure chip-to-cloud security: Delivers fully integrated silicon-to-cloud security, including continuous security maintenance of the product during its lifetime.

Security Strategy

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, the Electric Imp Connectivity Platform was built with security from the ground up. The Electric Imp platform delivers 7-layers of security which provides defense-in-depth with silicon-to cloud security with no gaps or weak links, including secure device manufacturing. The platform offers defense-over-time with managed security for the lifetime of devices, included as a part of the offering, leading to lower total cost-of-ownership. Customers can quickly go from prototype to market with the confidence their IoT/IIoT solutions are secure from edge-to-edge.

Lastly, the platform has verified security as the firstand only IoT platform to be independently certified to UL 2900-2-2cybersecurity requirements.

Addressing Needs

Recognizing the potential of IoT/IIoT, their goal is to help enterprises go from concept to deployment securely, reduce the cost of adoption and integration, so customers can roll-out their global IoT solutions quickly. Electric Imp aims to continually innovate to deliver on the IoT promise!

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