Crystal Cleveland: Providing Exceptional Logistics Solutions

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Businesses and governments around the world will acknowledge that logistics is a crucial link in the supply chain. It facilitates the movement of goods from suppliers to manufacturers and then to sellers or distributors and eventually to buyers. Considered one of the most complex fragments of a business supply chains are sensitive as they depend on always-changing customer demands. Simply put, a supply chain cannot ensure high value if it is without effectively organized logistics. 

In today’s fast-paced and internationally connected market, it is common for businesses to look for affordable and dependable logistics solutions for import and export shipments that address the needs of the ever-changing global market. Based out of Houston, Texas, Xebec International Logistics specializes in providing a wide variety of logistic services to companies operating in all Global Trade industries. Equipped to support and offer turnkey solutions that combine warehousing services; transportation services; technology, vast logistics experience; and innovation, XIL’s purpose is to ensure that all materials arrive on time for production and are engineered to deliver finished goods to customers when they are needed for the best value available.

Established in 2022 and spearheaded by Owner and CEO, Crystal Cleveland, Xebec International Logistics strives to provide its customers with world-class supply chain management solutions in a manner that meets the customer’s needs while placing the highest emphasis on integrity, quality, leadership, and efficiency. “Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner possible. We are committed to continuous process improvement through leadership, innovation, and technology,” states Crystal.

Crystal Cleveland: Providing Exceptional Logistics Solutions
Crystal Cleaveland

Building Strong Relationships

Xebec International Logistics (XIL) has focused on building stronger relationships with its clients while placing more focus on quality, efficiency, and integrity. The company has developed its business model based on the proven successful operations of other national freight forwarding affiliates. The affiliated companies focus on providing services to American companies that are interested in exporting and importing products related to all global trade industries. These industries include food, healthcare, industrial, aerospace, and automotive manufacturers. “Our business model is built on a platform that fully integrates our software solutions, storage facilities, and global transportation services to provide the best logistics solutions possible,” shares Crystal.

The company’s unique transit system allows for greater visibility of the entire freight forwarding process, whether the client requires air, sea, road, or rail transportation. “XIL’s expertise in providing freight forwarding and 4PL services to companies in multiple sectors of the global trade industry helps all divisions of the company successfully attract and retain clients in the United States as well as continuously provide high-quality logistics support to all clients,” shares Crystal.

Dedicated to understanding customer expectations and identifying and developing opportunities that enhance customer supply chain strategies, XIL ensures that all products conform with both the U.S. and other global regulations. The company collaborates with many partnering government agencies to ensure absolute detail and compliance are assured. Crystal says, “Our services are also offered to our clients separately. The client chooses the services needed to supplement their overall supply chain strategy.”

Humble Beginnings 

Looking back, Crystal had no plans of joining the logistics industry, let alone be revered in it as a leading logistics service provider. “I was 23, pregnant, had no college degree, going through a divorce, and I needed a job. I saw an ad for Halliburton, and it said, “No degree required,” so I applied. I wasn’t remotely qualified for the job, but the hiring manager liked my personality and my eagerness to learn, and they offered me a job at the port,” shares she.

Over the years, Crystal learned everything she could about the multitude of processes involved in the logistics field – from warehouse processes to shipping, and customer service. She quickly fell in love with the field and wanted to become an expert in it. She decided to go back to college where she got a bachelor’s in supply chain management and an MBA. After that Crystal worked for 15 years for a handful of companies in roles as a senior logistics specialist, trade compliance consultant, and customs compliance and safety manager, gaining a breadth of experience across all sectors of the industry. Crystal’s commitment and resilience culminated in the founding of Xebec in 2022.

“I started this company with $400 in savings and I have not had to take any additional funding. All business has been completed solely on profits,” shares Crystal.  Today, Xebec operates out of a 400,000 sq ft warehouse in Houston, TX, with plans to complete its expansion in the Port of Los Angeles, Port of Miami, and Port of New Jersey in the next 18-24 months.

"Our operating philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest level of quality service in the most efficient manner possible."

A Great Leader

With more than 15 years of logistics management experience, Crystal is an experienced and driven International Trade Compliance Analyst with a proven track record of generating and building relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing educational strategies, coaching individuals to success, and helping to lead companies. She specializes in ensuring that all logistic operations are functioning in complete compliance with all national and international rules and regulations. 

“I possess excellent communication skills, allowing for the cultivation of positive and mutually beneficial business relationships, while keeping strong ethics at the forefront of my goals,” states Crystal. She brings forth a superior knowledge of compliance laws and regulations, as well as standard business law.

In her free time, Crystal enjoys staying immersed in her community, helping people and working to help others who may need someone to just be there for them. “I recently worked directly with the Turkish consulate in Houston to send Earthquake relief goods to Turkey. We donated 100,000 square feet and assisted them with shipping and labor efforts,” shares Crystal. 

Breaking Boundaries

When you work with Xebec International Logistics, you don’t need to hire a special team of industry experts, incur operational expenses; or worry about whether or not your customers are getting top-notch service. Considered to be one of the most cost-efficient and reliable companies in the business, XIL has developed long-standing relationships with its clients, fulfilling the logistics needs of businesses and countries around the world.

On the expansion road, the company is currently focused on the growth of its Customs Bonded warehouse and partnership with several FTZ locations nationwide. They also have plans to expand into the African region and do more work in the railroad shipping freight to and from Mexico and Canada.

“I started with 400 dollars and kept flipping profit until we made it to where we currently are. Do not allow someone else to control your money and/or your profits. Let YOU decide where you want to take your company and where you want your funds to go,” concludes Crystal Cleveland.

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