CryptoChicks: Empowering women to explore the blockchain space



The world is continuously evolving, which implies that everyone is adapting to the upcoming changes. Making the necessity to adapt with such often mandatory. And, Blockchain is ‘that’ new change. As blockchain technology is considered to be the most secure and reliable, many businesses in various industries have implemented it in their processes. As this technology has a bigger spectrum many people have not achieved a comprehensive grasp of it. And CyrptoChicks is all about stretching the spectrum to make blockchain technology feasible for every woman out there.

This non-profit blockchain AI education hub was founded in the year 2017 in Toronto by two software engineers and friends Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline—mother of Etherum founder. The motive was to indulge women and their interests in the never-ending space of blockchain and AI through hackathons, workshops, and educational conferences. Ever since its inception, the hub has expanded into an international entity with members, events, and chapters across 56 countries. It is helping thousands of women and youth around the globe to learn and invest in blockchain and build new careers including businesses. The company is convinced and ensures that the blockchain technology will continue to disrupt multiple sectors, as Audrey Nesbitt, Global Head of Marketing at Cryptochicks mentions “including CeFi with the increased attention to decentralized finance protocols, gaming with the opportunity to bring more value to game players through NFTs, supply chain with the transparency and immutability with blockchain and so on.”

Elena Sinelnikova

“Cryptochicks is an amazing organization that showed me different options for funding my business and introduced several strategies for growth. I found the fast-start for business webinar particularly useful.”

Breaking down blockchain's entrance barriers

It all started as a meet-up group in Toronto organized by Elena and Natalia to help other women navigate through blockchain technology. On which Elena explains, “We both have a software development background and were fascinated with the technology. But in the beginning, it was really hard to even figure out how to do the basic stuff like installing a wallet, because the information was missing, the interfaces were not user-friendly. We were puzzled: If we, with software development degrees, were having a hard time, how could everyday people — especially those who had no familiarity — understand it?” Elena goes on. “So, we decided to start this little meet-up group for women in Toronto. Natalia explained blockchain tech, wallets, to about 50 people. We were surprised by the interest!”

This small initiative soon received many engagements which further grew into an international hub for women talent in blockchain technology that encourages learning by doing and is open for everyone. Till now, it has educated numerous women and youth all over the world claiming “hundreds of those women now have careers and started their own businesses in the blockchain.” Currently, the CyrptoChicks Hatchery incubation mentorship program and CyrptoChicks Academy are driving both leaders’ mission of educating and supporting women as well as youth in the blockchain. Academy is the organization’s online educational portal that offers a variety of online courses and certifications in blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobile apps, website development, decentralized applications, and business. Whereas, Hatchery—an extensive incubation program, takes blockchain ideas and turns them into successful startups.

Agreeing with that sentiment Cheryl Tollola, a community member of Cryptochicks says, “Cryptochicks is an amazing organization that showed me different options for funding my business and introduced several strategies for growth. I found the fast-start for business webinar particularly useful.”

“I feel so privileged to be a part of the CryptoChicks webinars. The information provided in each session has been so enlightening and informational, with each speaker bringing such a great spark to my journey as a startup entrepreneur. If you’re seeking professional guidance that covers a wide variety of topics in entrepreneurship, I highly recommend learning and getting support from this team of pros!” expressed Ariane Labelle, another community member of Cryptochicks.

Audrey Nesbitt, Global Head of Marketing at Cryptochicks

Audrey Nesbitt, Global Head of Marketing at Cryptochicks

Cryptochicks ensures that the influx of the organization reaches every corner where a seeker's mind stays. They focus on women who show interest in learning more about blockchain as well as on those who seek better opportunities to start a business venture. “We work with businesses and governments on educational content and many business and government leaders become involved in our organization as mentors,” shares Audrey. The organization has completed four years in the industry earning an upper hand over many competitors. It is immune to the competitors as it focuses on supporting women to grow in blockchain rather than running solely a business. And it will continue to bring awareness to the blockchain industry through its thought leadership and services, hackathons, and global events. “As a non-profit organization we will continue to evolve our educational offerings to keep up with the changes in the industry and through the startups that come up through the Hatchery,” says Audrey.

Part of Cryptochicks' success is their culture. With a motto—Educate, Inspire, Empower, they have not only paved the path for success but also thrived with every step taken. The company has created an innovative environment where compassion is given the priority to possess. “The support we receive from all the members of the team and the business community is incredibly inspiring and we encourage all our team and members to go for it, open their wings and soar,” shares Audrey. The result: CryptoChicks is nominated for the Blockchain Company of the Year Award at the Canadian FinTech and AI Awards and Diversity Initiative of the Year at the inaugural Women in IT Awards Canada.

Powering through the pandemic

The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and steering through it has become more of a task for every business. Yet, many have sustained their stature even in such difficult times. The best way to deal with this situation, for most, was to go digital. Similarly, CyrptoChicks have taken its ON and hackathon events online, which happens to be organized in its annual conference in Toronto. These led more women to engage in organization’s courses and get involved in start-ups resulting in the growth of Hatchery and the Academy.

“We have a very strong team that continues to push for CryptoChicks growth and expansion around the globe. Combined with the growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies is helping drive our explosive growth,” says Audrey.

Going forward, the company will continue to expand chapters around the globe. It has freshly launched a chapter in Nigeria which ensures continuity in the growth of the organization by empowering more women to take a business idea in the space and turn it into a viable start-up.

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