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“We started the business (Compleat) because we genuinely felt that there was a better way to manage the accounting & finance functions in companies. And yet we wanted to provide something that would scale so that companies of any size could benefit from the technology.” says “the fantastic Mr. Philip Douglas” CEO, Compleat Software. Phil was awarded CEO Of the Year, 2020, The USA title from CEO Monthly Magazine.

Simplifying Accounting Automation

Compleat is a Purchase to Pay (P2P) automation solution. Its mission – is to deliver innovative and affordable real-time financial purchasing, and budget automation software that enables businesses, accounting practices, and professionals to transform purchasing, budgeting, and accounts payable functions. To offer complete accounting solutions, Compleat also partners directly with many ERP & Finance / Accounting software authors.

The application of these easy-to-use online tools eliminates manual tasks, simplifies the way that businesses buy & pay, and empowers business users globally to make more informed decisions about intelligent spending.

Compleat functions on the core values of simplicity, growth, and openness. The purpose is to provide simple to use tools to automate the accounting, finance & purchasing processes for companies. “The sheer simplicity of our tools is one of our strongest USPs. Even though we are making use of cutting-edge technology developed by our teams, and leveraging global technologies like AI & ML, our solutions are always designed with the users in mind.” Their aim is to provide users with something that they can intuitively use, or something that mirrors what they would be used to using. “Case in point, our Integrated Online Buying toolkit is designed to replicate the buying process that users have in their day-to-day lives,” explains Phil

"As a business we always aim to recruit & promote internally, providing our team members with ways to enhance their skills & experience".

Way Beyond Just Average

Since its inception in 1999, Compleat has aimed to be a highly disruptive software and technology company and one that empowers businesses and accounting practices all over the country. The goal of Compleat is to enable businesses to achieve the extraordinary.

With the motive of a penny saved being a penny earned, the firm offers a combination of seamless purchasing and purchase invoice automation functions, with a unique e-invoice service, which has proven to be a gamechanger for both the market and the corporate side of the industry.

Compleat has offices in the UK & the US and partnerships with reseller & referral companies in both regions & in Australia

Money Saving Tool

Compleat caters to end-user customers as well as partners. It also scales from family businesses up to those with revenues of more than half a billion US dollars. The applications come at a competitive price that allows companies of virtually any size to make use of the technology. Although the market for accounting software has existed for some time now, the tools on offer were nowhere flexible enough, nor priced in a way to benefit many. In the initial stages, the developers engaged with the end users to ensure that the application was developed to their needs and requirements rather than developing just another accounting software. 

Making use of our solutions can save companies up to 33% on goods that they already purchase & provide productivity gains of more than 90% in the accounting, finance & procurement teams,” says Phil. Compleat’s clients range across multiple sectors and include ZSL, easyHotel group, YMCA, Credit Union Plus, Samaritan Services & PFU.

Cutting Edge features

Today, Compleat is recognized by many as the leader in purchasing and invoice automation with integration tools that have never been seen before in the industry. “In the earliest years, the technology was heavily restricted by the need to be installed onto local servers for our customers. Arguably one of the biggest evolutions in the tech space in the last handful of years has been cloud services & SaaS solutions – highlighted by the fact that our core product was rebuilt to leverage these technologies as soon as they were viable,” says Phil

Compleat now offers simple & affordable solutions to enable customers to automate each part of the purchase-to-pay process- low-cost digital invoice capture, cutting-edge approval automation, simple online buying & integration with most leading ERP’s help to fully automate the AP & Finance process. The tools require minimal set up and can be integrated into businesses in a few days. Compleat offers Digital Invoice capture, AP automation, integrated online buying, Pay-to-Pay, advanced spend analytics and tools for digital procurement, thereby simplifying the way everyone buys, pays & saves.

“Compleat”, The Digital Accounting Solutions
Philip Douglas

Corporate Culture

The website of Compleat is a vibrant one, showcasing happy employees, who obviously love the workplace. “We truly try to practice what we preach. As a business we always aim to recruit & promote internally, providing our team members with ways to enhance their skills & experience,” says Phil, who believes that the business should strive to be a caring and thoughtful one, with a deep understanding of others and the general health and wellbeing of those it works with.

Compleat is an empathetic and flexible employer that works proactively to provide a happy work-life balance, including leave, sabbaticals, and maternity leave to its staff.  “At the start of 2022, we massively overhauled our benefits package, with our teams directly involved in making decisions on what they would like to see, rather than the management team just making educated guesses,” reveals Phil

During the 2020 pandemic, Compleat leveraged its offerings of tools to teams that could be in different locations as a key benefit of P2P automation. They were able to quickly shift to remote work systems and grew throughout the pandemic. Remote working is possibly a long-term situation for many companies for the work-life balance and expense and time-saving advantages it offers. Compleat also took advantage of the cross-location recruitment for staff, accessing the best talent when looking to bring in new skills and engaging with staff and customers in a remote fashion.

Sustainability and Growth

Compleat is very conscious of adherence to values of sustainability & carbon reduction. “As a business, we are Carbon Neutral and have been now for a couple of years. The solutions we provide allow our customers to also reduce their own footprints simply through buying smarter and reducing the volume of paper being used in their businesses,” says Phil.

Compleat continually invests heavily in new R&D ventures and products. Currently, a new tool in the Integrated Online Buying toolkit currently is in the BETA stage. “As for expansion, we are growing rapidly in the UK & US, and will always keep an eye on other markets & emerging markets for opportunities to further expand the business,” sums up Phil.

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