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Education is still in the analogue age and the way we teach kids today is not relevant to their tomorrow. We need to move forward. Imagine, looking through a tablet device, when an animated representation appears over the real world setting in front of the students, allowing them to grasp a concept that can’t be seen with the naked eye, heard, touched or smelled. It will be enthralling to see a plant grow from a seed, explore global weather, swim with aquatic fauna, excavate an artifact, gaze at battles, visit monuments, brainstorm through 3D molecules, learn trajectories and facts. A smart phone/ tablet hovering over traditional book would make the whole universe explode outwards. The solar system that keeps expanding as the child identifies a planet which takes them to a distant star somewhere in the Milky Way. Learning just became so much cooler.

Back to reality. Seeing our kids having the same education system as it was 40, 50 years ago Darya Yegorina, Co-Founder and CEO of Cleverbooks decided to change the foundations of education, irreversibly modernizing it in ways we don’t yet fully understand. “Also, think of Augmented Reality as a portable digital education tool. It is like carrying virtual laboratory or zoo right in your pocket, including a travel ticket to worldwide trips", says Darya. Possibilities for augmented reality in classrooms are endless.

Founded in 2016. The Dublin-based Cleverbooks platform brings a transformational AR learning tool to classrooms. AR for good! AR, in various ways, could grant students extra digital information about any subject, and make complex information easier to understand. It also facilitates visual perception of material and improves learning with the help of key modalities i.e. seeing, hearing and doing. The technology eases the ability to teach and do experiments that otherwise would not be possible in real life and increases students’ participation in the class lessons through a fun, interactive and engaging learning environment. However, it is not enough to simply add technology to existing teaching methods. Technology must be used strategically to benefit students with quality digital content backed by strong academic relevance. This helps students develop necessary skills required for the 21st-century workforce. Cleverbooks with its ability to connect reality and digital content is steadily improving, is opening more options for teachers, students and is driving a digital revolution in every classroom around the world. “The 20th-century education system needs to be redesigned to meet the real-time needs of the labor market,” adds Dyara. “We need to develop 21st-century skills, as well as digital literacy, re-skilling and up-skilling programs and using big data to provide accurate information on educational skills. We need to get ready for these jobs and only access to technology will allow that.”

“The 20th-century education system needs to be redesigned to meet the real-time needs of the labor market”

Aiding the Educators

Darya Yegorina is a serial entrepreneur. Apart from being an entrepreneur, she has a massive professional experience in start-ups to multinational corporations. She is a professional speaker on a global scale representing women in tech and has inspired new entrepreneurs. Darya is the winner of Digital Female Leaders Award in the category Entrepreneurship in 2018, was named as Innovator by Irish Times in 2018, awarded Young Irish Entrepreneur in 2016, and has been featured in, Forbes and other global media as the promoter and facilitator of education technology.

Inna Armstrong, Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Development is a senior executive professional with multinational experience. Inna has a strong understanding of different cultures and the challenges companies face emerging in the international markets. Her background in the international education provides Inna with the insights of delivering high quality educational solutions to help kids acquire the 21st- century skills.

Put on your viewing glasses!

CleverBooks revolutionary primary trans-disciplinary STEM-accredited education technology resources combines the innovative AR technology with traditional teaching resources to enhance children’s learning through discovery-based learning. CleverBooks AR solutions (Geometry, Geography and Engineering focused subjects) are tailored to fit the child's 'individual needs'. By changing the way the educational content is delivered and the way the education is personalized through seeing, doing, using imagination, Cleverbook is enabling students and teachers to merge the realities right in the classroom or at home making knowledge absorption an enchanting experience. Again, the comprehensive and cost-effective STEM-oriented academic AR resources are updated 4-5 times a year based on the teachers feedback and aim to prepare kids for future successes in life. All products are based on global standards and are recommended as supplementary materials to the main curriculum.Thanks to the smart way of delivering STEM subjects, CleverBooks helps to develop 21st-century skills and to teach kids 'how to think' instead of 'what to think'. Indeed, a great way to learn... every day...

“Cleverbooks AR resources are bringing school subjects to 'life' providing engaging and immersive learning”, cheers Inna.


Darya Yegorina, Co-Founder and CEO


Inna Armstrong, Co-Founder & VP

An Extra Dimension

Cleverbook has sets the standards in Augmented Reality to help kids improve their test scores by up to 33% and has increased retention rate by up to 100%. With its STEM-oriented Augmented Reality (AR) technology that abides with students’ individual learning styles, Cleverbook supports innovative schools, teachers, parents and educators to ensure students have access to the most up to date academic content. Content that offers comprehensive learning and a growing subject range that will make a difference in today’s education landscape....

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