Clear Software: Optimizing Businesses while Protecting Technology Stack

Clear Software was founded by Deloitte and Accenture consultants who had been implementing ERP software at some of the largest organizations in the world. During the implementations, they repeatedly heard the same wishes from their customers:

    “I wish I could do my job as fast as I could in our old system.”

    “I wish the screens weren’t so confusing and difficult to use.”

    “I wish I didn’t have to open so many windows to get my job done!”

Since then its inception in 2015, Indiana based Clear Software is on the mission to simplify business software and make people more productive.

“We responded by creating ClearWork and ClearProcess to free organizations from the constraints of their software systems and allow them to streamline complex business processes into simple tasks,” says Jon Gilman, Founder, and CEO of Clear Software.

"Effective RPA projects invest in fully understanding the current state of said processes and modeling towards processes that actually fit the way a given company should be running their business."

Revolutionary Solutions

Clear Software is a robotic process automation platform that optimizes business processes to protect and extend organizations technology investments, actualizes their business potential, and rapidly achieves time to value. This is because Clear Software has been purpose-built for the enterprise, streamlining complex, fragmented tasks across software such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and many other cloud and premise applications. Thereby fundamentally changing the way business gets done by making software easy to use. Their cloud-based robotic process automation solution seamlessly weaves a complex, siloed systems, and fragmented activities into powerful yet simple processes that are tailored to fit the unique business needs. The Clear Software platform is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world to automate core business processes and can be better understood as:

ClearWork: It is a Business Process Management (BPM) workspace that empowers people to do better work by simplifying how they interact with complex business processes. It works by: 

    Orchestrating people and robots to increase productivity.

    Creating a single source of truth across systems.

    Rapidly delivering apps as business needs change.

    Scaling to hundreds of thousands of users.

ClearProcess: It is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engine that works in concert with ClearWork. It automates tasks across siloed legacy systems by allowing bots to work on behalf of their human partners, enhancing their performance. It works by:

    • Using thousands of pre-delivered automations.

    • Automating without fear of upgrades.

    • Consuming RPA bots from other vendors.

    • Unleashing the power of ERP systems.

As a result, Clear Software platform helps organizations by enabling true end-to-end business process automation, allowing RPA to scale beyond unattended, back-office tasks, and providing an easy to use attended RPA powered workspace that simplifies how users interact with complex business processes.

Indeed RPA provides a foundation for true digital business transformation by aligning core business technologies with the needs of employees and customers. This explains how RPA has had success in automating a myriad variety of unattended tasks that support a variety of activities. “The challenge and promise of RPA will be more complete when attended RPA is used to more fully support the day to day activities that require human interaction. This combination of unattended and attended RPA, used in conjunction with advanced business process management and digital workspace capabilities, will finally extend the full value of RPA throughout the enterprise,” says Marty Thompson, CMO at Clear Software sharing his vision for the thriving RPA industry.

Jon Gilman, Founder & CEO, Clear Software.

“RPA projects should focus on improving business processes, but it is important to remember that most business processes are dependent on existing platforms. Effective RPA projects invest in fully understanding the current state of said processes and modeling towards processes that actually fit the way a given company should be running their business. This approach actually reduces human errors much more so than any tactical RPA “quick fixes.” The technology approach to how RPA is used, and where, is also critical. Much of the current RPA landscape is fairly brittle, and difficult to scale. In contrast, API driven integrations should be considered whenever applicable, especially for mission-critical, ERP processes. How you “do” RPA matters.” He also elucidates some of the factors that can adversely affect the market. “Early adopters of RPA often experienced difficulties, and failure rates were sometimes high. As the space has matured, so has the mindset of how companies go about using RPA, and this has resulted in better outcomes. However, there are at least two factors that may continue to artificially impede the growth of RPA. The first is the need to push RPA through the entire enterprise, completely unifying attended and unattended activities, and extending that value to employees and customers. This requires a much deeper, mature approach to thinking of RPA as a strategic investment. The second is a lack of committed focus on high-value business processes and outcomes with clear benefits.” 

Blazing Forward

The promise of the Information Age was that technology would make everyone’s lives easier. Unfortunately, business software has not fulfilled that promise. From origins, Clear Software has therefore worked tirelessly to reverse that course, and in the process, they have evolved into a suite of products that integrate with the most commonly used business software. Clear Software aims to keep working to increase the value that its portfolio delivers by listening to their customers, who are the key stakeholders in helping them fulfill the promise of Information Age. They might just succeed…

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