Ciara Lewin: Empowering US Healthcare With a Strategic Approach

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Ciara Lewin, CEO and Founder of Elite Precision Consulting, is redefining leadership with her strategic and realistic approach. Backed by vast work experience, Ciara’s business strategies are precise and yield never-before-seen results. A leader who can see and think ahead of the times, Ciara has successfully established a diverse, inclusive, and sustainable workplace culture, which is the key to the organization’s success. Connecting with new generations and perspectives, Ciara is an honest and intuitive leader who nurtures success and motivates everyone to accept challenges and grow.

In an interview with Aspioneer, Ciara shares her journey, aspirations, and goals as a leader. Below are the highlights.

Expanding possibilities

Ciara Lewin: “The name of our company is Elite Precision Consulting and we have been in business for 18 years now. Our company is about providing business serenity to our US healthcare physicians and executives. Unlike other consulting firms, which focus on business improvements at a regional level, we realize the advantages of finding the best resources globally and bringing them to the doorsteps of our clients. Our motto is Manifesting Business Serenity because we understand how stressful and burned out our physicians and their teams are. Even before COVID, many physicians were considering retiring or switching fields due to the sheer frustration, stress, and regulatory demands that directly impede their profitability and sanity. So, over the years, we have focused on providing better solutions for their practices to run more smoothly but also offering clinical support that directly helps the physicians and healthcare professionals. Our business is unique in the sense that we don’t just say outsourcing; it’s the way we live and breathe global support and have had continual success for ourselves and our clients. We started with our first location in Arizona and over the years have expanded our headquarters and satellite offices to Seattle, Washington, Cebu, Philippines, Chennai, India, and Accra, Ghana. We are soon opening up another location in Cairo, Egypt, in the upcoming months. We are focusing on being able to serve more of our specialists by collaborating efforts among various countries to better ensure positive outcomes. We are doing this by working closely with local specialists in Africa and Asia and distributing the efforts of US specialists to other qualified teams abroad. We’ve focused these past few years on neurology, urology, and cardiology and will continue in our efforts across more multi-specialties.”

"Work should not be stressful, but rather we should flow and be excited to bring out new ideas and initiatives."

Global Solutions. Global Success

Ciara Lewin: “One major differentiator in our business is that as we help identify solutions globally for our US clients, we aren’t just throwing a dart and hoping it lands. As a world traveler, I have personally traveled and lived in all of the countries in which we provide services and solutions. We tell our clients that ‘you can’t Google this’ in the sense that when working with different cultures, companies, and regions, there is only so much you can find online that can make you operate successfully. We wrote the book in global support because we have lived amongst the locals, and understand the demographics and how they will directly impact and influence the US stakeholders. We applaud the many companies who are offering amazing outsourcing and business consulting services such as RCM in India or clinical support in the Philippines. Yet, we have seen over the past 2 decades how quickly things shift when you don’t have the right understanding of the cultural challenges of the modern day. From weather impact, economic shifts, and even governmental regulations, all of these things impede on productivity, and as a global company, we know how to address and mitigate issues firsthand in all regions we serve.”

Inspired by the best

Ciara Lewin: “I believe that a person who makes a great leader is someone who first understands themselves. As a leader, you must be fearless, unwavering, and determined in a way that most people are not ready to commit to. Without knowledge and belief in yourself, you cannot project positivity, power, and strength to your fellow teammates or mentees. Leadership is not about degrees, accolades, or fancy titles; it’s about the alignment of self and purpose.

One of the leaders that made an impact on my life was one of my professors, who was a beautiful, intelligent black woman who was both a physician and educator. She would tell us of examples in the hospital ward where the conditions experienced by patients seemed nearly impossible to treat. However, she approached things with common sense and did not always rely on book knowledge, and it brought great results to her patients’ outcomes and her career. I remember she took me aside after class one day and said that I should be doing more—more innovation, more creativity—and just go for it. She was an inspiration for me at a young age in my career. Now I look up to many leaders, including Abraham and Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon, who all have helped me to understand my potential, the power that is within, and the zeal to go after what I want fearlessly.”

Ciara Lewin: Empowering US Healthcare With a Strategic Approach
Ciara Lewin

A culture that nurtures

Ciara Lewin: “The most important part of my company’s culture is that we are all forever learners, light, and airy. I never wanted to work with a company, whether it was my own or someone else’s, where I dreaded going to work each day. Work should not be stressful, but rather we should flow and be excited to bring out new ideas and initiatives. I am so proud of our teams across the globe who understand that vision and are 100% themselves while working towards a common goal. Over the years, we have had fewer than five employees voluntarily resign, and that speaks volumes for a small to mid-sized company like ours. Having a global business also means we need to stay up to date on what is happening in each region, and this has helped guide us to make necessary changes to the benefit of our clients and target market. In addition to having a technology team that is pivotal in our internal processes, we have also embraced technology in collaborating with other companies. We believe we have a good balance of technology and human resources, but I always keep an eye out for new advances that could benefit our organization.”

Making every day worthwhile

Ciara Lewin: “A typical day for me is simply filled with positivity and inspiration. Every morning I meditate, have quiet time for myself, and get aligned with my inner being before communicating with the team or the world. For those who follow me on social media, @letscallciara, you see thoughts of the day that I write after each meditation, and this helps align my purpose with the tasks that need to be done for that day. Apart from that, I love to write and read various genres of books, and although I’ve been approached to publish various pieces of my writing, I find that it’s more therapeutic for me than a necessity to share with the world. I also love water, and wherever I am traveling that day, week, or month, I always ensure I am seeing some form of water or spending time in nature.”

Creating a better future

Ciara Lewin: “One of the most exciting initiatives that I am personally working on is to collaborate with the WHO (World Health Organization) in their new 2022–2031 neurological programs across the globe. After following their work and seeing the impact that they wish to bring to low-income regions in the specialty of neurology, I am excited to be able to be a part of such a monumental movement that will bring endless benefits to these communities.

Going forward, as a leader, my current goal is to bring together more countries for the betterment of global health and mesh the various expertise in a way that breeds a new era of quality care with less stress and more serenity for physicians. What will drive our growth in the future is continuing to delve into up-and-coming countries that are under-served yet have amazing talent and resources and to bring them to the limelight.”

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