Changing the face of Business

Women Leaders, 2019

In this issue we bring forward women leaders who are changing the narratives, making a difference with their solutions and challenging assumptions about what products/ goods/ services should look like.

On the Cover

Nidhi Raina

Outer strength comes from inspirational leaders, exemplifying mentors and healthy meaningful relationship with the ecosystem, while the inner strength came from sound cultural environment, strong inner beliefs, and faith in meditational practices.

The High Table


Micha Emmett

 CEO, CS Global Partners

Ting Jiang

 Founder & President, Mbrella Inc.

Louise Ferslev

Founder & CEO, MyMonii

Maria Lettini

Director, FAIRR Initiative

Judy Davies

VP, Global Marketing Communications, Advantest

Nicole Purin

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, AFC

Priya Telavane

Founder & Managing Partner, 361° Design Solutions

Sandra Tobler

Co-founder, President of the Board, CEO, Futurae Technologies.

Karin Lohitnavy

Founder & CEO, Midas PR

Fatima Al Shirawi

Founder, CEO, The Gracious F

Patty Brisben

Founder & Chairwoman, Pure Romance

Shivika Sinha

Founder & CEO, Veneka

Must read articles

Happy and Stressed. The two sides of entrepreneurship.

Understanding entrepreneurs’ happiness affords us with a glimpse into how we all may manage the demands of this new world of work.

The sudden rise of #MeToo and other social movements.

Why do social movements and revolutions happen? Why are they so hard to anticipate? Why does social change seem to come out of nowhere?

The case for women leadership.

Efforts to change that and promote more women into positions of leadership have relied primarily on questions of equality. But is there also a business case for it?

Theresa May resigned as the British prime minister. The entire story.

So where did it go wrong? Three points in time are worth considering, if only because they focus attention on the challenges she has faced.

What does Narendra Modi’s historic election win mean for India?

The previous Modi government has shown it was possible to take a pragmatic approach to social and economic policies. He must now do better.

Single women in Hong Kong have a surprising and little-studied role in gentrification.

This is not to say that we should blame women for it. We believe their growing representation and success in the workforce in Hong Kong and elsewhere is something to be celebrated.

This woman’s ideas are at the root of Socrates’s philosophy.

Aspasia came from a high-born Athenian family, related to that of Pericles, which had settled in the Greek city of Miletus in Ionia (Asia Minor) some decades earlier.

The historical role of women in the field of science writings.

If you look closely enough, it’s clear women played an important role, as both readers and authors, in the history of science writing. Now we must acknowledge it.

Maria Ramos’s exit tells us how few women hold top jobs

Board members need to shift their mindsets if the local talent is to grow. Sufficient time and money should be invested to equip a diverse selection of people to apply for directorships.

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