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Founded in 2018 by CEO Shane McRann Bigelow and Chairman Bernie Moreno, Champ Titles is an entrepreneur-led team based in Cleveland, Ohio with a mission to bring the best digital experience to the title process for movable assets. Launched with a goal of solving real world problems for business and government, its platform helps insurance carriers, lenders, state governments, vehicle retailers, and vehicle manufacturers digitally create, manage, and transfer vehicle titles. Currently, this process, when a car is acquired or changes hands, is cumbersome and paper-based, and there are different rules and regulations in each US state. Everyone who comes into contact with the vehicle title is impacted by the complexity of it, and it results in unnecessary costs, inefficiency, and waste for all. After years of research to understand how states operate specific to vehicle titling and registration, CHAMP developed a highly scalable, flexible, and easy to use digital platform that connects the entire vehicle titling ecosystem and was architected for optimal government interaction and compliance. “Our software will digitize the transfer of ownership of any movable asset throughout the world, creating an easier, more efficient, and effective experience for everyone,” says Shane McRann Bigelow CEO, Champ Titles.

Software as a Service & Solution
The talented team of engineers at Champ Titles created a best-in-class software solution using blockchain technology to process titles faster. Blockchain provides an immutable record that is highly auditable and can track the provenance of assets. The big advantage of it is that you can see who in the vehicle title ecosystem is interacting with your information from the day you purchase your car through each step of ownership to the day you sell it. It ensures that the title moves correctly between parties and allows for control over it, increased security and efficiency, and reduced opportunities for fraud and mistakes. With a strong conviction in this emerging technology, CHAMP, a business which is 100% focused on processing titles faster, was built.

Using blockchain, Champ Titles has developed several solutions, all of which are built on a shared platform that serves different industry verticals. This common chassis has allowed it to adapt its technology for insurance carriers, vehicle retailers, and state governments. One of CHAMP's solutions is its CHAMP Digital Title and Registration Suite, which is built for state departments of motor vehicles and enables contactless DMV services securely, economically, easily, and quickly.

“Our software will digitize the transfer of ownership of any movable asset throughout the world, creating an easier, more efficient, and effective experience for everyone,” says Shane McRann Bigelow CEO, Champ Titles.

Chief Entrepreneur Officer

An entrepreneur from a young age, Shane started his first software company soon after he graduated from college. It helped banks more efficiently process their vehicle loan and lease portfolios. Through that experience, he was exposed to how titling worked. Shane sold that company and stepped into the mainstream investment world on Wall Street, which informed his current career at Champ Titles. It was where he learned about blockchain and how auto titling impacted auto loan securitization. Shane started to consider how one could improve the other. While in Ohio, Shane, keen to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations, met Chairman Bernie Moreno who had created a successful business in the automotive retail space. Having witnessed the shortfalls in their respective lines of work, Shane and Bernie decided to start their own company. "We were not naïve enough to think we could singlehandedly fix government, but we knew we could build technologies that would make government services easier for consumers, be it people or companies," adds Shane.

Innovating for Impact

The founding of Champ Titles has revolutionized vehicle titling management. There was a need for a solution that would not only automate titling but reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. To this end, Shane and team developed a solution for insurance carriers and their salvage partners in instances of total loss: Champ Titles Digital Total Loss. It allows insurance carriers to more quickly acquire and dispose of vehicles by digitizing the process from owner engagement to title application submission. A tedious process that often took more than 50 days was moved online and now takes as little as a day to complete. As a result of this innovation, carriers are no longer faced with handling, printing, mailing, and storage costs associated with paper. The speed of recovery means money comes to carriers sooner due to faster vehicle sales, which, in turn, means fewer days in a salvage yard. “We are proud to say that CHAMP is the only tech company with a complete solution addressing cycle times for insurance carriers,” mentions Shane. “Just as important, if not more, is the impact on policyholders. They are now participating in a quick online engagement that allows them to execute their paperwork from a smartphone, and most transactions are completed on the first go around. Because it happens so much more quickly, the claimant gets paid faster. Going through a total loss is hard enough, there is no reason to make it any more difficult than it has to be.”

“We are reimagining the way vehicle titles are created, managed, and transferred for all members of the vehicle title ecosystem,” says Shane. “For us, there is no question: blockchain is the future for efficient and secure transactions. Blockchain is rapidly being adopted to solve legacy problems that traditional databases and paper-based processes cannot. Our proof point is the increased appetite for it from our customers. From our insurance carrier customers to our strategic partners, the need to have a more reliable, more secure, and faster methodology for transferring titles is clear. We significantly improve the process through digitization when compared with competitive or legacy solutions and leveraging blockchain helps to future-proof our solutions for our customers.”

Shane McRann Bigelow CEO, Champ Titles.
Shane McRann Bigelow CEO, Champ Titles.

Championing Corporate Culture

At Champ Titles, important consideration is given to work culture. The goal is for all employees to feel like owners of the business and to be included in the most fundamental way possible. Champ Titles has maintained a flat organizational structure. This reduces hierarchies that may cause new team members to feel distant from the business or key decision makers. Through its activities, work styles, and personal commitment to one another, Champ Titles nurture an inclusive environment. As a young organization, it benefits from having a vibrant culture that evolves continuously, with each new team member. “For CHAMP, it starts and ends with equality and inclusion, which we view as a measure of a dynamic culture that values and rewards all participants on their contributions,” emphasizes Shane.

Industry Leadership

At the start of the pandemic, states faced a difficult situation when there was no rule book to follow, and Department of Motor Vehicles offices needed to close for public safety and health. The processing of titles using antiquated technology meant long lines and wait times at the DMV. So many of them did a great job with what was available to them at the time, but now, spurred by Covid, states are willing to eschew the old methods of handling titles via paper and instead adopt innovative technological solutions - the result is a quicker, improved customer experience. Via CHAMP, the processing of titles is easier and faster, and customers can avoid standing in line at the DMV. “We are excited about our potential to grow to be a 50-state solution and about the adoption of digitization of car titles across the country,” mentions Shane.

Vehicle titles are untouched by the latest software and technology and are expensive, slow, risky, and paper-based. Digital technology has improved many other paper-based processes, and it is time for those changes to impact vehicle titles. Shane agrees that the post-pandemic era is going to have challenges of its own: the queue of existing priorities and projects for insurance carriers and state governments puts demands on internal resources and constraints on their time and attention. It always was and is CHAMP’s goal to illustrate the immediate and tangible benefits of adopting its solutions. There may be a feeling that the adoption of technological evolution carries risk for organizations, but as experienced technologists and operators, Champ Titles ensures superior results from day one.

With its leading-edge technology, Champ Titles competes to win and looks forward to being the complete solution for all members of the vehicle title ecosystem: consumers, lenders, insurers, salvage companies, manufacturers, dealerships, and online digital retailers. The experience it brings to consumers is profoundly better than what they experience today and the savings it brings to business is fantastically large as vehicle ownership changes hands much faster than ever before. Undoubtedly, success and growth are in its future. With its best-in-class technology, the team’s tenure, and its detailed knowledge of its core business, Champ Titles is undoubtedly the vehicle title market leader of tomorrow.

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