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Software-based mobile security solutions rely on the safety of the underlying operating system. If you encrypt confidential data and store the key on a vulnerable device or operating system – your data will be at high risk. These devices and platforms are not designed to resist advanced threats, i.e. artificial intelligence-based attacks. There is a strong need to eliminate these risks, while maintaining consumer level usability for mobile devices and applications.

certgate, a leading German-based security solution provider is focused on delivering mobile security products and solutions. The company credo is- ‘We secure our client's mobile communication, no matter if voice, chat, email or data. Our clients are protected independently from BYOD or corporate devices - Any time, any place, and any device.’ certgate’s success is based on a restless, paranoid approach to combine maximum security with minimum user impact. They work intensively with their partners and clients, no matter the platform, geography or language. The company’s patented technology truly protects their customer’s mobile data, emails, chat and voice communication. This works mostly independent of the security of the operating system, i.e. Apple/iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux. Founded in 2004, they have offices in Nuremberg (near Munich), Hannover, Dusseldorf, and Ukraine. Along with certgate’s channel partners, they serve global clients all over the world, ensuring worldwide availability, service, and support.

Jan C. Wendenburg, CEO, certgate GmbH

The Torchbearer

Jan C. Wendenburg, CEO at certgate GmbH has worked in the IT industry throughout his career. At IBM he was responsible for Germany’s largest system integrator, working at various locations and managing hundreds of millions of Euros in revenue. He then made a change to become the Managing Director of an international IT company. Then he managed the transformation of the company into an international venture capital fund with locations in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. At the same time, he founded AuthentiDate International AG in Düsseldorf, Germany’s first accredited certification service for timestamps and a leading IT security specialist. AuthentiDate was honored with the German Internet Prize, and its highest endowment, in 2005 for its pioneering work in IT security. In 2011, he sold AuthentiDate International AG to exceet Group AG (Switzerland), supporting the company in its successful public listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As the Senior VP and member of the Executive Committee of exceet Group S.E. and CEO of AuthentiDate, he left the exceet Group to support other companies in making their own digital transformations. As the CEO of XCOMpetence in FINTECH Group AG, he built up the area of IT security consulting and restructured the FINTECH Labs in Berlin and Frankfurt in order to accelerate collaboration with Fintech start-ups.

Jan has authorized a variety of IT security and compliance publications, including “DigitaleSignaturen in der Praxis” (Digital signatures in practice), “Banking Club” and “Compliance is key – believe it or die!” which appeared in the global best-seller, The FINTECH BOOK, Wiley Verlag, London.

certgate: Different From The Rest

certgate offers a secure end-to-end encryption communication web-service platform for global secure mobile voice and chat communication. The cgPhone app is easy to download and install on any mobile device that allows users to communicate globally end-to-end encrypted. Unique security can be achieved by adding certgate’s patented wireless smartcardAirID or ONEKEY ID. This ensures device-independent encryption and security.

The offering is twofold and works hand in hand. First, certgate apps are securing corporate mobile communication with regards to end-to-end encrypted voice, chat, and email. Their solutions protect data at flexible security levels, from software based on hardware protected 2-factor authentication and encryption. Secondly, certgate’s wireless smart cards enable any organization to expand proven desktop security into mobile platforms. The company solutions integrate with global mobile device management solutions and improve protection for enterprise mobile data on travel and on rest.

Unique security can be achieved by adding certgate’s patented wireless smartcardAirID or ONEKEY ID.

Top-Notch Security Framework

certgate IT security policies point towards few major trends, some of which include:

Everyone and everything goes mobile.
Users request simple user interfaces.
Consumerization is key.
IT security should have no user impact.
IT attacks will increase dramatically.
Artificial intelligence automation will put almost any software-based security concept at high risk

While the first trends are visible in short to medium term – the last one “artificial intelligence (A.I.)” will have the biggest impact. AI will be the most dangerous one with regards that hackers will use A.I. to find vulnerabilities and completely new ways to invade infrastructure and gather user keys and credentials. Nevertheless, certgate is very well prepared to tackle the threats that follow these trends. certgate’s solutions combine artificial intelligence attack resistant; hardware based high security with consumer like usability.

It is experiential that one of the most used attacks vectors are phishing attacks which gain access to the targeted computer, networks and infrastructures.

certgate’s secure authentication products and technology provide important elements of securing infrastructures against unauthorized access to prevent ransomware attacks and damages from zero-day exploits. This vector will become substantially more important using A.I. based attacks.While the IoT threats are often based on insecure authentication and insecure encryption. certgate’s products and technology enable maximum secure authentication and encryption for IoT devices and infrastructures. For these reasons, certgate agile solutions are perfectly protected against new weapons and attacks, which will definitely arise in future.

Future Roadmap

Certgate has vowed to address above changes in the global IT security landscape. Through its growing partner network certgate plans to expand international into other European countries, MENA and United States areas. The company touts to become the leader for device independent secure authentication and encryption for professional and governmental infrastructures.

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