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The four significant business benefits of AIOps

With the aggressive onset of digital transformation, global organizations are finding themselves with an increasingly complex set of data to manage and process. This...
A system of gears | Aspioneer

Does the new industrial revolution spell end for jobs

Robots have been taking our jobs since the 1960s. So why are politicians and business leaders only now becoming so worried about robots causing...
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The race is on for driverless vehicles

An autonomous/ driverless/ self-driving or robotic car is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its surroundings while navigating without human intervention to a...
New technologies are arming governments with unprecedented capabilities to monitor, track and surveil individual people. Even governments in democracies with strong traditions of rule of law find themselves tempted to abuse these new abilities | Aspioneer

Does AI threaten democracy?

U.S. technology giant Microsoft has teamed up with a Chinese military university to develop artificial intelligence systems that could potentially enhance government surveillance and censorship capabilities. ., but...
Quantum machine learning techniques such as annealing have shown business promise by optimising the yields of financial assets or the calculation of credit ratings | Aspioneer

What is quantum machine learning?

Artificial intelligence refers, among other things, to machines’ capacity to demonstrate some degree of what humans consider “intelligence”. This process is being driven by the...

AI like HAL 9000 can never exist because real emotions aren’t programmable

HAL 9000 is one of the best-known articifical intelligence characters of modern film. This superior form of sentient computer embarks on a mission to...
A shot of the insides of the ISS | Aspioneer

An AI assistant for Astronauts.

A new crew member joined the International Space Station, and it is not human. Sounds like science fiction. At Aspioneer we can assure you such is...
When we communicate face-to-face there is an expectation of mutual attentiveness, but these norms could be wholly deconstructed if we were to have the majority of our conversations with non-humans | Aspioneer

Talking to AI voice assistants might just change how we interact

When you’re lost, Siri can be your best friend. But if she can’t retrieve the right address from your contacts, she can drive you...
Robots, combined with artificial intelligence, are expected to improve teaching by providing greater levels of individualised learning, objective and timely grading, as well as having the ability to identify areas of improvements in degree programmes | Aspioneer

What robots and AI mean for higher education

The number of robots around the world is increasing rapidly. And it’s said that automation will threatening more than 800m jobs worldwide by 2030. In...
Thoughtlessly coupling DNNs to the vehicle’s control systems can be highly risky | Aspioneer

Can we trust artificial intelligence?

Artificial neurons for deeply intelligent machines – this is the new artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, led by Geoffrey Hinton and his team since 2012. That year,...