Bruce Magown: Creating the Intelligent, Integration Platform for CRM

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Today, almost all successful enterprises rely on underlying software applications that are designed to meet every need of organizations and customers. To meet diverse business requirements, enterprises have to pick and choose different software applications that have been created with disparate technologies.

When enterprises need to fulfil a varied set of business requirements, these disparate software applications must work together to produce a unified set of functionalities. Often, organizations encounter many challenges when dealing with so many different applications. One of the most difficult, yet common problems is that some of these applications are based on proprietary standards, and others are built with open standards, resulting in enterprises hiring bigger teams with varied backgrounds just to handle different software.

Introducing InterWeave – the SmartIntegration Platform built by Integration Technologies, that intelligently integrates CRM, Financial Applications, Payments and Multi-Cloud Solutions for an entire organization. Established in 2006 by Founder and CEO, Bruce F. Magown, Integration Technologies, Inc., (dba) InterWeave SmartSolutions, provides a SaaS, IaaS Integration Service, consisting of three simple components; the InterWeave Integration Platform, the Integration Manager, and the Interactive Development Environment.

“Integration Changes Everything”

The focus for InterWeave is its SmartIntegration Platform, which provides intelligent Cloud Integration for SaaS Companies. By focusing on three integration tenants – Financial Services Solutions, Payment Processors, and Multi-Cloud integrations, InterWeave brings together the various digital functions of an organization in a unified fashion, and in a simple and readily configurable way.

InterWeave SmartSolutions® allows customers to easily connect to any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without software. The distinction is – you configure the solutions to adhere to your distinct business process and workflow. Moreover, InterWeave is software-as-a-service, which is software delivery and licensing in which software is accessed online via a subscription. Just like any regular CRM Solution.

With collaboration, customers create integrated solutions that are specific to their business processes, workflow, and customer experience, but also offering real-time information flow, tighter employee collaboration, and improved strategic business decisions for enterprises.

As per Bruce, any good SaaS company distinguishes itself by having leading-edge solutions, supported by incredible Customer Service. “Given those two building blocks, we added the third: provide Solutions that allow the Customer to define their workflow and business process dynamically in a configurable way. This is what distinguishes InterWeave from all others.”

As a leader, Bruce believes in exuding compassion, with the ability to listen to others.“This allows you to continually expand and extend your corporate offerings into areas that you were not aware of.”

Making Markets “Smarter”

For the SMB Market, InterWeave’s configurable environment makes it easy for business users to create, monitor, and manage sophisticated integration solutions between many different applications; all in real time. The user-friendly, intuitive interface provides solutions in a configurable format where you select the flows that integrate the source and target objects with pick lists, dropdowns, and unlimited custom field addition. The integration direction is selectable at the object level, allowing businesses to implement their respective processes as per their requirements.

At the enterprise level, Integration Technologies is the leader in on-demand SMARTSolutions that integrate any application, process, gateway, protocol, or customer (partner) in the world. Companies worldwide now have real-time information flow, tighter employee collaboration, and improved strategic business decision capabilities. Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, SMARTSolutions require no hardware, software, or IT support, and can be deployed in days.

Top Companies select InterWeave based on its powerful, comprehensive cloud-based solutions that have made it the preferred choice in CRM Integrations today. Currently, the organization has four locations – New York, NY, Essex, CT, Boston, MA, and Toronto, Canada – catering to clients across the globe.

Integrator of SMARTTechnologies

Having spent a lifetime in technology building, apart from the post of Chief Executive Officer, President, Board Member, and Investor in Integration Technologies, Inc., Bruce was also the Chief Executive Officer, President, Board Member, and Investor in SecurDigital, Inc., the company that developed SecurVoice®; the voice, data and video encryption solution designed to pass FIPS 140-2 certification. Magown has also served as President and Chief Operations Officer of Knoa Corp., a privately held company focusing on interactive and media-rich solutions.

Prior to that Bruce served as the Vice President of the strategic Alliance of Sun/Netscape formed by America Online and Sun Microsystems representing Canada, the United States East Coast, and Latin America. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Information Engineering, Inc., an e-business solution provider.

After leaving Netscape, Bruce was in the Venture Community since 2001. One of his projects was the development of an Enterprise Integration Engine, for a prestigious first customer, ACS of Dallas. He says, “We also achieved direct competition with companies like Tibco, Above All, See Beyond, and others that were established, well-funded and successful. It was when we met a company called Salesforce in 2003 and were introduced to a new technology delivery platform, SaaS, that is when our focus sharpened. We hosted at Rackspace Managed Hosting, and It took us three years to build the InterWeave SaaS Edition, and that came together nicely with our acceptance as an Integration Partner with Salesforce in 2006.”

Bruce Magown: Creating the Intelligent, Integration Platform for CRM
Bruce F. Magown

Create Your Own Path

The son of a Lieutenant Colonel and pilot in the Rhode Island National Guard, Bruce lost his father at the young age of 11, leaving him and his brother to rely on their abilities and create their own paths. “We didn’t know what we couldn’t do, so we just went ahead and did it,” he mentions.  As kids they were active in boating, fishing, water skiing, skiing, band, orchestra – on and on; needless to say, the young duo had no limitations.

Life took a turn for Bruce when he got his first job at General Dynamics in finance and technology. When introduced to this combination, he was immediately hooked. “I worked at General Dynamics for two years after which I went to Roger Williams University for a BS in Computer Science, my second degree,” he shares.

Looking back, Bruce feels that he made the right choices backed by strong moral values that led to the foundation of InterWeave, one of the leading cloud integration platforms providing the best services for SaaS companies today. Throughout his journey from a young graduate to a company CEO, Bruce’s passion to create innovative pathways for others has remained undeterred.

As a leader, Bruce believes in exuding compassion, with the ability to listen to others. “This allows you to continually expand and extend your corporate offerings into areas that you were not aware of.” He feels humbled to work with a great team that works in unity to support and further strengthen InterWeave.

In his free time, Bruce enjoys riding adventure motorcycles in extraordinary places and is working on getting his private pilot’s license. He is also a burgeoning audiophile who has recently gotten into collecting vinyl, which provides him with hours of visitation into arenas of the past.   

Into the Future

Today, InterWeave is poised as a well-established company with a rock-solid foundation. At present, InterWeave is establishing a Canadian Corporation, to better serve their Canadian Customers and is looking forward to doing the same in the UK and other locations. With the completion of their latest rebranding and relaunching, expanding the business is now the key focus.

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