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As the market shifts from the DIY (do it yourself) to the outsourcing paradigm, home service franchises are becoming more popular. Smaller independent third-party contractors have historically provided installation services for big box retailers’ items. This tendency gave rise to the home service franchise industry, in which businesses provide home repair, maintenance, and renovation services to customers who schedule appointments online or over the phone. A franchise offers business owners a well-defined path to success. They give franchisees the ability to implement the system in their market. It also includes a marketing strategy, training, and the ability to expand a business with the help of a parent company.

Headquartered in the Silicon Slopes tech corridor along Utah’s Wasatch Front, JellyFish Lighting is a well-known exterior lighting system provider and an exemplary franchise that offers impeccable assistance to its franchisees. It has been in business for six years. It has corporate locations in Salt Lake City, Utah (801-613-7421), Denver, Colorado (720-583-0821), Dallas Fort-Worth, Texas (214-501-0329), and Houston, Texas (281- 698-5930). Currently, it has 20+ authorized dealers (franchises) across the country. Max Deabler, Director of Marketing and Strategy, describes JellyFish Lighting as a permanent color-changing lighting system for the exterior of homes controlled with an app on your phone. He further adds that it is capable of everything from nightly accent lighting that mimics recessed can lighting to any colour and pattern for your holidays and parties. “It helps you with creating your accent lighting by controlling each light individually to best showcase your home. You can control each light individually and choose from over 16 million different colors to create custom patterns with over 20 different movements and effects; you can also choose from 102 pre-set patterns from JellyFish Lighting customers’ recommendations,” says Max. It can be used easily to decorate for all occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, birthday parties, and more. Furthermore, the JellyFish Lighting System is a robust, outdoor-rated LED lighting system. LED lighting is known for its durability and is designed for years and years of use. The company owns and manufactures its lighting system (Patent # 9506609) and mobile application to ensure the highest quality and availability; it also releases continual updates with new features based on customer requests. “Our proprietary lighting system is both bright and energy efficient. The bright 3 diode lights use less than one watt per light at their brightest white and are dimmable,” says Max. Yet the JellyFish Lighting system is discrete from the street and dazzling in the dark. The lights are flush-mounted within an aluminium track that matches the colour of your home’s trim.When the lights are off, the track blends in. Our lights are rated for years and years of use,” says Max.

"We expect all of our authorized dealers to follow the same protocol for quality and service that we have at our corporate locations. This is taught at the initial training.”

The company was incepted with a motive to provide a permanent solution to holiday lighting that keeps people safe off the roof but still allows the ability to use the lights for the rest of the year for daily accent lighting and other occasions. It specifically targets homeowners with mid-to-high-income earning potential between 40 and 60 years of age. As Max mentions, “We appeal to them by providing the convenience of never having to hang Christmas lights again, and longevity by producing a long-lasting product that can withstand being in the elements.” Moreover, the company provides exceptional customer support. “I like how when a customer has a question or problem, we try to fix it as soon as possible,” says Max.

The company’s and the industry’s impeccable growth are compelling reasons to join JellyFish Lightening. JellyFish Lighting operates in the home services industry, and for the past fifty years, this industry has been witnessing incredible growth. Max also predicts that the economic data he and his team have seen is not cyclical and that the industry will continue to grow. Also, Max states that JellyFish Lighting faces very limited competition. He continues that many different companies create LED lights, but JellyFish Lighting’s proprietary design is built to withstand the elements and allow full customization. It has a team of engineers that have designed all aspects of the hardware and software. “We continue to develop new software that we release to customers that provides enhanced functionality, says Max. Again, as a customer-centric franchise, JellyFish Lightening prioritises customer satisfaction by meeting all of their needs. These factors have contributed to the brand’s rapid growth, helping franchisees to attain profits.

JellyFish Lightening is seeking franchisees who desire to make the franchise their full-time occupation and not a side-hustle. They should choose this as their current business and add company products to their product line. JellyFish Lighting requires a minimum volume to be sold depending on the geographic area that they are in. Further, Max adds, “we expect all of our authorized dealers to follow the same protocol for quality and service that we have at our corporate locations. This is taught at the initial training.” Once you buy the franchise, the company provides you with a full-time dealer relations specialist that can answer questions about any aspect of the business, whether it is how to do a special installation or effective ways to sell.

Implementing innovation for a better experience 

The prospect of the company is bright as it is transforming the exteriors of homes with bright and color-changing lights. It is now working on cloud control so that customers can control the lights from anywhere in the world.

JellyFish Lightening plans to continue to invest in innovation for better products and expand its spectrum to attract new markets. It comprehends that one of the biggest advantages of this industry is its necessity. Considering the nature of home services, these businesses are unaffected by the state of the economy as they used to be back in the day. As Max notes, the housing market has been booming in the last year and a half. The low mortgage rate is mostly to blame, as the pandemic has had an impact on the housing business. Mostly, it is occurring due to the low mortgage rate as the pandemic has had its effect on the housing industry. Thus, home improvement is becoming more essential.

“We are dedicated to creating a better experience for the homeowners,” Max concludes. “We are your all-in-one outdoor lighting solution.”

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