BODY20: Bridging the Mind-Body Gap



The mind is possibly the most studied and the most spoken about part of the human body. Every great leader speaks about bringing the best out of it. Unfortunately, the body, which is almost just as important, is often ignored in lieu of the mind. While we know that we only use 10% of our brain power for logical thinking, most people do not know that we only use 30% of body potential. Therefore, if we want to be happy, we need to have a peaceful equilibrium between the body and mind.

Established in 2017 by Founders Christopher & Kenzie Pena, BODY20 is a unique fitness brand which wants to bridge the gap between the body and mind. By combining personalized one-on-one training with a specially designed body gear that sends electrical impulses deep into the tissue of the body’s muscles, BODY20 takes an average workout to 100%. Within just 3 years of its establishment, it has doubled its network year over year.

In this era of lockdown and limited functionality due to the pandemic, experiencing muscular weakness, fatigue and lethargy has become the new normal. Stuck at home for months now, our bodies and minds have gone out of equilibrium and need to be realigned through a proper fitness regime. BODY20’s technology-enhanced training methods help people jump start their health routine again. “Our mission is to change the way people work out by helping EVERY.BODY.UNLEASH their super human potential to strengthen their body and their life through time condensed technology training,” affirms Christopher.

“The entire concept is based in science, we value data and science over theories and the trial and error approach.”

Science meets Fitness

Exercise improves our mood and decreases the feeling of depression, anxiety and stress. It not only increases the brain sensitivity but also acts as a natural energy booster. Team BODY20 understands that the human body and the exercise regime applied has a fundamental effect on how we feel and how we think. They realize that the workout doesn’t start with the muscles but the brain. Its unique EMS technology mimics the electric pulses your brain creates during a great workout. Combined with a one-on-one training session, the regime gives your body over 150 times more muscle contractions, which is the equivalent to hours of traditional workouts, in a mere 20 minutes. The combination workout mimics the natural action potentials the brain sends to create isometric contractions on the muscle in order to derive the most out of one’s body and time. “The entire concept is based in science, we value data and science over theories and the trial and error approach,” affirms Christopher.

Why BODY20?

Passionate about fitness, Christopher’s fiancé Kenzie wanted to make a career change from teaching, and thus the search for something tangible began. During their research they found that the techniques used today by most studios were simply old systems packaged in a different format. However, one thing that they noticed was that there was a need for something new, something unique that could allow people to become better selves in a short period of time. This was the inspiration that made them look for something better and more effective. No one has 2-3 hours a day to invest in exercise regime and almost everyone is looking out for something that could enable them to achieve the same results in a much shorter time frame. In their pursuit for something more relevant and effective, Christopher and his fiancé Kenzie came across Whole Body EMS (electro-muscle stimulation) which had become a huge part of the fitness industry in Europe. This was the Eureka moment they had been waiting for. While they were blown away by the fact that over 14 of all fitness studio’s in Germany were utilizing EMS, at the same time were confused why something like that hadn’t come to the United States. This turned out to be a major catalyst for starting a fitness revolution with BODY20. Starting from a single location in Fort Lauderdale, BODY20 became a huge success and continued to grow and within a year opened its first franchise location. The rest is history. “BODY20 serves the underserved, the professionals with a family who just don’t have enough time,” adds Christopher.

Thriving with Technology

With people getting aware about the connection between the mind and the body, the importance of a proper and effective workout is increasing every day. People are looking for fitness groups that will help them achieve their fitness goals in an effective manner. Being the first brand in the fitness industry to come up with a new way of working out, Team BODY20 is helping those people. At a time when normal fitness clubs have stuck to the same regimes, BODY20 has revolutionized the way strength and muscle is built. Every workout allows an average person to utilize a considerably higher percent of muscle fibers during the workout.

Due to the nature of its workouts, BODY20 is a technology-based brand that relies on the latest systems and tools. By using an FDA cleared electro-muscle stimulation suit to deliver isolated muscle stimulation they have taken the use of technology out of the realm of science fiction to something real. Since technology is key, over the past few months Team BODY20 has made a major push in integrating technology into their operations. Whether it is automation in the sales process or the use of workflow technology and online training, BODY20 is indeed a great example of how technology should ideally be put to its best use.

Since then the studio has been continuously upgrading their operational systems which has allowed them to reap some extraordinary results. To ensure success in a competitive landscape, it is important for them to be different from other fitness clubs in every aspect. Therefore, they have purposefully added sophistications not only to their brand but also to their growing franchise business in terms of marketing, sales, operations, franchise partner training and other aspects. “BODY20 is constantly striving to create the most profitable and simple business for our franchisees,” adds Christopher.

Why franchise?

Conventional exercises though effective, can cause a lot of injuries of permanent nature. On the other hand, BODY20’s system which causes no strain on tendons, ligaments, or joints allows its customers to get 36,000 muscle contractions in just 20 minutes. The use of such an effective and harmless technology, allows a BODY20 franchise to offers the following advantages over other fitness clubs:

  • One of a kind revolutionary fitness technology.

  • Multi Studio strategy. 

  • Monthly Recurring Membership Subscription Revenue.

  • Low staffing requirement.

  • Limited space requirement.

  • Low initial investment with high ROI.

To be a part of a BODY20 franchise doesn’t require one to be a highly successful businessman or a top notch sales person. What matters is having the same passion for health and fitness as the founders of the studio. What Team BODY20 is looking for are genuinely good people who are honest in what they do and are willing to walk the extra mile for their customers.

After the initial training, the franchise receives weekly 1 to 1 calls along with continuous training at all aspects of the business. BODY20 also offers assistance in hiring with its gymtreprenuer program in collaboration with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. The constant improvements of the processes and tools help maximize profits and ensure a good business experience.

Facing the COVID-19 challenge the BODY20 way

COVID-19 has brought the world to a complete stand still. Confining people to our homes has tremendously impacted the business world. Many businesses have been forced to either shut down completely or remain closed till the situation gets back to normal. However, Team BODY20 has been an exception to this. Even in these dire circumstances, BODY20 studios have continued to grow. If any situation arises where a location begins to fail below the set business threshold, Team BODY20 without any delays puts that location in a specialised critical care program where they meet as a team every week and does whatever it takes to bring that location up to the mark. “We are high performers; we strive for it in every aspect of our business and our lives,” emphasizes Christopher.

Despite the tough conditions, Team BODY20 remains optimistic. They have an ambitious goal to open clubs at more than 500 successful locations in a mere 5 years. Their combination of unique technology driven approach towards fitness, a great business model and successful leadership, they just might achieve their goals.

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