Ashley Deland: Boosting Brands and Elevating Lives

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Creative branding and marketing have emerged as the modern medium for brands and organizations to imaginatively express themselves to their audiences. For businesses, branding is key. On the outside, branding may seem like it consists only of elements such as logos and colors, but a brand is a business’s entire identity. Branding has always been a vital part of business, but it may be more important now than ever before. 

With over a decade of experience, Ashley Deland is a recognized expert in the field of marketing, branding, and business development and has been featured on numerous media outlets such as Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, Medium, Authority PressWire, and FOX. The Founder & CEO of Ashley Deland & Maison De Land, a full-service creative design house dedicated to branding, marketing & storytelling, she has served hundreds of founders globally through intentional branding, strategically designed marketing solutions, and 1:1 advisory.

Elevating Your Brand

Founded in 2017 Maison De Land is a renowned Creative Design House that brings brands to life through branding, storytelling & marketing with the goal of scaling businesses to the next level. “Piece-by-piece, we intricately build out your brand through thoughtful execution blended with experienced technique, that brings tangibility to the table in the shape of what we call our signature method, “creation in reverse”,” explains Ashley

From global brands to solo entrepreneurs, Maison De Land crafts customized strategies and strong partnerships to support luxury brands of all sectors. The organization is deeply rooted in producing exceptional work for its clients that act as a strategically designed force in increasing brand advocacy, enhancing visibility, and creating tangible results that propel them to heightened levels. Ashley states, “Our premium in-house services are designed to take an omnichannel approach, which helps showcase your unique expertise, via our multifaceted crafts, while creating natural marketing moments that deliver the impact and reach you’re looking for.”

Since opening Maison De Land, Ashley has helped hundreds of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and luxury brands drastically grow their businesses and scale their revenue through her signature trio of marketing, branding, and a plethora of experience. To date, Maison De Land has served more than 250 businesses from the USA to London, Germany, and Canada.

During her career Ashley has worked alongside some of the most influential minds in the world working for ideaCity, in partnership with TED Conferences, gracing the stage with thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Margaret Atwood, and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Ashley Deland: Boosting Brands and Elevating Lives
Ashley Deland

Helping Women Succeed

On the other hand, Ashley’s women-centric organization, Ashley Deland exists to support future-focused females in building intentional businesses and lives through high-impact advisory, business expansion programs, and curating collective experiences centered around community and connection.
Ashley states, “My purpose lies in supporting, advising, and educating women entrepreneurs on how to elevate their brands into a premium space, implement impactful marketing to gain them the visibility they need, and create profitable sales strategies to help them become multifaceted founders.”
Ashley Deland’s Future-Focused Female Collective provides immersive experiences that are crafted with intention and rooted in results through high-impact advisory, data-driven strategies, and digital transformations. The organization exists to turn women entrepreneurs into profitable founders through elevated branding, impactful marketing, and profitable sales strategies. “Simply said, we bridge the gap between aspirations and reality for those unavailable for anything other than succeeding,” Ashley states. 
Through a combination of tailored services such as 1:1 Advisory, Immersion Days, and 90-minute Intensives, this creative consulting firm embeds itself with global organizations to help create sustainable business growth, achieve operational excellence and become a thought leader.
“I genuinely believe that part of my purpose is to educate, advise and support women in gaining the credibility and visibility they need to create a significant impact within their industries and teach them how to create profitability and wealth,” states Ashley.
Ashley also hosts The Female Founder’s Podcast – a podcast for the modern female founder looking to pull up a seat into conversations surrounding powerful marketing strategies, creating meaningful brands, and actionable business advice. The podcast showcases the actual success stories and struggles of women in business from all around the world.

A Thoroughbred Marketer

Ashley holds a Degree in Marketing, Bachelor of Business Administration from top world ranking university, Griffith Business School, has been on the Forbes Business Council for over two years, was recently awarded Business Elites “Top 40 under 40” winner, and was recognized by Business World Magazine as “20 under 40: Inspiring Leaders To Watch”. An ex-corporate Director Of Marketing & Events for multiple billion-dollar enterprises, she soared up the corporate ladder by the age of 24. 
For years she managed marketing portfolios, sales, operational strategies, and event development and execution, for multiple billion-dollar companies before trading her title to champion entrepreneurs who build multifaceted legacies and create impact in greater capacities. A voice of guidance and a creative leader that brings extensive experience to the table, she also has hands-on experience building, scaling, and exiting multiple businesses of her own in the food and beverage sector, health and wellness market, and hospitality industry.
For over a decade now, Ashley has worked intimately with hundreds of business owners globally, taking a personal brand from $80k to $500k, a lifestyle brand from $1.2 million to $1.7 million and a beauty brand from $1.5 million to $2.1 million, while collectively generating over $25 million in revenue.

"I genuinely believe that part of my purpose is to educate, advise and support women in gaining the credibility and visibility they need"

Ashley’s Journey

At the beginning of her professional journey over a decade ago, Ashley was fresh out of working for a prestigious billion-dollar Canadian enterprise as their Director of Marketing & Events and came into the advisory industry wanting to flex her knowledge. She had years of university experience, and corporate experience, and had even flipped a few local businesses such as a yoga studio and a vegan restaurant.

“I quickly assessed how I truly wanted to be of service and how I could create the biggest impact and throughout the years that transformed into offering just a few signature ways that I provide strategic advisory and then pivoting into the power of bringing like-minded founders together.” 

I took the focus off of me and my personal brand and diverted all my energy outwards to my clients and community.

That has been a huge propeller forward in my growth, personal development, and success,” shares Ashley. 

Ashley remains up to date on the latest trends by attending various events and conferences and continues to build her network to unlock her own potential and better serve clients. An avid reader and thinker, Ashley also serves on the Forbes Business Council which has always served her as a wonderful source of current and upcoming trends within multiple industries.

Recently, Ashley has become a new mom to a wonderful baby girl named Haven. She also enjoys being in nature, as well as reading and yoga. “I’m currently writing a book about branding and marketing with a very personal twist to it that I will be launching next year,” she shares.

Looking Ahead

Having been in the world of business for over a decade now, Ashley has seen huge shifts in the industry. Not only in the ways in which we conduct business but also through the way technology has influenced and overpowered the business world in general. From the rise of social platforms to modern marvels such as AI Chatbots, technology is advancing quickly.

In the era of advancing technology, Ashley remains committed to creating opportunities for more intimate conversations, community events, or personal brands where we have to keep tapping into, is the power of people.

Beyond that, Ashley is also focusing on starting up a sister event company to help expand into other spaces. To further grow their impact, she has refined and elevated some of her signature offerings, heavily focusing on collective experiences. 

Ashley hopes to be remembered as someone that was fiercely dedicated to seeing women succeed. “As someone that was raised by a single mother, the youngest of three girls and now blessed with a baby girl myself, I will never stop working hard towards helping women create their own successful and profitable businesses that fuel a life of freedom,” she concludes.