We are living in a world where social media has become a key aspect of almost everyone’s life. It all started with an attempt to reap benefits from the internet, and how it could be used to reduce the distance virtually and increase connectivity. Now, social media has become more than just a connectivity platform and has opened up many opportunities; most importantly for businesses. With this, the question arises ‘how to integrate social media into businesses?’. Though many business owners, mostly young, have found various methods to utilize social media for the betterment of their businesses and increase their reach. Yet, there are many still struggling to grasps the unlimited opportunities these platforms offer.

Anita Baldwin and Anna Geary understand the significance of social media and founded Get Savvy Club. They have witnessed that women aged above 40+ find it cumbersome to navigate these digital portals. As the founders' mention, “we didn’t grow up with this stuff”, they are emphasizing the fact that many women leaders like them never saw such technology. Making it hard for them to get comfortable with such breakthrough techs. “It was only ever going to be 1 online social media course created by a couple of mums who knew each other from the school run!” remembers Anna. “We quickly realized there was a huge need & went all-in on building & serving as Get Savvy Club!” The company helps women in business build their brands on social media and so far they have helped thousands of businesses in total.

“I recommend joining our free Facebook Group or Get Savvy Academy,” says Anita.

Get Savvy Club helps coaches, mentors, trainers and therapists to attract more and better clients using social media in less time through its monthly membership (Get Savvy Academy), group online programs, and bespoke high-level 1-1 coaching. “We also have a Number 1 Podcast called Marketing Made Easy,” claims Anita and Anna. “We affectionately call our tribe The ‘Savages’.” One can easily access its methods & tips through a podcast for free including its free Facebook group & Instagram with free downloads & training. The Savages can enjoy all these for a monthly fee in the monthly membership under the title of Get Savvy Academy and then for higher-level group programs like (Social Media Made Easy) Masterminds & 1-1’s, “so no matter where you are in your business we can help & support,” adds the social media coaches. When clients come to Anita and Anna they are stuck and overwhelmed with how to get their businesses to the next level. “They believe they don’t know what content to put out, haven’t got time &/or have a feeling of being judged or fear of getting out there on social media but KNOW it will help their business get to the next level… we make this process easy & fun,” asserts Anita. Their podcast Marketing Made Easy is free and has listeners in 87+ different countries with over 25 thousand downloads. This podcast is filled with full of actionable tips for listeners to help their businesses irrespective of the place they belong. “We often get emails of thanks from our listeners across the globe,” mentions Anna. Get Savvy Club also donates to a local charity in its hometown Leicester, Charity Link who helps families on the poverty line.

Anita Baldwin & Anna Geary: Tech Savvies helping others to prevail through Get Savvy Club
Anita Baldwin & Anna Geary

“Our goal is to help amazing women with awesome businesses to get more clients and get to the next level. If you hate social media or feel like it’s a necessary evil, message me to see how we make it easy!”

Encouraging Women to Grow
“It’s not about what women could or couldn’t bring… equality should be a human right for all!” they collectively believe. Anna was often accused of being aggressive and too ambitious in former jobs because, as she refers, “I had a personality, voice, values & opinions…!”

Moreover, Anna as a kid used to stroll into the local ‘boys’ club aged 9—"you were supposed to be 9 & a boy,” says Anna. “I’ve always pushed the boundaries to do my bit for equal rights.” Anna feels that women are underestimated, especially at the start of their journey & earlier in their careers. “We stayed strong & fearless & called out any BS when faced with it! That’s the best way… no fluff here with the Get Savvy Club!” says Anna.

They just hope and desire that female entrepreneurs must step into their power & have the business as well as the life they deserve through growing in confidence. Anna and Anita have helped and mentored many women who seek better opportunities to grow their businesses easily. Anna has mentored teenage girls through a charity for a year which was very rewarding to her. Through quoting, “Step into your Savvy Self!”, features these women leaders ask their clients to always remember that impact is more essential than the person itself. “Be fearless, keep going, don’t settle for less & Stay Savvy!” adds the duo.

For Anita and Anna, the whole world is their workplace, “we’re not boxed in any corporate world or office,” they mention. They have single-handedly advanced the social media landscape by demystifying it so it's easy for its clients and tribe to use it as a tool to attract clients & position themselves as leaders.

Outside work, they both love to listen to other podcasts and read business and personal development books. Anna is an avid football fan supporting Leicester City & Anita loves to travel & eat out.

Creating a positive impact every day
Currently, the company is thriving and are planning to extend their spectrum globally; more reach, more empowerment. With Anita and Anna’s signature 90 Day Online Program, and step-by-step coaching and accountability they are helping many in setting up and attracting clients using social media platforms most effectively. They are doing this by showing up consistently & being true to themselves & others. Soon they will be writing and releasing a book and will be scaling up Get Savvy Club to serve many others.

“We helped & empowered many other businesses who went on to improve & impact the world positively… the ripple effect from the types of businesses we serve is huge!” states Anna.