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I am Carole Judge Llewellyn, Founder of JOONE, the manufacturer of 100% healthy French diapers. When I created my first start-up*, I realized that parents were extremely worried about the opacity of the products they used for their children, especially diapers. The industry was opaque, not well understood by parents, and not well explained by brands. And this total opacity is all the more distressing because a diaper is worn every day, several times a day, by those who are most dear to us and most vulnerable: our babies. This seemed unacceptable to me. So I wondered, how to revolutionize this product? How can we shake up an opaque industry governed by super-powerful manufacturers? How can we do well by doing good? With JOONE, I wanted to transcend the status quo, uphold the values of absolute transparency and industrial ethics for parents. Because I am convinced that transparency is the future of the industry, the standard of tomorrow.

"For transparency to be absolutely true and irrefutable, it must be visible and readable by all."

A layer of transparency

Since its launch, JOONE has been committed to transparency in the diaper industry by offering products that do not contain any harmful products and that respect the skin and health of the babies. This commitment is much more than a vague marketing promise. We were the first brand to publish its toxicological analyses, and one of the few to give its place of manufacturing and explain the composition.

It seems almost obvious when said that way, but that’s how we revolutionized the way things are done today. And it was about time. Following the ANSES report last January, the opacity of the diaper will be shaken. In the meantime, JOONE has been committed from the outset to offering a diaper of absolute excellence, preservative-free, chlorine-free, glyphosate-free, with a guarantee of transparency and truth that is essential for today’s consumer.

Being transparent means being visible

Just because we talk about transparency doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see through it! On the contrary, for transparency to be absolutely true and irrefutable, it must be visible and readable by all. This is why we commissioned a very reputable and serious independent French laboratory to carry out toxicological analyses of our diapers, in order to ensure that our products were indeed healthy. And these analyses are explained on our website to make them understandable to the general public.

Our industrial ethics are applied to all our products. With our cosmetics, we go beyond official regulations by explaining in detail the INCI list of our products. We translate the list into Latin written in very small letters on the back. We show pictures of our cosmetic (near Aix-en-Provence and in Brittany) and textile (in Paris) factories! We are working hard with manufacturers who have made the courageous choice to engage with us, who share our belief that the industry will move towards transparency and information.

Transparency, the organic of tomorrow

When we entered the market, our desire for absolute transparency forced us to be honest: a diaper cannot be organic in essence. However, there are all these manufacturers who still proclaim the “pseudo bio” as a principle of excellence and make people believe that their diaper is organic. It is simply not true. All the diapers in the world contain a synthetic product, a product manufactured and transformed by man, which is the only component on earth that can absorb up to 150 times its weight in liquid.

I chose to say loud and clear what was (and wasn’t) in our diapers. Our goal was to make a product that radically changes from what exists on the market because it is totally healthy for our babies.

And this industrial ethics is bearing fruit. In September 2018, our diaper was selected No. 1 by the Magazine 60 millions de consommateurs, an independent consumer protection press organization.

Transparency is the future of the industry I am convinced. In ten years’ time, this transparency will surpass organic and will become the new standard.

Who is Carole Judge Llewellyn?

This French entrepreneur with a typical background was an actress and writer. After a horse accident that immobilized her for several months, she had the idea of launching a social network for parents and future parents. Then, aware of the opacity that prevails in the baby industry, she launched her start-up JOONE in 2017. At 35, her company produces more than a million healthy diapers and stylish printed diapers per month, but also textiles and cosmetics for babies and moms.

*Mommyville, a social network for parents and future parents.

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