In the world of holistic medicine, CBD is quickly becoming increasingly popular. As per a study, around 62% of CBD users reported having it bought for medicinal use in a study. For those unfamiliar with what CBD is, it is a compound found in cannabis that is non-psychoactive and has been known to have many therapeutic benefits.

Treating your dog with CBD instead of harmful drugs can be an excellent option for many ailments your dog may be suffering from.

Here are some simple but crucial tips to keep in mind when using CBD products, and some ways to pick the right dog cbd brands.

Use Low Doses Initially 

The most common way to give CBD to your dog is to mix it with their food or water. You can do this every day or just as needed. Because dogs respond to cannabis very differently than humans, it’s essential to start with a low dose and see how your pet responds. If you notice any unusual effects, like excessive drowsiness or dizziness, reduce your pet’s dosage.

But remember that it may take longer for their system to feel an effect, so continually monitor their behavior closely after administering CBD. It would also be wise to consult your pet’s veterinarian before administering CBD.

Research on Possible Side Effects

Though it is rare, some dogs may have adverse reactions to products that contain cannabidiol. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or any other medical issues, you should be especially careful when administering anything new to them. You should consult with your vet and discuss possible side effects if you have any concerns whatsoever.

Buy High-Quality Organic CBD

Organic CBD products are essential because they are the purest form of CBD available on the market today. They also have no THC, which means they don’t intoxicate your pet as regular cannabis does.

High-quality CBD is slightly more expensive than inferior quality products, but you cannot compromise on quality just because of the price. The low-quality ones may be sourced from overseas, where the plants are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that directly affect the quality and efficacy of the CBD.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New

Whether you’re trying new dog CBD brands or mixing up your dosing routine, it’s essential to keep an open mind. This will allow you to reap all of CBD’s positive benefits instead of worrying about its side effects.

Choose a Reputable Brand

There are many reputable dog CBD brands selling CBD products in the market. The wide range of options, however, can make it overwhelming to choose one. Find a reputable brand that’s well-established and commands good reviews from the customers. It will also help to study their products and the ingredients they use in them. This will ensure your dog won’t suffer from any adverse side effects from ingesting anything that isn’t good for them.

How to Pick One?

One great way is to look at where the manufacturer sources their hemp. You want a company that knows where it comes from, what growing practices were used, and how many pesticides were used in its cultivation.

Don’t Expect Overnight Success

Despite what you might have heard, it takes a few days before your pet will feel any effects from CBD. You may also have to give your dog time to get used to it.

If you’re switching from traditional medication or your dog is coming off an opioid dependency, it may take longer to see results. Be patient and make sure that your pet is comfortable in its new routine.

Once you’ve started giving your dog cannabis, how do you know how much to give them? Figuring out their tolerance level is part of determining what dosage works best.

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