3rd Degree Training: Where your body is your gym.

Established in 2010 by Steve Collette and Pam Collette, Stratford, Prince Edward Island-based 3rd Degree Training is a growing fitness and nutrition company. “The business started as more of a personal journey than professional,” says co-founder Pam Collette. 3rd Degree Training had a humble beginning in fields with yoga mats and speakers. However, today after a decade they have grown their headquarters to 5500 square feet with locations in Canada and continues to accelerate. Its group-based classes focus on customer service, expertise, and customized fitness regimes that are suitable for members with different fitness levels and needs. However, like many of us when a new fitness routine begins, the fire in the belly disappears and procrastination takes you for a ride. The main ingredient called motivation goes missing, and the process becomes boring and tedious. Steve Collette CEO and Co-founder of 3rd Degree Training knows this very well and strives to make the same boring exercise regime lively and more fun. Starting with just 10 people in the field, they have always worked to stand out from the rest. “We like to describe ourselves as the anti-gym,” says Steve. “3rd Degree Training is a place where anyone irrespective of the age or fitness level can come and achieve their health goals.” At 3rd Degree Training, the atmosphere is kept cheerful and each customer is given individual attention to make them feel comfortable from the moment they walk in and have the confidence that their health goals are achievable.   

“We like to describe ourselves as the anti-gym....3rd Degree Training is a place where anyone irrespective of the age or fitness level can come and achieve their health goals.”

Precisely, fitness motivation is the fuel and 3rd Degree Training knows how to pump it well. They offer a wide range of products out of which the most successful is an 8-week group fitness camp. During this group training, the members are guided to achieve their health goals quicker while motivating them to push themselves harder. Furthermore, Steve believes that the human body is made to move and that exercise can become complicated with the equipment. Therefore, at 3rd Degree Training, training exercise is made simple with their unique programs that focus on various aspects like metabolic rate, strength, mobility, and endurance. Keeping a track of these parameters helps them gauge the progress of their customers and plan the exercise regime accordingly. Another program they offer is ‘Personal Training’ where their trainers work with the members to develop a training regime customized to meet their health goals. They also offer drop-in classes which are open for everyone to help people improve the current results they have achieved, and then decide if they want to gain membership. Taking it from Steve, 3rd Degree Training does not believe in contracts but rather in giving people an option and the flexibility to choose what best suits them.  

Smashing the competition

In the last two decades, the fitness industry has shown tremendous growth with a greater number of people becoming aware and wanting to take control of their health. With local gyms at every corner and spill-over of social media influencers and online training programs, the fitness industry has become very competitive. Hence, 3rd Degree Training chooses to be different and plans to grow with its core values as the soul of their business. “We’ve learned that not focusing on what the competition is doing allows us to focus on the things we do well-listen to our clients and keep pushing forward and growing,” says Steve. Since the target market is vast, the training programs at 3rd Degree Training are designed and customized for members of the age group ranging from 14 to 65 plus years. The addition of Baby and Me program, Kids’ program, and Adaptive Athletics to the 8-week group fitness program has been done to target these specific markets. Moreover, they have gone a step ahead and made things easier for their members by offering sessions starting from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the night seven days a week. This wide time window gives the members the ability to adjust their exercise schedule. They take pride in saying that their values and their clients are the reasons behind their growth and success.

Even in the current COVID-19 pandemic that is holding the entire world as a hostage, 3rd Degree Training has found an innovative way to cater to its customers. They have leaned on technology to continue delivering the service through virtual platforms and ensure that the community stays together while their members stay motivated and healthy even in the comforts of their homes. To create an impact like actual classes and make the sessions lively, interactive, and effective, they use technology and social media to its fullest potential. Be it Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or any other video platform unquestionably, it has turned out to be a highly successful move for them as well as their customers. Not just online training sessions but live sessions on nutritional consultation are also done to keep the clients pushing towards their goals in real-time.  

Sharing the passion

Just like, staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes passion, commitment, and energy- franchising is no different. To be a franchise, one has to have the grit and passion to help others and should be willing to put their heart and soul into the business for success. When Pam and Steve decided to start their own company, it took off very well as it was appealing to everyone. They knew that their fitness club was unique and wanted it to grow across the nation. Therefore, in the past 10 years, they invested countless hours in developing this business from zero to what it is today.  When they were ready to expand, they wanted an option that would give aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to prove their business skills with a higher probability of success. According to them, the beauty of investing in a franchise is that someone has made the mistakes for you and all you need to do is follow the given roadmap. Hence, they started franchising with a simple objective of supporting and guiding their franchise partners to success. As a franchise partner with 3rd Degree Training, owners get an opportunity to gain control of their success while working with a proven fitness system. They have laid the groundwork of a successful business model that provides anyone and everyone the opportunity to create the life they want. Every franchise partner is provided all the necessary tools and one-on-one support they need to be successful while maintaining effective communication. They are groomed to understand and realize what 3rd Degree Training truly stands for. Each year they are given the privilege to spend a few days at the 3rd Degree Training headquarters to self-experience the lively energy in their classes to allow them to experience the magic themselves and deliver the same magic to their clients.  

Adding further, Steve says, “Franchise partners would say we are very open with communication, provide constructive feedback, their voice is always heard, and their success is our success. When you invest in a 3rd Degree Training franchise you are more than a franchise partner– you are part of a passionate community dedicated to supporting you with the muscle you need to succeed.” Pam and Steve strongly believe that 3rd Degree Training is not just a perfect business opportunity but a golden chance for health and fitness lovers, and entrepreneurs to do something dynamic, meaningful, and realize their dreams.

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